Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Agree w/ Montana GOP:no homosexuality

I read an article this am about the Montana GOP having a platform that homosexuality should be illegal. And it asked if anyone agreed with that policy. I want to go on record as writing that I AGREE that homosexuality should be illegal in all nations and in all cities, and in all ordinances and that it should be enforced. I believe this because of the written Scriptures in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and Romans chapter one in the King James Holy Bible. And also because when any behaviour is so-called legal which is a much lower standard than JESUS applied, it is taught in public schools as a so-called 'right'. If you are a true born again believer you could not accept as truth or public law any act/deed that defiles the Word of GOD or that is in direct opposition to the word of GOD. Lukewarm christians have the word from JESUS in Revelation that HE will spue them out of HIS mouth.

And because true born again believers must strive to please GOD and not humans, you must also not allow abortion to be a so-called right in your household or life. It is also abomination as are homosexuals. The commandments of GOD in Exodus chapter 20 are very clear on this topic. If you don't know the commandments you should learn them. Being ignorant of them will not absolve you of responsibility for them on GOD's Judgement day when the wicked are sent to hell.

The prohibition against killing [Exodus 20:13,KJV] also includes not killing the innocent tiny human embryoes for any reason but especially at government orders [NIH] and paid for by taxpayers and for the reason of benefitting the Old Folks Home of Congress like N Pelosi, and Biden, and Clintons, and the majority there who are over 70 yrs old and who have voted to kill innocents for 40 yrs, in order to get government grant money and kickbacks from Planned Parenthood and 'dividends' from abortuaries [the gas ovens of 21st century]..
Also read Revelation to see what events will happen on GOD's judgement day when the physical world ends, when JESUS comes back to the earth, to gather to heaven the righteous believers and to send to hell those who reject GOD.

Gloria Poole;at my apt in Missouri; 1:10PM;18-Sept-2010