Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I did not authorize transfer of my domains;domain stolen

This is a notice to the public and to hosting companies. I own a domain of http://onlineeducator.biz and I wrote the entries and put my original sketches on that blog. The sketches that were on that blog are also on my repository site of http://gloriapoole.com/prolife and are the human development sketches listed there as a link and which contains several sketches I drew of how a sperm looks, how the blastocyst looks when embedded into uterine wall, how embryo develops.
There were deliberate efforts by godaddy.com staffers to sabotage me in order to sell that domain to someone who bid on it, from what I have figured out as events have unfolded. I found out the domain was missing from my control panel on this past Sunday June 26th. I had no notice that criminals were trying to steal it before then. This is a notice that I intend to get my domain back and if that means suing godaddy and its President that might also happen. I am not giving up that domain. I have owned it from the beginning when I made up the name and registered it with them YEARS ago. I also have another site with a similar name at http://onlineeducator.bravehost.com.
Also, you may see some of my sketches at these sites of mine:
http://gloriapoole.com/drawings [pencils,charcoals, inks]
Gloria Poole; RN licensed in Missouri; and artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels. inks, gouache,tempera,pencils.; at my apt in Missouri; 10:29am:54am 28-June-2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Public Notice to Criminal Hacker breaking into my comp

I am back int my isp acct after con-men tried to lock me out of it by using stolen info and identity theft and those usual tricks of con-men everywhere: charm,deceit,fraud,theft. So now that you know that, I am posting to my blog [one of them] this notice to the criminal hacker who breaks into my computer via wifi and who attempts to 'config'/ alter my NetBios to try to lock me out of my own computer, this warning:
You are caught. You are going to the federal prison. Get ready. You are going to be there a long long time.
There are a lot of people on your trail including the feds.
I reason you will be there probably 20 yrs.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 1:15pm;27-June-2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't be fooled by Century Tel/Link & don't sign up w/ them

Posting my so-called customer service chat with Century Link Telephone so all the world knows what sort of service they provide:

is url for customer service chat page for century tel supposedly; 7:12 am; 26-June-2011;

7:11:27 AM CDT 
Gloria Poole
Initial Question/Comment: Some criminal has stolen my password while I was using your so-called secure {but NOT secure] of https://secure.centurylink.net/
7:11:32 AM CDT 
Welcome to CenturyLink!
7:11:42 AM CDT 
We apologize for the wait. A technical support specialist will be with you shortly.
7:11:47 AM CDT 
Computer running slow? Need help installing a new printer? Having trouble with a network router? CenturyLink RescueIT can help!!
7:11:57 AM CDT 
Our RescueIT team can help with a variety of computer-related issues that include PC tune-ups, hardware and software installation, security and virus support, home networking, troubleshooting, and repair.
7:12:07 AM CDT 
Check out http://www.rescueit.com for more information, or ask our support agent about it when your chat session begins.
7:12:57 AM CDT 
Please continue to hold. We will be with you soon.
7:13:37 AM CDT 
For answers to common questions you can use http://centurylink.net/support
7:13:57 AM CDT 
CenturyLink RescueIT consultants provide support for a wide variety of computer services. Not sure what your computer problem is? No problem, we're here to help!
7:14:27 AM CDT 
We apologize for the delay. We are experiencing high chat volume today, but we want to help every customer as thoroughly as possible. Thank you for your patience.
7:14:57 AM CDT 
Ruby F. has joined this session!
7:14:57 AM CDT 
Connected with Ruby F.
7:15:02 AM CDT 
Phone Number: xxxxxxxxxx [redacted by me to prevent posting my home telephone on the web]/
7:15:02 AM CDT 
Welcome to CenturyLink Internet Technical Support! My name is Ruby F., and I will be assisting you today. Please give me a moment while I pull up your account information.
7:15:17 AM CDT 
Ruby F.
I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems today. I will be glad to assist you with this.
7:15:17 AM CDT 
Ruby F.
It appears that this issue may be more complex than we can effectively resolve by chat. To received specialized support, please call 877-646-3282 so that we can take care of this issue with you.
7:18:30 AM CDT 
Ruby F.
Is there anything else that I may assist you with today?
7:20:23 AM CDT 
Gloria Poole:
Calling you up does not solve anything. I have done that repeatedly.Century Tel is crooked as hell. You have allowed dozens of criminals to access my computer by allowing a fraudulent criminal user to steal a wifi connection of mine that had a password and was supposedly encrypted, and change the password and rename it after my apt to fool you [it didn't fool me because my connection is not named after my apt]. and then read every email I have had on my acct for nearly 2 yrs. I should sue you all for fraud! And I have learned that when my second exhusband from Colorado is trying to stalk me on line & I change my password to stop him, he calls u up to get you to lock me out until I tell u the new password so your crooks can tell it to him. If you all go to hell, it will be what u deserve for the con-man tricks and deceit you have done to me your paying customer for 2 years. I am not giving that felon cocaine-addict violent psycho my password. not now, not ever. You unlock my acct now.
Ruby F.:
THe specialist will be able to assist you with this.
7:21:43 AM CDT 
Gloria Poole
Yea, and he or she will then know my password which is what this is all about. isn't it? Note: url is https://ecare.centurylink.com/netagent/scripts/srvgate.dll?Action=1060/
Ruby F.
They will be able to better answer that question for you there.
7:24:59 AM CDT 
The session has ended!
And at top page:
Thank you for chatting with us today. This concludes the chat session.

