Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oklahoma! Thank you, thank you, thank you for prolife legis

The Oklahoma legislature has done a wonderful thing for the innocents in the womb. I read about it in the NY Times today.
They passed two laws by overriding the governor's veto. They passed two of the strongest best measures to help protect innocents in the womb from premeditated slaughter. Those laws are :
1) to make mandatory an ultrasound for any woman considering an abortion and require that the monitor screen of the computer analyzing the Doppler over the woman's abdomen and over her uterus,be turned facing the woman so that the woman could see the actual picture of her baby in the womb. And to require that the technician describe the baby in the womb as she moves the Doppler about --to show the arms, legs, fingers, toes, heart beating, or in place, and brain, eye sockets, etc as the baby develops in the womb. This will be a powerful incentive to all women to carry the baby to term and to produce a living human baby instead of a dead shredded and or decapitated baby.
2) Give legal protections to Medical Doctors who decide not to inform the woman of the risks of having a less than perfect baby so as not to promote abortion as an option. I think that is wonderful news for Medical Doctors. Good medical doctors do not like being forced into the playing GOD roles of predicting the future of tiny humans and do not like being forced into unconscionable decisions of who lives and who dies. GOOD medical doctors consider the tiny human in the womb as also their patient and that it is their duty to shepherd that baby through the temporary living quarters of the womb, down the birth canal to the outside world ALIVE.
I think these bills are wonderful. I applaud the Oklahoma legislature for these and I pray that what they have done will give courage to the other 49 States to help protect innocents in the womb.
Read the article at in NY Times today; or on a link at this blog of mine
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 6:34 AM, 28-April-2010
Updated at 9:31 AM to add in more to help you see why Oklahoma's decision is a very good one. Please visit these sites of mine to learn more:
Optimum Health is Achievable by Gloria Poole RN
11:06 PM 3/19/2010
Article about Clostridium Difficile that is a risk of elective abortions and all abortions are elective since there is NEVER is medical cause for killing, at:
my profile for news for life at: [entries for 20-March-2010 and 2/10/2010 in particular about / for articles about how an embryo becomes a fetus [the transition from one stage of development to another; remember all living humans were once embryoes and fetuses--medical terms for in the womb; and my artist's sketches of different stages of producing another human being.]
Gloria Poole; 28-april-2010 @ 9:34 @ home in Missouri

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Two Most recent sketches: Prince Wm & Scots

This above is my sketch only, of Flight Lt Wales aka Prince William of UK. I have to redo this sketch but it's a first attempt to get a respectable image of him on paper via drawing/painting.

This is also my first attempt to sketch from a photo I saw in the BBC news today of Scotland's famous Black Watch arriving in Afghanistan. I revised it to simplify it some and have to redo. That ?? Sikorsky does not look right.
I also added these to my repository site for my sketches at:
Also about the previous entry: believe me when I tell you I am going to get control of MY NAME and my websites/domains and of my originals paintings' photos ,and original sketches' images and original drawings [pencils, inks, charcoal] photos and also of my genre photographs AND my words/teachings/writings/poems also. I reason that the criminals will abandon the effort to steal my name and websites when they see that I WON'T abandon them!
Gloria Poole;@ home in Missouri; 7:45 AM ; 26-April-2010
Update after doing a whois search for my domain of today after notifying a bad hosting company named Network Solutions six months ago that I moved to Missouri. The bad hosting company Network Solutions required that i submit my RN license to them to get the domain of and then they used that info to help criminals steal my domains and emails. There is NO ONE IN Colorado related to me or in any way associated with anything I have ever done. There is NO family of mine in Colorado and never was. The evil second exhusband who could be in Colorado or prison or extradited to Mexico, was NEVER authorized on any hosting acct of mine-- nor on any financial acct that paid the hosting accts and not on any financial accts since 2005; but he stole U S mail by diverting my US mail to his "boy friend's" house in zip code 80218 [I think zip] after he tried to cripple me and each of several times that he tried to kill me. He also stole my name or tried too in federal court where I was summoned because he owes me a ton of money for refusing to obey three Judges in Colorado. He is an evil man, but he is NOT going to win; and neither are the people who moved into my previous studio aprt in Denver Co 80203 who apparently answer the phone there and lie to hosting companies. Or else Network solutions is like most of the internet hosting companies and are absolutely crooked. Whoever moved into the previous building that I paid rent to live in, has no relationship to me whatsoever, and is unknown to me, and not authorized to use my name or my domains' names or have possession of my US mail or any identifying documents of mine. FYI. Consider this a legal notice that I moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009 and would not move back to Colorado under any circumstances. I consider Colorado a lawless godless place and the seven years I lived there were like living in the wilderness.
I have repeatedly told Network Solutions and that I moved but they do not call my rightful numbers because they are trying to help criminals steal my domains and they purposely send written materials to addresses that they absolutely know are not mine since Oct 2009, and they purposely stole my accts and they purposely refused to verify my name on my accts by spinning off the name field from the card number [as do most hosting companies that do not want to be bothered with verifying who owns the card I have learned the hard way after being defrauded several times by crooks in hosting companies.
Gloria Poole; 9:02AM, 26-APril-2010.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Legal Warning to cybercriminals & criminals

