Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sketching Steamboats with much ado: update

This sketch I have added is a definite re-do at some point in time. I sketched this but not so quickly, but it is still not very good sketch. The state rooms and the doors/ windows just seemed impossible to get correct. Certain patterns, images seem to trigger the dizziness, and unsteadiness, and the blurred vision I have at times since that event of nearly getting run over by a vehicle in June, 2011. This seems to be one of those sort. I worked at this sketch about 8 hr, over 2-3 days , stopping, starting several times. That is 2-3 times longer than it usually takes me to create sketches from "scratch" with hands-on tools of brushes, pencils, pens, which was very frustrating to me. But those state rooms/windows just seemed impossible to make uniform. Maybe next year I will re-do this sketch, after some more healing time for my concussed brain. Anyway, it was the majority of what I accomplished this week, so I am adding it here. I named this sketch, "The Steamboat Missou" and it is on 14x17 bristol board, and is acrylics.

If you read the history of Missouri you see that steamboats [via steam in generator turbines generated by the big paddle wheel] brought products, and shipped products from Missouri down the Mississippi to the gulf ports to the sea, and then on to other ports. Also, I think there is a steamboat still with another name that sails the waters of the Mississippi, and I hope to go on-board it some day. I love all manner of boats and ships and grew up in coastal state of Georgia, where the Atlantic Ocean approaches from Savannah downward to Cumberland Island and of course into Florida and up the coast also all the way to New England. But the beaches of it start about at Savannah, GA. I actually steered a Steamboat in Stone Mountain lake, years ago, though a miniature one compared to the ones that steam along the Mississippi. I think also that now, the "steamboats' are not run by the paddle wheel, which is for show, not to generate steam; but I am not 100% positive about that. I think I read that somewhere.

Also, when I was married the first time, we had a motor boat, ski boat with a walk-through tri-hull that had a 85 hp Mercury motor that ran like a scalded cat! It could pull two skiers easily and one at speeds that were breath-taking. I loved that boat! I could water ski then but can't now [because of much metal in one leg--risk of injury is great, and more injury to it would be catastrophic].

Anyway, I hope you like the sketch. All art, words, poems, medical lessons I create, sketch, paint, draw, write, compose in any medium, with any tool, on any surgface, whether or not I photograph it and whether or not I add it to any display of mine on the web, are copyrighted as intellectual properties. Copyright . gloria Poole aka: gloriapoole,gpoole817, gloriapoole1749,gloriapoole10,gloria0817,g-l-o-r-i-a,gloria_poole; gloria.poole; Gloria Poole,RN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole.RN.

Also, I logged back in for several reasons. One of those it to add the fact that my profile for this blog of mine is located at:

And also another profile for me showing on this blog at:

And also a third profile for this same blog for me at:


. And yet, the system tells me "to create a profile"! So, I don't really know what exactly what is going on with that. I do know that the prodeathers and the abominations groups have done every thing illegally they could think of to try to prevent me from logging into MY account that I have had for YEARS. Gloria Poole is the name I was BORN WITH [in the state of Georgia]. ! I resumed it after both divorces by order of Judges but I always included it in my signature even when I was married both times, and wrote it as my maiden name then. I am divorced twice, the most recent time in Oct 2007 after only 4 yrs of marriage the second time. Poole is my maiden name. Also, as furious as it makes the non-white races for me to say that I am a white woman it is necessary because according to web searches there is also a black woman who may or may not be named Gloria Poole. There are about nine other imposters also, who have stolen photos from me, domains from me, emails from me, images of my art I created from me, via fraud and treachery and deceit. I cannot and do not vouch for any of them. I do not have a Facebook account and never did and I do not have a Pinterest account, and never did. So, there's a reason for writing that I am the white Christian woman named Gloria Poole. I do know there is no one else authorized to log into my accounts of any sort but me.

Gloria Poole @ my apt in Missouri; 23-March-2013 at 2:00 pm;

Update on 25-March-2013 2 9:53 am to add reminders that my first cause is ending the heinous sin of abortion as a so-called "right" because GOD said it is a wrong in the Commandment 'thou shalt not kill" written in Exodus 20:13, KJV. As my way of effecting change for the prolife cause, I create, write, create content for several prolife blogs, including:

And I tweet on the prolife cause often from two twitter accounts with my name in them of @gloriapoole, and also @gloria_poole; but also from @ProlifeNurse; @personhood1; and also from another sort of pseudonym site that I am not listing here on purpose, but is not exactly secretive; and that has an ancestor of mine's surname in it.