You may now exit the survey by clicking the button below or by clicking on the "X" in the upper-right-hand corner of this window. [And the logo Marist Research which did not copy].
Gloria Poole; at my apt and via my $91/month century tel almost worthless security telephone dsl line.
; @ 7:32am; 26-June-2011


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

News: PLEASE stop glorifying self-destruction

I think most anyone who ever read anything I wrote in the past 20 yrs, knows I am a Registered Nurse [and artist in visual forms media] , and this entry is writing from a Registered Nurse's viewpoint. This morning there were two news articles that provoked me to write this. The first one was the article about the flack Ebert received for saying 'friends don't let jacka--es drive drunk". I am glad Ebert wrote that because he has a lot of clout in the media, and he makes a point that is absolutely valid. And that point is that those humans who with a mind,purposely, intentionally,willfully drink alcohol then get behind a wheel of a vehicle that weighs between 1-2 or more tons [2000-4000 + lbs] and starts the ignition are jacka--es indeed, because they risk everyone's life not just their own.
And the second article is in the New York Times which ought to shut down their PR campaign for socialists, communists and drug-addicts like Lindsay Lohan. NY Times be ashamed of yourselves. You put her photo on the front page of the New York Times as if what a long-term drug-addict does is world shattering news. PLEASE, do ever stop to think what you do? Do you have any idea how destructive the drugs that woman uses are? Have you ever worked in an emergency room and watched the EMT's bring in those broken , and mutilated bodies that had to be pried out of vehicles or reassembled at the scene of carnage? PLEASE do not glorify drug-addicts. They are not "sick" --they are selfish, vain-glorious, self-seeking,manipulative,con-people, who willfully purposely, intentionally use every con-game ever devised by any generation to keep the booze and drugs flowing so they can "opt-out' of reality for a few hours and float off into their drug-induced narcosis, and forget every person on earth and every responsibility or commitment. They are not worthy of front page news in any newspaper. In fact, I don't think they are worthy of glorification in the obituaries either.
NY Times, if you have even a tiny shred of decency and moral underpinnings left, remove Lindsay Lohan's picture this moment. Do not set an example where every mediocre actor/actress can make the front page of the so-called news by drugging herself or himself to death and breaking law after law for years thus making a mockery of health care and the law all in one fell swoop.
I think the fact that you put her photo on the front page giving her massive free publicity that she would never have gotten if she had been law-abiding, clean of drugs, and moral, clearly labels the NY Times as NOT a news organization at all, but a propaganda-pumping machinery paid for by drug-addicts, socialists like Obama's White House, and bad people like abortionists, murderers, rapists, BIG PHARMACEUTICALS, BIG ABORTION INDUSTRY, etc.
It's good that you started charging for your PR campaigns [because fewer will read it]; and maybe the FEC will come to their senses and realize you are a PAC, disguised as a newspaper for the democrats, and then hold you accountable for all the free publicity you give to evil,self-destructive people like that Ryan guy and Lindsay Lohan, and Obama, and virtually every democrat in NY.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 7:30am;21-June-2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am Alive and thanks to GOD for that.

