Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2nd Update: The raging evil of ObamaCare is still trying censor my words and photos

I Gloria Poole, RN and artist in oils, acrylics, watercolor, powdered pastels, goauche, tempera,inks, added some of my medical photos to another blog of mine today at: https://publishing-life.blogspot.com, and that required deleting the google plus account on it, and sending feedback to #Google. The unconstitutional censors that work for Obama and his co-horts Planned Parenthood killing machinery are still trying to censor my words and medical photos BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KEEP WOMEN STUPID AND IGNORANT OF MEDICAL SCIENCE. But I think it was Abraham Lincoln who emancipated black people and who was REPUBLICAN, who said you can't fool all the people all the time. Lincoln is right. You can't. The nation has realized that Obama lied about everything! Obama is evil. I am protesting his killing scheme always, because it violates the commandments of GOd as written, "thou shalt not kill", in Exodus 20:13. KJV.

Also,today earlier I added my newest ethnic series painting that I completed last evening to my blog at https://gloriapoole.wordpress.com, and I named it "English Tea Party". It is oils on canvas 16 x 20 inches in size. Also, I added another painting I painted on paper to my blog at http://gloriapoole1749.wordpress.com also earlier today. I think you will like both of those. And yesterday, I added 4 more of the sketches I created to my blog at http://gloriapoole.tumblr.com. So, you can viewers can still see my art I create. Hopefully, the cybercriminal I D thief named Antwon will go to federal prison soon, and they can use this blog as my testimony against him.

Also, remember that New Year's celebrations should be a time of looking forward to a future, and not making trips to the hospital via ambulance. Please do not ever drink alcohol and drive. And please do not ever for any reason "try" or "test" any sort of so-called "recreational drugs". They will ruin your life forever, and they will probably kill you. Just say no to mind-numbing chemicals and liquor. You don't need those to have fun. You don't need those to be social. By the way, being 'social" is not all it is pumped up to be by highly paid P.R. people. I read several biographies of people who changed the world and they rarely spent much time schmoozing others. They were very one track on the goals. And so am I. I want the Roe v Wade decision over-turned in my lifetime. It was a grievous sin against GOD and it caused the deaths of millions of tiny humans en classe, meaning it targeted tiny humans because of where they lived i.e. in the womb, and it is genocide by definition. The premeditated mass slaughter of tiny humans in the womb, must come to an end. I believe because of The Bible, that it will. I also believe that it might take a civil war to stop it since evil is very entrenched in Washington DC.

The illegal, unconstitutional censorship efforts by the Obama administration because I am #prolife have continued to this minute. Prior restraint of speech is unconstitutional on the face of it per the U S Supreme Court and the U S Constitution. The efforts by the Obama administration to "black out" my words and my photos that I take of the art I create and or genre photography is unconstitutional. I was born in the state of Georgia and have First Amendment liberties. Also, I know that some of the attempts to squelch my words are coming from the ancient Hillary & her campaign for evil since she has started breaking into Yahoo accounts to put her 3 inch by 2 inch ad into the face of REPUBLICANS like me. I wouldn't vote democrat under any circumstance. It's as if voting for the devil. Every thing the democrats believe in, is exactly opposite what THE LORD GOD said to do, in the Holy Bible.

Also, remember it is not unconstitutional to protest the government. The First Amendment gives all U S citizens that right. It's in the phrase about grievances against the government. Also, it is not unconstitutional to dislike homosexual people. The same First Amendment also gives that freedom to associate with whom you want or not to be forced to associate with those, you do not want to associate with. Unfortunately, the so-called "powers that be" on the internet are often only high school graduates with no education in much of anything. So, in other words, they believe anything that stupid evil Obama tells them.

Statement of Ownership: this blog belongs to me Gloria Poole of Missouri and always belonged to me. I began it in the state of Colorado when I was married the 2nd time to evil man DBP, but I am divorced from him since Oct 2007 and I resumed my maiden surname of Poole and I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 to the same apartment I am typing this from right this minute; and I continued the prolife acticities of re-educating the public on the issues; and I paint, draw, and sketch still and have for years. My real, born with name is Gloria Poole and I am a white, woman, single [divorced twice] and the mother of two daughters who are named Jennifer and Leigh; and I am a Registered Nurse with a license in Missouri, and an artist in oils, watercolors, powdered pastels, pen/inks; pencils, goauche, tempera, acrylics. I am also Christian, republican as defined by U S Constitution and #prolife. I have been harassed and persecuted and stolen from by the government since that ungodly B Clinton was President and wrote his own edict making human fetuses fodder for grinding up for research. So, I am not surprised that old Hillary is abusing her powers from ancient history and her Secret Service army paid for by taxpayers to try to squelch her opponents' words. it's how she does "business". She's a snake in the grass. Remember what happened at Benghazi where four U S citizens including an Ambassador died because she was derelict in her duties, and do not ever donate to her campaign or vote for her for anything--not even dog catcher.