All content I create, in any form, on any surface or medium, whether canvas, bristol, board, cardboard, wood board, masonite,sketch papers, watercolor papers, with any tool,brush, pen, pencil, stylus, or device, or app, or program is copyrighted as intellectual properties. I Gloria Poole, RN & artist in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia own all rights to what I create. I have never sold my copyright nor assigned it to anyone except 2 times: when I gave a huge painting I painted in oils & entitled "The Hand of GOD" to the Eskine Caldwell Museum in Georgia: and I gave the oil painting I painted and named "Angel with guitar" to the St Simons Island Georgia Museum.

Gloria Poole @ my apt in Missouri; @ 10:05am; 25-March-2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Possible Stalking of me; Legal Notice to Banks, Law Enforcement; world,IRS

Quoting myself that is same Legal Notice I put on my blog at earlier:

"It is an afternoon of total aggravation. Someone tried to hijack the account that I recreated yesterday, and also the email that I created with my ancestor's name {my mother's line}; and cybercriminals from Colorado,continue to break into my isp account in Missouri, even though the entire world knows I have no family in Colorado, am divorced from felon DBP [of Colorado] for the past 5 yrs; and moved from Colorado on Oct 31, 2009 to Missouri. This past week these events happened, and they have totally tried my patience:

!) criminals in Colorado tried to steal my cell phone account and the money I had added to it, so I had to go to the bank to resolve that. And ...

2) they tried to deactivate one of my electrical outlets [using an app--the outlet works still but only for one device not other devices] in my bedroom that I plug in my mobiles too; [but I have other outlets, thank goodness} ; and ...

3) they tried to hijack two email accounts of mine [that have my name Gloria Poole and or my mother's name (her initials MJBP of state of Georgia but now deceased) causing much aggravation:

4) and they tried to port my cell number to themselves even though it was active, paid up and they NEVER were authorized to have access to my account on it;

5) LEGAL NOTICE begins: and I am reasonably sure that all of these events are connected to my 2nd exhusband's unlawful attempt to use what I do [that he has NO authority over; or input in or action on} to get a deduction on his income tax by defrauding the IRS. Dana Ben Pappas who is my second exhusband is a violent dangerous man according to the Arapahoe County Colorado District Attorney. He does not live in my apt and never will. I am divorced from him since Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado, case is public record on state computers. DBP was NEVER authorized on this account. He was NEVER authorized to file income tax paperwork or any paperwork or any sort of application using my SSN or information; or my efforts with the not for profit TV station when I lived in Denver [from Oct 2002-Oct 2009 but married 2nd time there for only 4 yrs]; nor was he ever an active participant in Tapestry of LIFE TV when it existed. He is not my business partner and never was. He is my second exhusband. He was never my boss--he is a masseuse employed by a massage parlor in Denver Colorado. He was never my supervisor, never my consultant, never my financier. He is done--finished in my life. I am posting this notice five years late it seems as he has successfully swindled me of nearly every domain and hosting account that I bought and paid for, beginning in yr 2003. REPEAT THIS IS A LEGAL NOTICE: [male] Dana Ben Pappas aka Dana Benn Papas, aka Dena Papas, aka Doris Pappas, aka Doris Parsons aka "healing-hands" aka dbp_5; aka dbp_3; aka Dana Papas, aka Dana B Papas aka Dana B Pappas, aka Dana Pappas [the aliases I knew of or saw on paperwork he had over 4 yrs time] is NOT authorized on any account of mine of any sort of account. He was not authorized on any financial account of mine after 2005. He is NOT authorized to redirect my US mail,nor to have possession of anything of mine, nor to access my accounts on line; nor via telephone or in any method via any tool, computer, device, lawyer, tax preparer,tech support; nor to include info about my works I put on the web in his IRS filings;or any application, form, paperwork; nor to represent himself as an agent of my life, art, writing, poems, songs, art I create, possessions, jewelry, inheritance; nor to claim either words that WORK nor Tapestry of LIFE as his in any fashion; nor to use my real name of Gloria Poole or as written gloriapoole in any way whatsoever; nor to have possession of any art I create or any photographs of mine I put on the web nor on my cell phones, nor to access my telephones,isp accounts, hosting accounts, bank accounts, prepaid accounts, social security accounts; inheritance records of probate courts in Georgia,financial records including any insurance, annuities, bonds, stocks etc; nor is he authorized to record my conversations in any manner or to intercept my voice mails or texts, or emails, or U S mail. Doing any of those would make him a stalker in violation of a restraining order against him. Dana Ben Pappas [as was on marriage certificate and wedding license in Denver Colorado & divorce papers in Arapahoe County Colorado at Centennial, Colorado from him] is NOT my heir; not my brother; not my "boy friend" not my "partner", not my "friend" not my "associate",not my employee, not my courier, not in any relationship of any descriptor any person could possibly think of. Dana Ben Pappas is NOT authorized to hold my US mail,nor pick up my US mail at any post office,nor intercept my U s mail,nor forward my US mail to anywhere. Dana Ben Pappas injured me seriously on four occasions over four years' time. Dana Ben Pappas by any name or alias is my worst enemy on the earth, and I have notified him via the Court in Arapahoe County in Oct 2007 that if he comes through my door, I intend to kill him if possible for trespassing and intending to harm me. I think this is perfectly clear.

