Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Was Paul Walker murdered for his prolife movie?

I have to ask the question if that actor Paul Walker was murdered by prodeathers because of this: http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org/news/2013/12/one-of-paul-walkers-last-films-released-next-week-bears-incredible-pro-life-message. I didn't know of any of his movies, but I read about the fiery crash that killed him. The prodeathers in the U S are getting desperate. They have always believed they have the so-called "right to kill" and they are very evil.

As for myself, in July 2011, a "woman" [defined by her possibly fake I D card as shown to local Police} ran through a left turn stop signal to drive her huge SUV/ vehicle right into my body as I walked in the cross walk and I had the right of way. It was about the fourth attempt on my life since 2004 by those who claim the "right to kill". I know I am alive by the grace of GOD; and not because of the inappropriate and non-existent medical care the trauma department provided. They didn't meet any of the medical standards for trauma as written by the Joint Commission on Accreditation and the Trauma specialists. I know those standards for two reasons: I worked years ago at the Medical College of GA's Trauma Dept, and I also reviewed medical records for the state of Georgia which included reviewing how appropriate, timely,and effective the medical care given was for all facilities receiving federal dollars, [which is almost all of them in the U S as U S is being pushed, shoved, coerced into socialized medicine by that evil Obama]. I add art I created to this blog often, but it is not only for art I create. I write on the prolife cause and if I had a mission in life, that is it. I have written on that cause since 1991, and created art to emphasize it, [illustrate] and photographed to teach, [and genre photos also] and wrote poems, prose, medical lessons since 1991 . At first I wrote under the auspices of words that WORK which I began in the state of Georgia as an LLC. I wrote people all over the world with it. When I moved to Colorado [and have moved FROM Colorado on Oct 2009] because the same man who tried several times to kill me, stole paperwork and a checking account that belonged to me as creator of words that WORK and he used the stolen paperwork to hijack domains of mine. I have increasingly relied on my real, born with name of Gloria Poole. I have a current Registered Nurse license in Missouri. I resumed my maiden surname of Poole after both divorces. I know that my brothers and sisters in GA swindled me by lying to the Probate Court in GA and I know it is because they have no love of GOD in their hearts. They only love money. The Bible warns about those sort of people--that they are cut-throat and ruthless, and to avoid them. I think the Tift County Probate Court is a corrupt also because they probated the will of my mother who was never a legal resident of Tift County for the purpose of stealing the farm and land for their coffers.

. I reason I must be very well blessed indeed. The evil prodeathers in the Court system thought they had ruined me by swindling me out of my share of my mother's will [who died in Jan 20101] BUT I AM STILL ALIVE ! The prodeathers also cheated me out of the victim's comp money that the state of Colorado owes to me still, the monthly income that five Judges in Colorado told my 2nd exhusband DBP to pay me, and the million dollars DBP promised in Court with a Judge and law clerk and clerk transcriber as witness, to pay to me as his plea bargain to stay out of prison for injuring me again while he had a restraining order against him and was on probation for having tried to kidnap me in the parking lot of the Arapahoe County Courthouse in May 2006 with threats to "cut my throat'. I have absorbed losses totally millions of dollars since year 2007 and I am still alive,and still have an apartment and still writing on the prolife cause and publishing photos intended to promote life. On that topic, please see the medical photos I added to another blog of mine at: https://gloria0817.blogspot.com today, of an 8 week embryo in amniotic sac, a 15 wk, 16 wk, 22 week embryo as they look in the womb. Also, the murderer-wannabe DBP in Colorado is at liberty to kill and maim because killing is what Colorado does for a living. They and their ungodly "Planned Parenthood Consortium" of murderous thugs is as the gas ovens were to nazi Germany. I reason that eventually GOD will do something to stop them as HE raised up a nation to bomb Germany to stop hitler. I pray that GOD remembers where the righteous live and the offspring of the prolifers live also, and provides a barrier against the Obama regime of murderers.

Also, for the record, I live in an apartment not a business; and my computer/ electronics are owned by me as a private U S citizen outright [paid for at the store]; and I live alone--no "staff" here ; only me the boss of my life and "work". I write that because I saw today earlier when I was making a DVD of my words, that cyber-criminals named "staff" snuck into my computer via the "back door" of the NSA/ PRISM/ Microsoft/ Apple spybots and attached themselves to my DVD. I have realized that anyone who has access to the internet anywhere is readily spied on by the Obamanites' regime of mass murderers, baby-killers, thugs as a routine. I pray that somewhere in that stew of evil is a few honest, moral people who are not tying to kill me, or steal every content, or photo, or art image I create.

Also, I have updated other prolife blogs of mine, including










https://sites.google.com/site/wordslife2 ;

EACH site is unique and has unique content and words. They are not conformed so to have a good understanding of the depth and breath of my prolife activities you should read all of them.

Also, some know I promote the legal idea of personhood status for the humans in the womb, as being the nex civil rights issue of the U S. I am certain that the U S will not prosper as long as the tiny innpocent humans in the womb are the scapegoats of sorry, no good men and women who murder those they think are "unwanted". let me tell you something: GOD wanted every creation in the womb that HE gave the spark of life too. When you murder innocents, their blood cries out unto GOD, according to scripture, and GOD warns : " whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of GOD, made He man. " Genesis 9:6, KJV. And the commandment not to kill is :thou shalt not kill" as written in Exodus 20:13, KJV.

Gloria Poole, RN artist at my apt in Missouri; 10-Dec-2013 at 11:44am.