Monday, November 23, 2009

Nazi schools next on agenda for 'reform' health.

There is an article about a very troublesome 'sneak attack' on parenting in the news from Missouri today. It tells of something that was deliberately omitted from nearly every report on the so-called reform of health care financing. The sneak attack on parenting comes in the form of Nazi schools commandeering captive school children and separating them from their parents all in one fell swoop in the form of so-called 'school-based clinics". Read into that the secretive abortion mills expanding to even primary schools through indoctrination, brain-washing, posters on walls, brochures in backpacks, etc. The Senate version of the bill does not exclude those so-called clinics [that are abortion centers in disguise] from carrying out premeditated destruction of innocents in the womb on school property.

Prolifers and/or good parents have always opposed the concept of takeover of young minds and beliefs by indoctrination via 'free' healthcare [almost always a trap of some sort sort of like that apple Eve was offered by the serpent-devil]. Good parents want to know what their children are involved in, where they spend their time, and with whom, and what they do there, and what is injected into them. School based Sebelius from hell clinics will no doubt have their 'choice' of methods of killing there--RU killer drugs that kill those in womb and out of it, and surgical sterilization via horrors of abortion, and /or killing of wombs with IUDs and or killing of ovaries with depo-provera and a various assortment of other ungodly evil 'treatments' to eliminate the human race.

I am glad one newspaper has reported on this since the NY Times purposely omitted it and so did other news sources. Remember this about Nazi medicine: they made every effort to 'capture' the nation at the youngest level, and the methods of propaganda and brain-washing were fine-tuned by Hitler and his evil accomplices, who believed that they knew more than GOD HIMSELF, and who tried to undo every righteous truth that ever existed via repeating lies often and from prominent platforms. I challenge you to do a study for yourself on the methods of brainwashing and then visit a local school and ask these questions:
1) how often does a 'random' search of school childrens' lockers occur?
2) What method is used by the school lunchroom to control speech and sound?
3) What method is used to 'punish' students that do not comply with the anti-GOD teaching of public schools?
4) What is the official school policy about humans reproducing themselves?
5) What method is used to 'teach' such topics of conception, abortion and by whom and how many subject text books does the teaching appear in?
6) What questions are asked of students about their home life?
7) What is the official school policy about children attending 'clinics' based on site?
8) Are parents called when a child appears at the so-called 'clinic' for treatment?
9) Are parents allowed to opt out their children from such clinics?
10) What drugs are on hand in the so-called clinic?
11) What are the credentials of the staff of the so-called clinic?
12) What resusitation equipment is on hand at the so-called clinic?
13) Who is the medical director of the so-called clinic, what is his or her name and what is the speciality?
14) What questions are asked on the 'intake' form for students who go to the so-called 'clinic"?
15) What age limits are set on dispensing contraceptives?
16) What disclaimers are given for administration of drugs that are hormones such as depo-provera and contraceptives?
17) Are students receiving depo-provera or Norplant implants at school?
18) In ref question 17 are they informed of long term risk of those including permanent dryingup of ovaries?
This is some of the starter questions parents should be asking about that evil plan to take the control of children away from the parents by tricking them into 'free' health care at what is euphemistically labeled 'clinics' that are nothing more than Planned Parenthood branches.
Obviously I am opposed to school-based clinics having had the unfortunate experience of seeing as a Registered Nurse the guidelines of some of them, having experienced the words 'live virus' on some of the ampuls that I was expected as a nurse to inject children with [but refused] ; and having seen how loosely applied medical standards were in them. I am also opposed to them because their intent/mission is brainwashing and death.
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Incidentally, I am moved to Missouri and am moving all of my missions activities, LLPs, and of course my paintings I paint, everything to Missouri. You could contact me by google phone [google it] and or by email. I am not publishing my physical location for several reasons --the main one being to protect myself from an evil man who threatened several times to kill me if I testified against him and I did.
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