I have posted this information several times over the past five years. IF companies continue to allow him to break into my accounts, I reserve the right to sue them for fraud, identity theft of my name and information and my intellectual properties, and for endangering my life and the lives of my two daughters Jennifer and Leigh and their children. I also reserve the right for as long as the statue of limitations run and forever because I intend to stay alive and I intend to stop that felon, psychopath DBP from stalking me on line and from breaking into my accounts.

I am the white, single [divorced twice] woman who is Christian, heterosexual, mother, grandmother of seven fairly young kids, and artist, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; and the woman who began Tapestry of LIFE in Colorado at the DCTV station; and the woman who began words that WORK in the state of Georgia. I removed the Pappas name from my name after 2nd divorce, by order of Judge in Arapahoe County Colorado, as it was my name for the years mid-Dec 2002- Oct 2007 when divorce was final in Arapahoe County Colorado. Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 9-March-2013; 2:24pm;

I Gloria Poole logged back in @ 3:52 pm to add some legal points that have to be made known to the above. Those additional facts are: 1) Dana Ben Pappas is not the father of my only two children; who are Jennifer Borelli and Leigh Bills who are from my first marriage in state of Georgia. That is their married names and they are my only heirs.

2) Dana Ben Pappas owes me more than $1,050,000 for injuries he caused to me,and more than that amount of money going forward for the rest of my life; and which he said in court he would pay [to avoid prison] and for injuries to me which he admitted he caused, [listen to court transcripts in Arapahoe County Colorado District Court Centennial Colorado July 2007 for hearings ' and testimony].

3) Dana Ben Pappas has orders of five Judges to pay me; though he is not law abiding and said "no judge was going to tell him what to do".

4) Dana Ben Pappas/Papas by any name or alias is not now and was never authorized to log into any email of mine nor any hosting account of mine, nor any isp account of mine; nor to any of my information; blogs, websites, photo albums on any device or 'in the cloud". I never once gave Dana Ben Pappas my passwords to any accounts, not even when I was married to him. I am divorced from [male] Dana Ben Pappas since Oct 2007, final decree signed by Judge Robert Russell in Arapahoe County Colorado District Court. I am a white, christian, woman; US citizen. You may see my photo on several of my blogs including at 5) Dana Ben Pappas is not entitled to any proceeds of any sort,nor of my life,nor of my financial accounts,nor any any insurance,nor any sale of my art/ photos/ possessions/ intellectual properties, nor financial accounts. 6) Dana Ben Pappas was married to me only four years when he moved out to live with his male friend. He is not entitled to collect any money from any plan that belongs to me, nor receive any benefits allocated to my social security number from wages I paid in as Registered Nurse for years..

Updated to add in information relevant to this notice, by me Gloria Poole. @ 3:39pm; 9-March-2013. " I am posting this here a second time and made copies of this trying to clear up confusion that crops up everywhere in an effort to get control of my name of Gloria Poole and my telephones,& my accounts;& my property whether real estate in Georgia,& my real possessions;my intellectual properties of art I create; and to oust my second exhusband DBP and any of his criminal lawyers, friends, "clients", drug dealers; partners, accomplices, family, victims from my life hereafter and forevermore./s/ Gloria Poole/gloriapoole/ aka gloria0817; gpoole817; glorapoole1749; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole10; gloriapoole.RN; Gloria Poole, RN; G Poole,RN;.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 9-March-2013; 4:17pm. Also, for legal notice: I am divorced, live alone, have art studio in my apt, work for myself--no one is authorized to use my name, my physical address, my telephone numbers, my isp accounts but me. This notice is prompted by events of this past week as described in this notice. I have put passwords and fraud alerts on my accounts, and alerted everyone that has a need to know ; and this notice serves a public notice to the world, that I have no legal or moral duty whatsoever to my 2nd exhusband [male, adult in his 50's] whose name at the time I was married to him was written by him as Dana Ben Pappas. I know for certain he has changed the spelling of it several times since Oct 2007.

