Friday, August 9, 2013

Criminals broke into my iPhone AGAIN

This is a notice to the public: Apple products are not secure. Criminals broke into my iPhone again for about the tenth time in the past month to steal art that I created and sent to my email via iMessages. That iMessages is about like posting whatever on the town bulletin board. Don't be deceived by the lies of Apple--they have ZERO security. I think I know the tel num of the cybercriminal but if I post it here whoever he was trying to get in touch with, will call him. Do it on your own dime--don't steal from me you jerk fraudsters in Pennsylvania that work for that evil Verizon fraud company from hell.

My isp is NOT Verizon and NEVER was except for an unsafe mifi [that I bought new from those crooks Verizon that had a sieve for "security] and that ended last yr in Dec when their censorship team in their fervor to rig the election for Obama turned off my mifi trying to prevent me from blogging my protest to the regime of Obama. Guess what? They didn't win and I didn't quit. IF I can't trust Apple iPhone then I will find a better product, but the world should know that Apple iMessages platform is not secure therefore not safe and that cyber-criminals on the BIG BROTHER spynet ITU have back doors to it. I really hate Verizon now--they censored me, swindled me, lied to me, tried to ruin every electronic device I have with their purposeful malware, and sent me an email from their "ecrme" dept to attempt to hijack my desktop that was NEVER on their GOD-forsaken spynet. I tell you never buy an product or service from Verizon--you will regret it. They are like the old KGB of communist era. I cancelled my mifi acct this past Jan after 90 days with no service from Verizon though I paid for it on time up until Jan but it was turned off on election day of Nov 2012 by Verizon to censor me; and because they were trying to extort an additional 30/month from me by holding my service I paid for, hostage. I hope thieves, swindlers, crooks and con-people go to hell, for everyone's sake if they do not repent.

I have sketches I created and the one that was stolen four times when I sent it, I will rephotograph it with something reliable [not iPhone] and resend it and add it to a blog of mine soon. It must be popular with cybercriminals since they stole it four times as I sent it from my iPhone that I paid in full for when I bought it from Best Buy a yr ago. And have the receipt for! I am so tired of cybercriminals being a part of the package that I could throw up! MY PRAYER IS THAT GOD HIMSELF DELIVERS MY COMPUTERS, PHONES, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT FROM THE EVIL OBAMA SPYNET, FROM THE THIEVES VERIZON AND FROM THE CYBERCRIMINALS AND FROM THOSE GOD-FORSAKEN ABOMINABLE PERVERT SODOMITES.

Oh one more thing--Firefox has some new trick that removes javascript control totally from their browser. Don't "update" with the malware from Verizon.

Gloria Poole . at my apt in Missouri. 4:45pm; 9_Aug-2013