Friday, December 20, 2013

HELP me, FBI, to get control of my acct from criminals on Facebook

This blog entry is written for law enforcement particularly the FBI since the felon that I suspect is trying to hijack my account lives in Colorado and I live in Missouri. It is also written for #Google to correct the problems with it. Cybercriminals who broke into my account via google plus have tried to stop me from adding my photos of art I create to my blog at [this one]. The so-called "upgrade" to google plus ruined my account because it flooded my contact list with people I never heard of, wouldn't write too or read their emails in a zillion years, and wouldn't vote for even under duress.

I am posting this notice on MY blog because as GOD is my witness cybercriminal named "Antwon" is NOT hijacking my account! And this can serve as testimony against unknown person named "Antwon" whom Facebook seems to think is entitled to use MY gmail account but who is totally unknown to me. All you black folks who think you have the right to destroy a person on the web because you say they are "racist" for declaring themselves to be WHITE [as I do] are way more racist than I ever could be. I don't hate people because of the color of their skin. But I do HATE them mightily when they break into MY email, and try to steal my name or art I create or my blog, or YEARS of original photos that I photographed and that belong to me exclusively; and that are on MY COMPUTER and other places also.]. And I hate criminals who think they can steal a person's name and create fake Facebook accounts to plunder and loot original art for their use [to try to rob from the artist [ in this case, me]. I also HATE those criminals whatever color they are who slaughter preborn humans for $$$. They turn my stomach totally.

Also, cybercrimial Antwon is not the only cybercriminal attempting to impersonate me on Facebook. Today when I looked at my gmail, I had about five notices from Facebook, sent to my gmail addressed to persons who did not have the name Gloria. I have never considered Facebook to be honest, trust-worthy or reputable but they could try to make an effort to not send messages to people with names that are not Gloria to an email with the name Gloria in it. That is basic email protocol to stop Facebook s-p-am-ming me.

I will get control of MY blog. I will use MY own personal private computer and I will put my content I create on MY blog whenever I want too. Or I will sue somebody named "Antwon" and Facebook for FRAUD and I D theft. To #FBI, please remove cybercriminal "Antwon" and all persons on Facebook who are using my gmail [or any sort of acct belonging to me Gloria Poole] accounts. I do NOT have a Facebook account by any method, anywhere. NO one on Facebook should be using MY REAL, BORN with name of Gloria Poole! Also, to #FBI, I have 2 cell phones with area codes from Colorado that are listed as mine and were bought by me [one of them] and the other was bought by my daughter Leigh] and shipped to me by T-Mobile. Those numbers of mine are on paperwork in Courts for the second divorce of mine which took place in Centennial Colorado [Arapahoe County]. And they are still mine and are here in Missouri with me. I also have other cell phones with my local Missouri area codes, and I have a landline [wired] telephone also. Do not mess up my accounts while trying to remove "Antwon"--he does not live in my apt, I do not know him, and never loaned any phone of mine but once in Colorado in yr 2006 to a man who said he was desperate and I did not ask his name or know him. I just did a good deed, [ I thought]. I lived in Colorado from Oct 2002 to Oct 2009 and was married four of those years but not to any one named "Antwon"; and whatever his name of 2nd guy I was married too really was I do not know since so much he said turned out to be lies, but at any rate I am divorced from the man I knew as DBP since Oct 2007.

And the photos on my computer belong to me--not to Google, not to cybercriminal named "Antwon" who must be actively using my gmail acct on Facebook, according to notices that Facebook sends me often addressed to "Antwon" in the subject line but with MY GMAIL account. I do not know "Antwon" and I do not want him using my name or my gmail account or representing me in any way. I consider him an identity thief [a felony] and a cybercriminal who broke into my google account to impersonate me for purposes of theft from me.

IF Google is intent on stopping me from adding art I create to my own blog, then I will add it to other platforms. I will see what happens.

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 20-Dec-2013 at 3:05pm