Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prolife Committment is not 'unreasonable' belief!

I read an article in the Columbia Tribune this am and I am glad it was written. Thank you for covering/writing the prolife point of view.
And here is my reaction to the statement by so-called defense attorneys for Scott Roeder: being prolife, and believing that humans are made in the very image of GOD, with the intellect and emotions and physical appearance like unto GOD [see Genesis 1:27 for exact words or read it in footnote*] and also believing the commandments of GOD and the scripture verse in Genesis 9:6 ** are not unreasonable beliefs. And for you to apply that word 'unreasonable' to the people who believe in GOD and the words of GOD is religious discrimination on the face of it. What is unreasonable is the lack of the US Justice Dept seeking any justice for the innocent. What is unreasonable is the refusal by the US Justice Dept to file RICO charges against 1) Center for Reproductive Rights as they call it, but GOD would call it evil, and 2) Nancy Northup individually, and 3) Vicki Saporta individually, and 4) National Abortion Federation as they call it, but GOD would call it abomination, and 5) Kathy Spillar individually, and 6) Feminist Majority Foundation a political arm of killing machinery, and 7) Planned Parenthood the killing machinery, and 8) SIECUS a political arm of killing machinery, and the 8) the democratic party whose 'platform' is to depopulate and ruin the US and rig elections.Those groups have a organized crime in kiliing and rigging elections.They buy judges and courts and lobbyists, and Congressmen and women, and Senators by the dozens;and the US President is in their pocket. That is unreasonable. The refusal by the US Justice Dept to protect the innocents from premeditated deliberate destruction is a failure to represent the good people of the US while they offer SS Nazi-era protection to those who kill. It is abomination. That assassin-abortionist-mass-murderer of innocents-Tiller was NOT innocent but evil abomination; and I am glad Scott Roeder killed him. And I pray that GOD also raises up some group or nation that kills all the abortionists and all the evil killing machinery of murderers of innocents-in-womb and shuts down every killing center That is Biblical to protect the innocent. Scott Roeder may the only man in America after GOD's own heart to be a champion for the unborn/preborn.
I am furious. There is a GOD and HE does not approve of premeditated killing of the innocents. If you doubt that then it shows /proves that you are heathen and totally unfamiliar with the word of GOD = Bible.
I tell you this, the good people of this nation are rising up in rebellion, because GOD is not mocked,and this nation has sowed death and destruction to the innocents created by GOD and mocking GOD called such evil a 'right' but it is always a wrong. Always ! The US will go down as a nation, and will become like all the places that legalized sodomy, abortion and abomination against GOD--> that would leave a remnant of a nation. GOD has all but destroyed California because of what that evil Nancy Pelosi tried to ramrod through Congress. And GOD has sent invasion to America from the Saudi Kingdom, from the Mexican nation, and they come like ants to sugar. The US is already experiencing the consequences of their rebellion against GOD.
Scott Roeder's beliefs are very reasonable,that unborn innocent children should not be slaughtered like sheep, with not the compassion of the way the US government requires animals to be slaughtered but in cold blood with no anesthesia as they are torn apart, and no mercy for the true innocent human babies. The ungodly in this naiton will NOT make the rules because there is a GOD. GOD will thwart every attempt by Congress to legalize the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, and if that means destroying the nation that will happen too. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.For too many years [nearly 40 since that evil Roe v Wade decision] that tried to label premeditated killing of innocents as a 'right" GOD has waited patiently until the gospel truth was told . But now the evidence of the reality of America's situation on the brink of national collapse, bankruptcy and takeover by communist China, shows that GOD is ruining America.

Scott Roeder fire your lawyers and get some that believe that being prolife-- FOR LIFE--is a reasonable belief and get some that believe that men are required by GOD to have the courage of their convictions. And appeal your sentence and state plainly what you believe and why in the witness stand, and insist on your rights in the true laws to defend your beliefs and not be silenced by a Judge bought by Planned Parenthood. The true laws are that if a civil law is unconstitutional and any law intended to depopulate the nation would not be in the best interest of the state of Kansas or the nation,and would not meet muster for the right to life clause it may not be upheld. Fight for your constitutional rights and the right to life for all US Citizens in the womb. Fight for the First Amendnment to believe in GOD and act on those beliefs.