Here's my warning to the criminals who are trying to steal my domain of is the warning--see website.

Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 9:47 PM, 25-April-2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Center for Killing Opposes Nebraska law to prevent killing

I read the AP article in Yahoo news a few minutes ago about the Nebraska law that redefines the abortion debate by emphasizing the agonizing death of the baby in the womb. And how the prodeathers are trying to persuade the nation through their PR campaign financed by Planned Unparenthood that it is wrong to side with human babies in the womb. Here are my comments to their PR campaign that is intended to turn the nation's focus away from the tiny human in the womb and back to wicked women who kill.

What if the article from the Planned Unparenthood PR campaign said this:

The Center for killing black people is arguing that there is a right to string up black folks on trees for being unwanted. The state of Nebraska is opposed to that, and has passed a law making the stringing up of black folks in trees [lynching] is a crime that should be stopped. But the Center for killing black people makes these arguments:
-the right to kill black folks is enshrined by the Supreme Court as 'public law"
- it is 'settled law' that when a black person is unwanted, the person who does not want him or her, could lynch him or her without any sort of due process whatsoever.
- it is inconvenient for those who want to lynch black people to have to go to the expense to seek the Court's permission to lynch a black person, so therefore the state of Nebraska has put undue burdens on the right of white folks to kill black folks.
- black folks are not real people. They are not 'convenient' to the nation. They are not necessary. Killing them must be a right for the sake of the 'rights' of white people.
- black people are only potential persons, not important to the nation in any way. The state of Nebrasks by attempting to prevent black folks from being lynched is violating the rights of white folks.
- the center for killing black folks has fought many legal battles to maintain the right to kill black folks,and they must continue the 'right' to kill black folks or lose their constituency and donors.
- the center for black folks has bought a lot of Judges and Congress people to secure the right to kill black folks; and that 'right' must be protected.
-Nebraska has no right to interfere in the attempt to prevent the killing of black folks because they are not a democratic stronghold state.
_Nebraskans might produce enough grain to feed the world and be kind-hearted but they have no right to interfere in what the anti-life establishment of Wall St and Washington have declared as 'facts' that black people are unwanted, unnecessary,and therefore subject to immediate death if they cross the path of a white person who does not want them.

I could go on,but I pray you are intelligent enough to grasp the issues here.
Gloria Poole; Missouri. time is 4:15 PM, 18-April-2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Comments were censored by The Atlantic topic Confederacy

