Friday, August 17, 2012

Wahoo! A PROLIFE VP Coming Up

I have tweeted on this topic several times since Mitt Romney announced the VP for the Republican Party. However, I want everyone t know that I think Paul Ryan is an answer to prayer in several ways. I want to list them here for you:

1) He has consistently voted in favor of human life in the womb to be born alive. The National Right to Life Committee gave him a 100% approval rating for his prolife votes for his entire time in Congress.

That is the most compelling reason of all that he should be in an advisory capacity, spokesman position for the nation; along with the next president Mitt Romney.

2) He is intimately involved with the budget since he is the chairman of the federal budget committee. He should know every detail of where the taxpayers' money is being spent, and where it is coming in from. The crisis of a financial meltdown that I think has evolved into a full-blown depression equal to the historic one of the 1930's, is a symptom of the schizophrenic federal government currently in the White House. Any government that sets out to destroy its own citizens as Obama has done with his plan to divert billions of the dollars paid in by working families for decades [so they would have income and health care in their old age], to those who kill the tiniest humans is an abomination. If you read the Bible, you know that when King Herod of the New Testament set about destroying all Jewish children 2 yrs and younger, that GOD set into motion HIS plan to defeat and destroy Herod.

3) Paul Ryan has common sense, and boldness. He is a true leader. True leaders rise up no matter what their circumstances are. Read the story of Joseph in the Old Testament if you doubt it. Read about how Joseph went from beloved child, to a sold slave into a foreign country, and because he remained faithful to GOD in the most trying of times and circumstances, GOD elevated him to the highest appointed position in the land who answered to no one but GOD & Pharoah. Start with Genesis 37:2 and read through to Exodus 1: 6, in King James Holy Bible for the record of Joseph and how GOD used him to save the people of GOD.

4) Romney & Ryan Republicans are the plan of GOD, I believe to redeem America from the Communist party that Obama has sold America too. IF you consider all the egrgious violations of civil liberties of the Obama administration, you realize the U S will not continue under Obama's direction. His scheme to kill the innocents of GOD has caused GOD to determine to remove him from office. I have watched and read faithfully the news, the tech news, the prolife news, and world news, and I believe Obama has passed the point of no return with GOD. He has assassinated more than 1300+ including some U S citizens who were not charged with crimes or tried in any Court. He has also created a diabolical plan to kill off the elderly, handicapped, sick,infirm by withdrawing their sources of income through treachery [transferring funds from medicare & Social Security to his "ObamaCare" scheme to pay abortionists and sodomites]. Obama is arrogant, unteachable as many trained by the U S Dept of Education in the so-called "high " places are. They become convinced that they have knowledge superior to GOD's own; and that is when GOD brings them down according to scripture.

5) I ask all of you who care more about the United States a nation surviving than you care about your level of comfort to pray, and work diligently to put Romney & Ryan into office.

The things you can do are:

a) write letters to the Editor asking voters to vote prolife and stating the reasons why.

b) participate in online forums and debates in Universities, colleges to open your mouth for all those appointed to destruction, in obedience to Proverbs 31:8, KJV.

c) march in the streets in protest at your State Capitol and also the nation's Capitol in D.C.

d) volunteer at Birthright, or any of the right to life offices, or any of the medical clinics that are prolife to influence pregnant women to choose life, in accordance with Deuteronomy 30:19-20,KJV, Matthew 18:14, John 14:6, Exodus 20:13.

e) Demand to your Congressmen & Congresswomen that they remove all sources of funding for ngo's that promote killing of innocents or perform killing of innocents or pay for killing of innocents, including but not limited to Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes [abroad but funded by Dept of Defense budget] , UN Family Planning, UN Millenium Goals Center for Reproductive [killing]...and remove from those their IRS designation as a tax-exempt "charity". Killing of innocents is not a charity.And Planned Parenthood has more spendable money than the U S government because their get money from fed budgets [several including the Pentagon, DHS, Homeland Security, TARP, etc] and they get donations from the wicked by the millions such as the Susan Komen fraud "charity" that tells people it funds cancer and then gives the money to Planned Parenthood that KILLS tiny humans as its main purpose.

f) Give money to the prolife news organizations including National Right to Life, Life News, Life Site News ,and the State chapters of Right to life including the college campus chapters.

g) Put Right to Life and Personhood Amendment movement in your prayers and in your will, to leave them a legacy of on-going financial support for human life. Help save the baby humans!

10) Create blogs,paintings,sketches,drawings [art], poems, songs, art, dance routines [choregraphy], ballet, opera to encourage people everywhere to have living children and replenish the earth, as GOD instructed in Genesis 1:27-28,KJV.

11) Talk in every public forum you get about the need of humans to repopulate the earth. Read the scriptures where GOD told one of the Kings not to number the people, not to think of his nation as numbers. [ I am not going to tell you where to find that so maybe you will go on Treasure hunt in Bible and find it for yourself].

12) Put the scriptures of GOD in every argument because GOD promised that HIS word does not return empty-handed. {Isaiah 55:11, KJV, as written :" So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth; it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereunto I sent it."]

13) vote only prolife. The U S is a republic where the people elect those who represent them in Congress. It has a written Constitution that includes the concept of the right to life through out it.

14) PRAY without ceasing that GOD will remove the wicked from high places,and that HE will end abortion as a so-called "right" since it is wrong in the eyes of GOD according to Exodus 20:13, Matthew 18:14,and many scriptures through out Bible. There is a verse that says the blood of the innocents cries out unto GOD, who avenges them. I think it was King David who said it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of The angry GOD.

Writing blogs, using my education and experience as an RN, [without pay because hospitals have not hired prolife nurses since B Clinton was in the killing regime of Planned Parenthood shadow gov't seat of power] and also because now of injuries I have sustained for being prolife & Christian, is my contribution to the prolife cause.

The prolife cause is greater than any human and it is the civil rights issue of this generation. There will be no peace in the U S until the tiny creations of GOD in the womb have the protection of the federal government & State governments and until there is no such "right" as the right to kill innocents. Galatians 6:7, KJV warns that GOD is not mocked. He said plainly to first humans to multiply & replenish the earth with people.

Gloria Poole, RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 17-Aug-2012 @ 9:19 am, C.T. Updated on 25-Aug-2012 @ 4:51pm with this: Please read another blog of mine updated today at: as it is very relevant to the prolife debates. Thank you. GP