I was hit by a van this past Monday as I was on walkabout and in the crosswalk, and went by ambulance to the trauma unit of the University of Missouri Hospital. I have some injuries that are going to take time to heal, but since news reported that I was taken away by ambulance, I didn't want to leave people wondering. The Police charged the driver with failure to yield right of way and hitting a pedestrian.

I am being very cautious about movement in any form as have some broken bones again. And other sequelae of that event.

I am grateful to be alive as it could have been fatal to me if GOD had not been there with me in the midst of it.

Those of you who are Christian pray for me please.

Gloria Poole,@my apt in Missouri; 9:52am;16-June-2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Public Notice to Banks, Financial,Insurance Companies

This notice is necessary and serves as a legal notice that my second exhusband whose name when I was married to him was written "Dana Ben Pappas" * is NOT authorized on any account of mine. He is not authorized on bank accts or credit union accounts or prepaid accounts, or telephone accounts or utility accounts, or insurance accounts, or webhosting or email accounts. He is not my beneficiary or heir.. He is not authorized on any of those since about year 2005. He is not in my family but my second exhusband. He is not authorized to have possession of my US mail or any documents of Life Media & Publishing or of words that WORK. He may have gotten some of the checks from the box of checks years ago and maybe that is how he stole my business acct of it to drain it. He is not a participant in Life Media & Publishing LLP or words that WORK, LLP as they /when theyexisted in Colorado, and never was. He never contributed money to them,never wrote for them, never spoke for them with authority [he did lie about them saying he was first an 'employee' to steal my US mail at Post Office when I had a PO Box in Denver then at Cherry Hills. Then told hosting companies he was the boss, but he was never an employee,nor a partner, nor a boss nor a contributor in any way. I know he also told his probation officers those lies about being in control of it to seek leniency. He is not in any way lawfully associated with them. I began those LLP as missions, incorporated them as LLP's, did the creative works of them,wrote all the content of them and I paid the fees required to do that always. He tried to steal them in every way possible including stealing my US mail, my Probate Court papers from when my daddy died in Dec 2004, and my email addresses, paperwork from hosting companies, and by stealing /using my name on the telephone causing massive confusion about my name and gender. He sounds male usually but distorts his voice to high pitched to impersonate women. He dresses cross-gender at times and stole lipstick,eyeliner pencils, even my clothes and shoes on several occasions. He said he intended to annihilate me and steal my name and my paintings I painted and sell them.
He is not the father of my 2 grown daughters who were born to my first marriage. He is a notorious liar and has deceived many people because he is flirtatious, and uses women by flattering them and preying on them, and he is a thief. He said he can "pick any lock in Colorado" and "steals people blind". He said it 'does not matter what name you use to get what you want". Worst, he is a cocaine addict who should be in the federal penitentiary. And he is a violent man capable of harming many people. He harmed me several times and seriously in July 2006 when he had a restraining order against him and was on 2 yr's probation for having tried to kidnap me in May 2006 in the courtyard of the Arapahoe County Colorado courthouse. He made many many threats to me to kill me, and threats of terroristic behaviors toward the public in general. He also threatened law enforcement and I reported that when I heard it.
I am not happy that I was deceived by him once too, as many people have been. I got written information today that confirmed that he has been attempting to swindle me again nearly five years after a divorce from him. He was never my 'boss" nor my business partner. I purposely do NOT select known criminals as business partners and never did. He is in no way affiliated with me and has no authority to use my name or sign my name or get my info. The occasional money he pays to me is because three Judges in District Courtin Arapahoe County, and a federal judge in Denver Colorado told him he had to make restitution to me for injuries, and could not bankrupt out of it though he tried too. . He was ordered to pay me way more than he does pay. He said he 'laughs at the Judges" and 'makes fools of them"; [quoting his words in 2007].The fact that he does not pay what he was ordered to pay and is a million plus in arrears to me will give the US Marshalls and FBI the reason to arrest him again and try him for other crimes as well, that they know about.

