Friday, January 30, 2009

Looks like Skies When JESUS comes back

This is one of my photographs that I took of skies over Denver CO 80203 last week. For some reason there was many efforts to block it from being uploaded. Finally, I decided I would trust Google who is good to me! I photograph skies a lot especially sunrises, sunsets, clouds accumulations; and also photograph flowers,the Rocky Mountains, churches, buildings, [historic usually ] and goldfish, lakes, fish ponds, odd or unusual architecture especially made of stone, snow scenes though I don't like them but I study how they affect the lighting; and moons in different patterns, and anything that interests me as beautiful or unusual. I also photograph my own paintings that I paint in oils, and sometimes my sketches in acrylics,and pen/ink and pencil drawings. This photo is for you to enjoy.

You may see some of my original paintings that I paint at this main repository of my paintings: and the ethnic series of paintings completed so far at: Click the names of the paintings or if your computer is set up to require double-clicks then double-click and photo of my painting, opens. It should be safe to open because I have supposedly good security on my computer and isp, and it is ALWAYS decent images, that any one of any age in any country could view.
Also please visit this website of mine:
And for more of my 'works' [missions, health care teaching, paintings, photos] visit: Thanks.
signed gloriapoole, Denver CO 80203