Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I do NOT want unknown persons in my Google

<b>I do not like the so-called "improvements" in Google! It seems like the forced upgrade is awful. It puts totally unknown people into your account thus giving them in-roads to your account. What happened to #Google? I think Google has been hijacked by the feds in a take-over. This morning when I logged into my account [I logged in yesterday also] my account was radically different. I do NOT want UNKNOWN people in my accounts ever! I do not know several people who showed up as in my list of "contacts" that for some reason Google thinks I know but I never heard of. Are they the people who broke into my account?

Also, I am sure that was not accidental. I had to log in three times to get past the "unknown" persons who somehow got access to my private computer and my Google account. Help, @Google: get rid of unknown persons and most especially stop "Antwon" cyber-criminal from using my gmail account. It seems according to notifications sent by Facebook [allowed even to non-Facebook people] "Antwon" cyber-criminal is using my gmail account. Can you, will you stop him ? Help @FBI also. Also, to the #FBI : a company is breaking into my isp account from remote. There is no "_11" showing in my proper url address and am I am in Missouri and the date today is December the 11th, not the 12th as shows in the url link. Something phi-sh-y is going on, and it has nothing to do with me! Can you, will you get rid of cyber-criminals from breaking into my account? Please?

Also, I am sure what the cyber-criminals were trying to prevent is the post I wrote yesterday on this blog, about the prolife activism I do [in addition to painting as artist, blogging and tweeting]. So, reread that post too, since the attempt to hijack my account happened last night .

Also, for the record, I am a white, single, woman, who was born in the state of Georgia, and who now lives in Missouri. I also have a current Registered Nurse license in Missouri, and I am the mother of two grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, who are married to men Aaron {Jennifer's husband] and Matt [Leigh's husband]; and the grandmother to minor children. I was married twice and divorced twice. I do not have any family in Colorado, and I do not have any friends or business partners there either. GET RID of persons from Colorado from logging into my account from Colorado. I do have two cell phones that I have owned since 2007 [when I lived in Aurora, Colorado, but I moved from there to zip code 80203 and then moved from zip code 80203 in Oct 2009 and moved to the same apt I am writing this from in Missouri; and I brought those two cell phones owned by me, and the accounts owned by me, with me to Missouri, and added to them]. I do not have any relatives in Colorado and never did. My two daughters never lived in Colorado, and I lived there briefly. I lived most of my life in Georgia and was educated in Georgia, and my first RN license was in Georgia for most of my career. I resumed my maiden surname of Poole after both divorces. And by the way, the Poole family lawyer called me yesterday, and he says I still own my land there as far as he knows, so that is encouraging. He thinks it was some sort of trick to fool me.

I do not want "Antwon" [ a person who seems to have tried to steal my gmail acct] nor his accomplices in my google account--not now, not ever!

For the record, I do have a landline telephone but I do not publish the number on the web. And I am also known as Gloria on art I create, and as gloria0817; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; gloriapoole.RN; Gloria Poole,RN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; Prolife Nurse, @gloriapoole; @gloria-poole; and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole.

I Gloria Poole own the copyright to all art I create and all words I write and all blogs I create. I do not have business partners, this is a private apartment [not shared] and my electronics are owned by me and also not shared [cyber-criminals breaking into my accounts do not gain "ownership " rights!].

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 11-Dec-2013; at 11:17 am. I logged back in after making some changes to try to secure my account and was shocked to see a long list of black democrats added to my contacts! I AM A WHITE, PROLIFE, REPUBLICAN, CHRISTIAN, WOMAN FROM THE SOUTH . I do not want to be forced to 'follow" black politicians from corrupt places such as Chicago! I do not want to see the faces of Obama, Pelosi , and their voodoo krewe in any thing of mine, EVER! I do not want my computer connected by force to the "healthcare dot gov" I D theft sites. Not now, not ever! I also do not want a "connection" to the U S State Dept spynet! Has Google been totally hijacked by Big Brother, or what? I do not know how to undo all the strange people added by some unknown force to my list of contacts; but my anxiety is so high it is making my stomach hurt! I do not want those who claim the false "right to kill" in my contacts! I hate google plus if it's only list of politicians is black baby-killing-establishment-corrupt-politicians ! PLEASE @GOOGLE, remove black politicians from my account that were added in what way?? signed : Ms Gloria Poole , RN, at my apt in Missouri; 11-Dec-2013 at 12:56pm.