Gloria Poole; RN & artist; at my apt in Missouri; 10:20am; 10_March-2013.

Update on 17-March-2013 @ 12:27 pm by me Gloria Poole.

I am leaving this here for a while yet to make certain it is seen by all that matter, including law enforcement , banks, public, people who know of my years of blogging and putting my art I create on the web. This past Friday [2 days ago] when I went to my mailbox outside the building, a dark skinned man approached me to ask where my bank was.I saw that guy step over the curb into the side street by suddenly appearing ,as if he had been sitting in vehicle watching. I said I was not telling him anything, turned and walked toward my apartment building to get away; but he followed me into the parking lot for my apartment! It scared me a great deal. Instead of going to my apartment, I went into the apartment managers'building and one of the guys working , went to look around, to see if the stalker was on the grounds still. I didn't want to lead the stalker to my apartment!

Also, I am upgrading the security as recommended, and reported that incident to the apartment managers and the Police because someone knocked on my door twice that evening late at night trying to see if I was home. When I don't answer they [? he] tries to force the door open.

Also, I am posting some prolife news today on another blog of mine. So if you are interested in what I am doing, and or art I create, or prolife events, look at other blogs of mine as well. Gloria Poole; at my apartment in Missouri; 17-March-2013; @ 12:37pm

A Rolly walker graphic; updo of a site.

I am adding a graphic I created and that I named, 'rolly walker";"drawn" with digital ink on an app . I made this to make my grandchildren happy. Then decided to add it here, simply because some people think that the entire repository I had once of what I called "clip art" was not created by me. It was. I don't consider it serious art, but fun art, doodling on some sort of electronic device instead of with brush and canvas or pen/ink/paper. I had several repository sites of the art of all kinds [painted, sketches, graphics, ] I have created since 1991 on previous domains; but I have the art and the backup photos of it, in most cases; and it is also on some public albums of mine that I created including Flickr, T-mobile, Picasa; and mozy had 2 GB of my photos that I photographed that were hijacked by cybercriminals in Colorado in yr 2008, { and that I reported to the FBI because of}. I do not what process is squashing the photos. They are usually larger and are larger even on my cell phones that I photograph them with. I will eventually find the culprit/cyberhacker at remote /unauthorized person [and so will the good guys and prosecute him] that is trying to limit my blog. If you click on the images I think they enlarge. Here's "rolly walker" :

Also, fyi,yesterday I completely redid a site I have had for years at : with some art of mine as well. I think you will also like that. I wrote my name that way yrs ago on that particular account after I heard one of my brothers that was in the Navy say his name that way, [backwards--last name, then first name] as the protocol and I thought " think I will create an email for me that way. " So I did but it is not well known about me. For years it had my letter I wrote in protest to a Professor at the Univ of Colorado, on the site. {An aside: I lived in Colorado from Oct 2002 until Oct 2009, and was married 2nd time for four of those yrs, but divorced 2nd time in Oct 2007 after four horrible yrs of enduring violence from then husband, now second exhusband. My first marriage began and ended in state of Georgia. } All of that is necessary to explain about that site as it was apparently more controversial than I knew, because the email that was mine at the time for my then isp account when I began it was stolen FROM me by cybercriminals in yr 2008 who broke into my computer, into my hosted sites, into my isp account and into my emails. So redoing it yesterday was an effort to reclaim it for me and my purposes.

Also, below you will see a sketch I drew/painted in watercolors entitled "white Paint Mare" as an effort to get better at painting horses. I have painted horses several times: thoroughbred; Rodeo; bullfight; and two other times beginning in about 1992 in Atlanta GA. Some of those are on this blog and also on other blogs of mine as well. See the about me page and also all posts on this blog to find more of my art I created.


I Gloria Poole RN & artist of Missouri but born in state of Georgia, and also who lived in other states, own all rights to all art I create in any method, on any surface/medium, with any tool, brush,pen,pencil,art medium, with real or digital ink, tangible substance or digital image, whether or not I photograph them and whether of not, I add them to any public display site or blog or area. Also, I "work" from my own apartment only for myself --I have no employer, no boss, no supervisor [but GOD HIMSELF] ; no husband, no "partner" of any definition. This is not a shared apartment nor a shared computer nor a shared isp account. IF others at remote break into my accounts it does NOT authorize them, and it does not authorize them to use my name or my art, or my bank info, or anything of mine. Thieving does not authorize anyone!