* Genesis 1:27:"So GOD created man in HIS OWN IMAGE, in the image of GOD created HE him; male and female created HE them."
** Genesis (;6 "whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of GOD made HE man."
Gloria Poole, Missouri; The time is 8:27 AM, 31-Jan-2010.
Updated on 3-Feb-2010 after reading this article in the BBC news today:
And in BBC news today the doctor who gave Micheal Jackson a drug that should have been administered in an operating room with constant monitoring and the ability to resusitate him were available, is to be charged with 'involuntary
manslaughter." Was it 'involuntary' what he did? Did he actively seek out a drug with warnings on it, that is normally used only by anesthesiologists in a hospital setting and administer it to a man in his home, with no cardiac or respiratory monitoring of his vital signs? I would say it was premeditated not involuntary. If as a
medical doctor he did not know the risks of administering general anesthesia without the monitoring of vital signs
and the administration of oxygen, and the stand-by staff to resusitate in case something went wrong, then I would question his medical training AND I would say he is not fit to have a medical license anywhere. If he is not charged
with crimes, it sends the message to the public that absolute malpractice and or intent * that kills patients is acceptable to the medical licensing boards, and that message will result in people abandoning trained doctors in search of people who
would help them live not kill them.
7:52 AM 2/3/2010
* Footnote, I have serious questions if there was not an intent to murder Michael Jackson for his wealth. The "doctor" was apparently intimately involved in the home setting of Michael Jackson going to his house to administer drugs that were not emergency life-saving drugs but drugs that killed him; and a doctor who news reported was in deep debt, and who knew the trappings of wealth of the Michael Jackson compound. I would question the motives if I were a prosecutor or Judge.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How dare you defy the Living GOD?

I read an article in the Columbia tribune today and this is my second post [entry on blog] on the subject matter. The first blog is listed at bottom of this article if you are interested.
I thought on this some more and in fact, I have thought on this for nearly 20 years. The article in the Columbia Tribune covers the prolife defense and it is probably the first article in the nation to do that. There was not one word about it in the NY Times or in the BBC news today. I encourage you to read the Columbia Tribune article.
But here is what I want to add to those comments. In I Samuel 17 of the Old Testament Bible,is the Biblical account of how the then shepherd boy, a virtual unknown to anybody, but known to GOD, defeated the giant Goliath who was defying and mocking GOD. I quote from verses 45-46 of chapter 17 the words of David the shepherd boy who became King, to the mighty ungodly Goliath," thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield; but I come to thee in The Name of THE LORD of HOSTs, THE GOD of the armies of Israel [the believers in One GOD] whom thou hast defied. This day will THE LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will the give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day to the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that THERE IS A GOD in Israel."
Now compare that to the event in which Scott Roeder killed a mass murderer of the innocents that GOD created. He killed a mass murderer who mocked God by using the church that publicly declared itself to be teaching the gospel of GOD including supposedly the words, 'thou shalt not kill'while he was daily killing with premeditation and cruelty the innocents GOD HIMSELF created in the womb. And consider the church calling itself Christian while allowing, indeed nominating a mass murderer to serve as an usher in that church! It is abomination to GOD most certainly, and to all righteous people. It was intended to give what PR folks would call respectability to a heinous lifestyle of killing innocents to use the church as a shield. And the sword of that evil man abortionists who killed many many innocents over decades was the surgical curette, and the spear was the surgical dilators that force open the normally closed sterile womb to pry out and destroy the innocent there.And Scott Roeder HERO killed that mass murderer. As did shepherd boy David killed the giant Golaith who openly mocked GOD with words and deeds, so Scott Roeder killed the evil giant of abortion-on-demand and he closed all by himself after years of protesting by others,the ungodly and horrible abortion killing center. I say praise GOD for Scott Roeder and when there are more Scott Roeders then abortion on demand will end! And the innocents in the womb will have the governments' protection and the right to be born alive. And then and only then will GOD bless America again. Until then there will be one skirmish after another in the abortion war, the war to end the Abortion Holocaust of nearly 100 MILLION dead innocents in the US alone and probably ten times that number around the world that began when evil people in the US began exporting the false doctrine of abortion on demand, and when evil people began to buy influence and power with the US Supreme Court and the Congress.
GOD is not mocked according to the Scripture. The fact that that horrible man abortionists was methodically KILLING innocents and then ushering in a CHURCH called by GOD's own name [Christian churches are after all named after JESUS< THE CHRIST with Christ meaning a title of being anointed by GOD], to mock and defy the words and intent and meaning of GOD's words, is abomination to me and I easily see why Scott Roeder did what he did, and I pray there comes a day and time when the US military turns its force against the killing centers of abortionists' and bombs them out of existence! And kills the mass murderers who defy the Temple of GOD and the NAME of GOD and the Commandments of GOD.
I am not sorry Scott Roeder killed that evil Tiller the Killer. And I wish he'd also killed that other infamous evil Carhardt too [unsure of spelling his name] but who is located in Nebraska and who kills third trimester babies for money. A hired assassin is an abortionist nothing glorious or honorable about what they do. And Scott Roeder with Bible in hand probably according to the article dispatched him to hell. And thank GOD!
Read the article in the Columbia Tribune today :