This hopefully makes it clear that he does not live with me and will never live with me again and that he is not my 'brother" or my 'boyfriend" or any flesh and blood relative of mine. He never met any of my siblings or my mother or father. I am not reconciling with him under any circumstances and I am praying he goes to federal prison for a long long time.

There are more details about the events that happened from Dec 2002 to on-going on my twitter acct at http://twitter.com/gloriapoole. I do have another twitter acct also. But to read facts/details of some of the events go to that twitter acct and scroll to the more at bottom of page and click more link then do that 4 more times til you get to the entry of 2:03am June 8th,2011, then begin there and read forward to read them in sequence. I wrote them as I was experiencing acute anxiety because of noises right outside my window about that time of night, and remembering how then-husband said he breaks into places, cuts telephone lines, starts fires to 'smoke 'em out' so he could seek revenge.
Also second divorce is public record in Arapahoe County Colorado and was final in Oct 2007, but certified copy of decree and to resume my maiden name that I got was dated early November 2007.

* Footnote: He has changed the spelling of his name several times since then and said he 'buys or steals" identities whenever he is arrested for his many crimes. His aliases that I know of are: "Dana B Pappas", "Dana Pappas'; Dana Papas, Dena Pappas, Doris Parsons, Dana Benn Parsons, Dana Benn Papas, db3, db5, 'healing -hands' the most sinister of all since he told me he could kill a person with his bare hands and never leave a mark on them. As far as I know he lives in Colorado on Newton St in Denver.
Gloria Poole, @my apt in Missouri; 8:13pm;11-June-2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Indiana Fight ACLU & Planned Parenthood Killers

I read in the Yahoo News today about the state of Indiana AG 's battle against that evil Planned Parenthood and their killing accomplices of the ACLU. I have much to say on this topic. I am a Registered Nurse of many years of work experience. In that capacity, I reviewed Medicaid hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Abortion Centers do not meet Ambulatory Surgery Center or hospital standards and never did. They are not subject to on-site review by Joint Accreditation . They are not reviewed by Ambulatory Surgery accreditating agencies. They are not reviewed by anyone. They are not better than they were before the heinous crime against humanity of "Roe v Wade" was forced on cowardly states by an unlawful decision of US Supreme Court.It was unlawful because the US Supreme Court has no authority to create public law and never did.
Because abortuaries do not meet national standards they are not 'qualified medical providers' in any legal sense of that phrase. They are not 'entitled' to taxpayer money as they are outside the boundaries of generally acceptable medical practice. They should be tarred and feathered and run out of town to exile, but better yet, they should be prosecuted and imprisoned for killing US citizens when they are the tiniest most defenseless of their lives .i.e. in the womb.
Humans only produce humans. That is medical fact. Humans are human from the beginning when the human male spermatozoa enters the human female egg.That is medical fact. They do not start out as a cabbage and become humans. They are always human. As such they must be protected from predators like planned parenthood killing machinery and propaganda pumping machinery and from the sort as is the ACLU.
Indiana, fight them to the US Supreme Court. Print this and submit it as my testimony as a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri with current license. I am willing to be a witness on behalf of the tiny humans in all courtrooms as long as short sessions required of me.You may contact me via my info on the State Board of Missouri and or my Missouri driver's license. Stop the killing machinery in Indiana and every state will follow suit.
Gloria Poole,RN;@my apt in Missouri;8:13am;6-June-2011