I am a white, single, heterosexual woman with 2 grown daughters and seven grandchildren ages 14 to 2 months old. Gloria Poole is my real born with name. You may not use my name!

Also, before I forget, I told Twitter to take down and destroy the twitter account of @gloria08171 that was mine before cybercriminals hijacked it and changed the password and were using it somehow to steal from me of images/photos/money and the cybercriminal also tried to hijack my entire cell phone acct with it. I have more than one cell phone because of safety issues, trying to prevent being stalked on line or in person!. That twitter acct was down yesterday and is not connected to any thing of mine any longer---I did not consent to transfer it to anyone. The art I added to it belongs to me so if you see that appear elsewhere on somebody else's blog, please notify me. I have tel numbers posted on some blogs and my landline phone has a listed and an unlisted number. And of course, you can always email me. Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 11:27 am; 9-March-2013.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Christians! Rise up--defeat the enemy who kills babies

To begin with, this is a Christian blog. I am adding the photo of "the Cross" painting I painted years ago to this blog of mine, to remind people that the symbol of Christianity is the Cross.

And then I am adding the photo of tiny feet to this blog to remind people that my main goal for my writing is to make a difference for the prolife cause.

And then I am adding a reminder to any woman or man who has offspring that is in the womb, that when you have doubts about GOD's wisdom to remember the words of this plaque.

Now, for some of the prolife events and news/warnings of risks:

Quote from Wisconsin news: "Sensing a potential new danger for Wisconsin women, Wisconsin Right to Life made enactment of a law prohibiting web cam abortions its top priority in the last legislative session.  Led by Senator Mary Lazich and Rep. Michelle Litjens, the law was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Walker in April of 2012. It is now apparent that this was a huge act of wisdom. What is a web cam abortion?  The woman seeking the abortion is in a different location than the abortionist and talks to him/her over a web cam.  The woman is not examined by a physician.  The abortionist pushes a button and a drawer opens at the woman’s location with the dangerous RU 486 abortion drugs. It is important to note that at least 14 women have died in the United States from RU 486 abortions, and web cams increase the risk by not including a physical exam of the woman." That quote is from :

In Michigan: "In its final form, the Prolife Bill contained provisions to outlaw the dumping of aborted baby bodies into the common trash, to require all surgical abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected, to require women considering an abortion to be screened for coercion to abort and to prohibit the practice of “webcam abortions” from coming to Michigan. Each of these provisions addresses all-too-common practices of the abortion industry that are real threats to pregnant women and ultimately their unborn children." and "Prolifers can also be relieved that the practice of abortions being facilitated by prescribing the RU-486 abortion pill over the  Internet will not be allowed in Michigan. Planned Parenthood first conjured up this abortion method in Iowa, having women talk to an abortionist in another state via a webcam/Skype connection. Without ever meeting or examining these women, abortionists prescribe the abortion pill by remote, leaving its administration to the nurses or other staff where the pregnant woman is located." Quotes from

Also, the Arkansas house voted to override the Governor's veto, in order to ban all abortions after the 12th week of gestation. That is good news for some baby humans. Of course, the goal is to ban all abortions in all states and countries, in accordance with the words of JESUS who said, "even so, it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD] which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, King James Holy Bible.

See copyright notices and the 'about me' page for more info. I am divorced, white, woman that you see at the top of this page in a red/white/black [colors of UGA] sweater in front of my display wall in my apt where I put some of my paintings I paint .

Gloria Poole,RN,and artist at my apt in Missouri; 7:26pm; 6-March-2013

I logged back in today [7-March-2013] because someone tried to hijack my account overnite AGAIN. I tell you if the righteous were as diligent to sit by a computer just waiting to catch criminals as the criminals are just waiting to snag personal & bank info, there would be no problems with identity theft. Hopefully, I have corrected the problems. One of my cell phones was broken into this past Monday, as I was sending a photo I took with the camera on it, to my email. It was obvious the photo was corrupted {for more on that see some of my previous posts about another incident of similar situation} so I deleted that corrupted photo. And added recommended updates to software. IF my isps had better firewalls, a lot of problems would be solved. Also, I am reasonably sure it was about cybercriminals at remote trying to snag a "backdoor" into my computer for the purposes of stealing money, as I had three phis-hing calls yesterday from fraudsters trying to trick me into revealing info. I realize I am not the only person who has problems with cybercriminals breaking into accounts--every tech newsletter I read has relentless, nearly daily news of another company that was hacked. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that T-mobile was hacked, Verizon was hacked last November on election day, and the govt reported it was hacked millions of times a week! I reckon it comes with the territory so to speak and don't put confidential info on any sort of computer/device/form factor now.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another mini-gallery art I created