I am posting my comments here that were censored from The Atlantic this morning on the topic of the Confederacy. Since I am somewhat of an expert on living in the Confederate states I wanted to comment but The Atlantic violated my civil liberties by exercising prior restraint of my words because I am Christian and prolife and oppose the sins of sodomy and abortion. Citizens in the US have first amendment liberties including the right to believe in GOD and to say so, or write those beliefs. And to publish them in any format labeled as 'public' forums or comments. Since The Atlantic did not say their comment sections was only for their subscribers and since they did say that they were seeking comments on the confederacy, I think that they exercised illegal prior restraints [deciding beforehand that they would not allow christians to comment] and so I am posting them here for the public. For two reasons: to show what was written that they censored for no reason except to discriminate against me, and to alert their subscribers that they are prejudiced against Christians.As I wrote them and submitted them in the time noted at the end of the paragraphs with my name>
Reply on several comments:
1) There is certainly a prejudice against Southerners that is as strong as it is attempted to be hidden by those who like to pretend they are not prejudiced. I am a Southern Baptist woman and I have encountered that prejudice in many ways. Once a person made a statement to me about how would I know something being ignorant and from the South? So I asked that person if she had a Registered Nurse's license and she said no, and I said ' well, I do". Then I asked her if she had graduated from a University and she said no, and I said 'well I did. From the University of Georgia." She realized her own prejudice but she is not alone in her assumptions. Northerners often assume that they have all the answers by virtue of having been born in or moved to the North, not for any other reason.
2) The way of life i.e. the culture of the south is very complex. It involves a reverance for the Name of GOD that most other parts of the nation do not have or respect. It also involves a slower lifestyle where children expect time with their parents to be more than an hr spent in front of the tube, but family picnics, swimming parties, tailgate parties, celebrations of marriages, births and yes, family gatherings at funerals too. It is also involves a recognition that the usual money-power-grab of the world is not what drives the South.
3) The Confederacy was not and is not a 'fringe' or a 'lunacy' as one NY Times writer called it this am in her op-ed piece of propaganda. It was and is a solidly bound together group of states that began when their forefathers rebelled and revolted and fled nations that had become oppressive to the civil liberties of humans. That background created a coterie of states that knew what they were about, what they believed and knew that there comes a time when fighting for, defending their civil liberties could be necessary again.
4) The Confederate states may have to secede again because the proabort establishment is trying to annihilate the future of America. The radical rewrite of the health care industry was not so much about health care as about the implementation of socialism and the takeover of the civil liberties of citizens to decide what they will buy and what they won't buy. It hss to be defeated even if that means secession from a Union that is already torn apart by the methodical premeditated murders of innocents in the womb, created as a 'right' by a wicked Supreme court that usurped power it was not given in the Constitution. There is no such right as a right to kill one's offspring,and GOD willing there never will be.
5) The Bible that most Southerners respect and adhere too, makes no allowance for 'toalerance' of sins of abortion or sodomy. There is no such right as the right to sodomize anyone either and GOD will not ever allow that to happen as HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha for those sins according to the Bible.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; time is 10:01 AM, 9th-April-2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See my most recent painting @ blog; Warning about domains

See some of my most recent additions to my paintings, sketches, and genre photographry by visiting these Microsoft spaces blogs belonging to me:
has some of my original photos of goldfish, mountains, skies etc;
has my most recent painting I painted of "Thoroughbreds' in oils
; has my original sketch I painted
before I painted the idea into oils;
has some more of my original genre photography of iconic type of images
but that I photographed as I walked about;
has one of my original photos that I photographed when I lived
at Denver Co 80203 but that I have added to that site because of the
purple sky. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31,2009. Remember that I own the copyright to my photography and to my paintings, sketches and drawings so do not download them or save them to a disk.
I do not ever intend to move back to Colorado--it is a lawless state
and has no protection whatsoever for women abused by men [the man who
was my husband fractured my leg in 2006 and the courts sent him to
a weekly brag-about-it session as his 'punishment. I am divorced from that
evil man now and thank GOD! But that is why I would never live in that
state again--it has a contempt for women.
9:24 AM 4/6/2010
Also my original intent for this entry was to remind you that if you own
a domain on the internet, learn from my experience about that. Don't assume
that just because you ordered it with your info and paid for it with your card
that you still own it. The theft of domains is very common on the internet.Criminals lurk everywhere it seems.
Your website might not have changed so that is not the clue. And you might as
I have done have signed into your account and verified your info but the
hosting companies have secretive files [they call it protecting your privacy
] but usually what they are protecting is the fact that they tried to auction
off your domain while it belonged to you to the highest bidder. Hosting companies
are sadly not with much integrity in the US because of the illegal spying by
the Obama adminstration who considers any prolifer an enemy of his. i am a prolifer
from the get-go and the illegal wire-tapping of my phone and the spying on my
computer and the repeated attempts by the Obama administration and that woman
from hell named H Clinton to abuse their powers to try to fry my personal and
private computer are numerous. I could write a book on that subject.
Pay attention to your domains and write internic if you find that they were hijacked!
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is9:30AM, 6-April-2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Terrorism is what Tiller the Killer did