By the way, I never accessed the ObamaCare website and do not intend too. I would probably emigrate from the U S before I would pay exorbitant premiums so killers of preborn humans can be paid with taxpayers' dollars. But I have protested "ObamaCare" from the beginning precisely for that reason, and it makes them furious. I am sure they think to themselves, 'how dare that cheeky NURSE tell us LAWYERS what is right and wrong?" If you want lawyers [instead of good medical doctors and I do not mean abortionists--they're usually not medical doctors] deciding IF you get any life-saving health care, you are a fool.

Also, you can also see my art I created on this blog by scrolling back and also on these blogs of mine:










Gloria Poole, RN; at my apt in Missouri which is my only residence; 31-Dec-2013 at 3:18pm. P.S. I put my NY wish for all viewers on one of my twitter accounts earlier today. You can see it at http://twitter.com/Tartan_Bliss and it is Chinese characters with the English written there also.

I Gloria Poole of Missouri logged back in today to notify public of a fraudulent obituary that Google notified me about in an alert on my name. I am alive and as well as I can be considering multiple trauma to me; and I never lived in Memphis Tennessee. My best guess is that is yet another attempt by my 2nd exhusband DBP of Colorado to try to hijack my life [and bank accounts] and annihilate me totally [he thinks]. DBP is a very evil man without a conscience and had no remorse even when he tried to kill me and said he "timed me screaming for help for seven minutes" before I got so weak I couldn't make a sound and he thought I was dead in July 2006 and then again in August 2006 when I had surgery to repair fractures he caused and he abandoned me at apt in Aurora with no food, no money and took the car and the phone with him. He is damned as far as I am concerned. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31, 2009 but was divorced from DBP [male in his 50s] in Oct 2007 after four years of horror of a marriage.

Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri 1-Jan-2014 at 4:13pm. I Gloria Poole logged back in after sending an email to legacy.com that published that fake obituary on line with my name on it. I am posting my email I sent to their webmaster here for documentation: Quoting myself: " to: webmaster at legacy.com: I am notifying you that I Gloria [middle name omitted on purpose from blog but sent to legacy ] Poole am alive and well , did not die in December, and never lived in Memphis Tennessee. Please correct your false obituary with my name on it. It was probably entered by my 2nd exhusband Dana Ben Pappas who is a violent dangerous man who owes me millions of dollars, and he is still making threats to kill me, and he is very evil and very much a cocaine addict whacked out of his mind 99% of the time. DBP lives in Colorado but he has never stopped stalking me on line or trying to hijack my phones, my blogs, my art. I am alive and living in Missouri, and have family members who can attest to the fact that I celebrated NY eve with them last night. " Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri ; 1-Jan-2014 at 4:40pm

Update on 2-Jan-2013 by me Gloria Poole, to leave this blog in place a while yet, because I suspect it is precisely why the fake obituary appeared on the web: I am following up on what I think was a fake obituary with my name on it. Since it had my exact name I was born with and since it was placed in the hometown of my first exhusband I have reason to suspect it is fake. I know that I am alive, and I suspect that obit is a fake submitted to the news on line maliciously by someone who wants to steal my online blogs [to get them off the web, probably the prodeathers of Obama or my 2nd exhusband] because I think it would not be probable that someone else would have my exact name from birth and in my first exhusband's hometown. I think it was malicious and that someone researched my life some to find a plausible place but knew my real hometown [where I was born] in GA would know me on sight. I have written to the legacy dot com that published that obit to notify them I am alive; and I have written to the "Commercial Appeal" company which is supposedly a newspaper of some sort to also notify them that I am alive. I noticed in the headers of legacy that their email they replied to me from has a salesforce header. I will post follow ups when they reply. But I am alive and in Missouri where I live since Oct 2009.

Gloria Poole, RN artist writing for myself as always; at my apt in Missouri; 2-Jan-2014, at 5:18pm.