This is the same painting but different photo I took of it, that I painted and have on my wall at my apt, but also on some phones of mine. I have many photos of my art I create and of my daughters [two] and their children on my phones as a general rule; but I also have two digital cameras. I photograph with an assortment of cameras testing which gives best results. I wanted you to see the painting in oils as it is, not as it was fractured in previous post, [ by unknown persons breaking into my cell phone from remote to try to ruin that particular painting I painted]. I think I will name this "Watching eye".


This second painting I painted in oils from a scene I photographed that was so totally sweet. I don't think I did justice to it, as artist. I am just beginning to paint [or try too] groups of people instead of just one. I like it anyway. Hope the world does also.

I named it "Look at me Mommy" as the toddler tries to turn his mommy's head in his direction.

This third painting I painted after a pose I saw in magazine and liked; but I changed the people in every way to imaginary people. I named this "Hug". It is oils on canvas.

This sketch in watercolors pencils that I drew few yrs ago, is on another blog of mine I think. It is named "Eagle."

This sketch below is in acrylics, and I painted it from a similar photo I saw that in news. If you compared them, you would see the photo had much more detail. I sort of used artistic license, removed from the scene to focus on race horse & rider. I was not striving for a jockey look, but an owner of horse look. Hope you like it.

This painting I painted below this, is in oils and is one of the "ethnic series' of paintings I began in year 2007. There are about 20 paintings in that series and probably 30-40 sketches also. I named it "The Scotsman" after the kilts; and the Scotsmen I saw in the Military Tattoo of pipes & drums I saw when I traveled to Scotland as new century began (yr 1999 --there for New Year's]. It is or was on many of my websites and I have the originals of all of these. This actual painting is 16 x 20 inches in size . I have the series in a secure place.

This sketch below is one of the very few times I tried to sketch a real, living person . It is supposed to resemble Prince Charles in about yr 2008. I often draw from the news as I see it on my computer or tablet, to see if I can do it [skilled enough?] and or to gain skills for portraiture. I named it "Prince Charles" and it is what I call powdered pastels [not the stick pastels, which I never use]. I do not know why two of these appear much smaller or why the exact same camera with the exact same paintings appears in large form on some blogs but I can't enlarge on this one. See, and to compare sizes of photos. All of these photos should enlarge I think if you double click on them--or they did. Much has happened to my equipment since Nov last yr-- AGAIN. Being hacked into from remote places is becoming almost a daily event regrettably and making me rethink if it is worth adding any of my original art to such an unreliable method as the web. It may be that the smaller sizes [the actual paintings and or sketches are much larger] are necessary because I have added so many of my photos to this post today?

Also, I might add more to some of my other blogs at:; and also /

Copyright :

I Gloria Poole of Missouri but previously of Georgia, NY, Nebraska, UK briefly, Colorado, Virginia, own all rights to the art and words I create in any form, fashion, method with any tool, method, device, app, pencil, pen, brush, on any surface whether canvas, paper, bristol board; digital ink, watercolor paper,board, cardboard, masonite, wood, archival mat, sheet rock, whatever ; that I created in any year at any place; at any time; for any occasion, unless I have specifically signed a legal waiver of those rights with a particular individual [which has happened only once--yrs ago for the Eskine Caldwell Museum in GA with the board member ].

Also, fyi. I am not an employee to anyone. There is no "supervisor" in my life or my apt. There is no boss of my work. I never worked as an artist for anyone but myself. There is no agent to represent me or my art, or my words [yet]. I have had public exhibits of the art I created, several times in my home state of Georgia. IF you are interested in my art, you must contact me directly. There is NO ONE AUTHORIZED to use my name or show my art I created or make reproductions of it, but ME! I am divorced, white, Christian woman. I do not have any family in Colorado, nor do I have any business partners. You may not download it or reprint it, or print it in any fashion. Gloria Poole, RN & artist in all artist's mediums; at my apt in Missouri; 3-march-2013; @ 12:15pm.