This is my response to the PR propaganda written by that horrible from hell planned unparenthood who in their evil are trying to prosecute Scott Roeder for killing an assassin. They say that a grown man shooting a grown man who knew he deserved it and expected it if he went to any GOD-fearing church ever in his life, was an act of terrorism. I say it was not. Let me define terrorism for you:
it is when a grown man who was trained medically to help sick people becomes evil and begins killing the tiniest most defenseless humans of all, with deliberation and premediation. It is when a Tiller the killer purposely puts a defenseless tiny human on a list to be destroyed for the sins of someone else. Terrorism is when a grown man takes what amounts to a surgical machete and hacks to pieces a tiny human for no reason, and when that tiny human had absolutely no way to defend the self or even cry for help. What Tiller the killer did was terrorism. What Carhartt does is terrorism. What every abortionists does is terrorism. What Scott Roeder did was avenge the innocents who were worthy of life but who were massacred by evil people like the Obamas, and the Pelosis and the Kennedys for their blood and tissues and the blood money they got in bribes, and kickbacks and lobbying "expenses" from BIG ABORTON industry.
Scroll down a few entries and see the medical photos of tiny humans of about the size that Tiller the killer killed routinely for pay. And then ask yourself why he did not stand trial for his many murders. Tiller was a mass murderer and since the Kansas Police would not stop him, Scott Roeder did. And thank GOD for Scott Roeder. May GOD raise up many more Scott Roeders to gun down those who massacre innocents if that is what it takes to end the horror of abortion in America and everywhere.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 2:16 PM, 1-April-2010
Update after reading article in the Yahoo news about a gruesome business of dismembering humans with a chain saw in the so-called "Learning Center" of NM and then sending them without notification of human tissues [contaminated and capable of spreading all sorts of disease including plague] to be cremated in Kansas.How fitting that a state medical assocation that turned a blind eye to the methodical dismembering of human babies is being shipped dismembered human adults as their 'reward" from hell! Read article in Yahoo news that says the man responsible was arrested. But he'll probably hire the Tiller the killer attorney from hell and get a slap on the wrist and an oh you naughty boy you from the Medical Association of killing doctors in Kansas.

Scott Roeder a hero for unborn/preborn humans!

I read in the news today that Scott Roeder who killed that assassin of innocent babies is to be sentenced. I am only sorry he did not shoot that evil Carhartt too and every assassin of innocents-in-the-womb before being caught.

He is a true American hero. Of the caliber of John Brown who helped free slaves and Sojourner Truth who broke the laws to help slaves escape to the North via underground systems of secret transportation. And on the international level, he is on par with Oskar Schindler of Germany who helped save some Jews from certain death.

Soctt Roeder --you are the turning point for America, the pivot on which America turned to see the truth that those who kill innocents in the womb when humans are the most innocent and most defenseless, must be stopped by any method necessary. Assassins of innocents must be stopped. That horrible man you killed is in hell no doubt unless he repented of his evil with his last dying breath. He killed thousands and you killed one and yet who was on trial? That shows how perverted the concept of justice is in America and how twisted and sick the minds of those who kill innocents-in-the-womb have become. The killing machinery like in Nazi Germany rolls along over thousands indeed tens of thousands, thousands of thousands [about a million annually in the US] to slaughter them without mercy. I am glad you stopped one of the most evil of all time that horrible Tiller the killer! I think you will have a reward in heaven for avenging the innocents.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 7:42 AM, 1-April-2010