Sunday, December 22, 2013

View art I create on other blogs--Google was hacked I think

Notice to public: since criminal censors hired by Planned Parenthood are breaking into my Google accounts to try to prevent me from adding art I create or photos* I take to my blogs with my name on them, I am adding my art I create to other blogs of mine. So see the newest sketches I put on web on this blogs of mine:

Also, the criminal censors are trying to totally block #Google Chrome on any Apple product.

I am creating art every day, and I have a put much of it on online albums. I think #Google was hacked when it added Google Plus which allowed all hundreds of federal government agencies to invade my google account. I am not happy with Google Plus and am trying to find a way to undo all the damage it did to my account. I really do not want to "share" my art I create with any democratic-socialist nazi medicine murderer thugs ever!

Cybercriminals have broken into two of my #Google accounts in the past week. I posted info about that on this blog and also on my blog at

I am also the woman whose married name for 4 yrs was Gloria Poole Pappas but I removed the Pappas name from my name after second divorce from DBP in Centennial, Colorado in Oct 2007, by order of Judge Robert Russell and resumed my maiden surname of Poole at same time [pg 2 of final decree on file in state records in Colorado]. I endured much abuse and trauma from male DBP who was my second husband and now second ex-husband and he threatened several times to kill me and to kill law enforcement. I reported that to Colorado several times but they love murderers there because they pay mega $$ into their 'system'. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 . I did not know the true character of DBP before that 2nd marriage [but I did after 2 weeks married to him]; and I didn't exactly plan to marry him, and am glad to be divorced from him. GOD is good because me and two Baptist churches prayed ! Repeat: I am divorced from male DBP since Oct, 2007 in Colorado, but I was not born in Colorado, but in the state of Georgia. I am a U S citizen by birth.

*Footnote: that happened after I put medical photos I digitized from a medical textbook I bought when I worked at The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA of human beings at 44 days gestation in womb on one of my blogs at and the murderers of Planned Parenthood try really hard to prevent women from knowing that when they conceive a b-a-b-y that the b-a-b-y is HUMAN from the beginning.

Gloria Poole, RN & artist at my apt in Missouri. 22-Dec-2013; at 1:38pm. Also, for the record: I am the white, Christian, single,prolife, republican, woman,natural mother of Jennifer and Leigh; [but no sons] and I was born in state of Georgia and educated there, and have a RN license in Missouri but first had one in GA for many years. I paint, draw, sketch since high school and I add art I created to blogs. Also, DBP is a masseuse and I never worked for him in any capacity. I wouldn't work for a thug ever! He stole a ton of my U S mail from yr 2002-2010, including papers sent to me by the Probate Court in GA when my daddy died in Dec 2004.