This article in the Columbia Tribune written by Maria Sudekum Fisher presents the prolife point of view that Defense Attorneys are presenting and that is that killing a mass murderer [abortionist] is not unjustified, and that reasonable people could and would act in like manner. Does not a Police officer trained to kill shoot to kill IF his life is threatened? Why should the lives of MANY innocent human babies be considered less worthy of life than a Police Officer's?

This quote from that article:
"Roeder's attorneys are expected to try to build a case for a conviction of voluntary manslaughter, which is defined in Kansas as "an unreasonable but honest belief that circumstances existed that justified deadly force." Roeder said in a court filing that he believed the killing would save "preborn babies" from abortion." [end quote]
Read the article.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 @8:43:11 AM

Other post on this at my blog in my former name: for today's entry.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri which is my real born with name, and you may not use my name in any way, but you may quote me as long as you quote me word for word and attibute it to me. I stand by my words always.
Update at 4:47 PM today with example of a David against Goliath: after reading the GOOD news that Tim Tebow Heisman trophy winner is doing a prolife ad on Super Bowl game, along with his mother who did NOT abort him and thank GOD but who was advised too abort him. Isn't the world much better off with him in it? . He is the sort of man America needs--one with the courage of his convictions to defy the evil of abortion and to make public his opposition to it. And thanks to Focus on the Family for sponsoring the ad on the Super Bowl!
Update on 27-Jan-2010 after reading the article about ex_President Bush receiving a prolife award. This is GOOD news too because Pres Bush is/was more prolife than most of the Presidents since the ungodly and evil decision of Roe v Wade usurped lawful authority of the Congress and the people, he is being recognized for these deeds:
opposing embryonic stem cell research,
executive order banning use of federal money to pay for abortions;
signing conscience clause legislation allowing health care providers to 'opt out" of medical killing;
declaring Jan 18, 2009 as "National Sanctity of Life Day";
and the statement he made that, 'the most basic duty of government is to protect the life of the innocent."
His award is to be presented in February in California and it is named the "Cardinal John J O'Connor Pro-Life Award" .
Prolifers know that the reason President Bush is so reviled by the current administration is because President Bush is prolife and the current administration is prodeath. The current administration is/was laying plans to destroy the nation while calling it 'health care reform' much as Nazi 'reform' to Germany did, but they called their premeditated destruction, 'protecting the motherland' and 'nationalism", 'and the 'best treatment for their condition [they 'provided death by gassing'] while killing off their political opponents.
Gloria Poole, Missouri, 27-Jan-2010 @ 11:30 AM