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Humans in Womb must have protections of governments.

These are two of the medical photos of humans in the womb. These photos are added here to show the public that humans are HUMAN from the beginning, and they must not be killed. To see more of my digital photos of humans in the womb, visit this website of mine:
And to read more about them and see the photos in medical textbook, buy a copy of the medical book, "From Conception to Birth: The Drama of Life's Beginnings by medical doctors Roberts Rugh, and
Landrum B Shettles, M.D. with Richard N Einhorn contributing.

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, photographer, Denver Colorado 80203/80206; @ 8:37AM,

Monday, August 24, 2009

Personhood Amendment for all States! It's time!

This above is my watercolor sketch of how well developed a human being is at seven weeks after fertilization of the human woman's human egg with the human man's human sperm. Many people are under the mistaken propaganda that humans don't look much human until they pop-out of the womb, but they are obviously human by seven weeks after fertilization. Also read medical facts and also see other photos of my original sketches of how humans develop from the sperm-egg on but read this article first to understand the sketches better:

From Embyro to Fetus in the womb : medical facts
by Gloria Poole,R.N.

There are several distinguishing features of the

transistion of an embryo to a fetus. Both of these words

are medical terms for a certain stage of development in

the womb. There is no abrupt change from the embryo to

the fetus. Instead there are cumulative changes that are

evolving day to day. The embryo changes from an

amorphous shape to more of a tiny human with all parts.

Also all of the major body organs have either appeared

or the precursor of them has developed. As the embryo

survives the second month in the womb, and is alive at

the beginning of the third month, the tiny human is less

vulnerable to the effects of disease in the mother, or

radiation of the mother, or medicines the mother may

have taken. Of course women who are pregnant should

never drink alcohol or use drugs! At any stage of the

pregnancy the baby in the womb is harmed by alcohol, and

many drugs have teratogenic effects. The term fetus is

appropriate after the major organs are either formed

entirely or the precursor of them is present e.g. for

the kidney. The fetus is still vulnerable but not as

much so, since the tiny human has a larger body and

therefore it would take larger doses of medicines

through the placenta to harm the tiny being, and the

tiny baby also has more developed organs to filter the

medicines that might pass to the baby through the

placenta. At the end of the first month after

fertilization the human embryo is about a quarter of an

inch in length from the top of the flat bulbous like

head to the end of the emerging legs that look at first

like a tail. Most of the organs are beginning to take

shape as the cells continuously divide and

differentiate. The tiny human develops by a 'blue print'

that is built into the chromosones and genes that the

tiny human received from the mother and from the father.

Twenty-three chromosones come from each parent in most

instances. In Down's syndrome the chromosones are

different. The baby's brain develops first since it is

needed first. The wisdom of GOD in creating humans is

obvious if you really study human anatomy and physiology

much. The outlines of eyes appear and a primitive mouth

and by 30 days after fertilization the three primary

parts of the brain are present , and the eyes, ears, and

nasal passages have begun to develop. The beginnings of

the backbone is present but that first month the tiny

embryo is sort of hunched together in a C shape. There

is no discernible arms or legs yet but the "tail" will

become legs. The heart will have started beating even

though it is not completely formed. The tiny human has

a closed circulatory system that includes the baby's own

blood vessels and also the umbilical cord and placenta

to the mother. The digestive tract opens from the mouth

downward for the first time on about the 28 th day

after fertilization by the male sperm. The liver appears

by about the 21 st day after fertilization. The thyroid

gland begins to form. The stomach, intestines,liver and

pancreas are there but there is no anus yet. The lungs

are not developed yet. Lung buds begin about day 27 and

the trachea [windpipe ] appears a few days after that.

By the time the tiny being would be called a fetus he or

she would have gained weight to one gram or about one-

thirtieth of an ounce, which is not as much as an

aspirin tablet but for the tiny human it is significant

progress since it means a 50-fold gain in body mass

gained during the second month over again what the tiny

human weighed at the end of four weeks after

fertilization. By day 31 muscles appear in the pelvis

and arms and legs begin to form and look sort of like a

bud on a tree in bloom.The valve separating the chambers

of the heart appear on day 31 or soon after. The germ

cells [sex determining] move along the mesoderm toward

the genital ridges and will form either ovaries or

testicles. By day 32 the caudal muscles appear [in what

becomes the baby's behind] and the last pair of gill-

like arches that will develop into lungs appears. By day

33 the cerebral cortex in the brain develops. By day 34

more of the muscles that will become the thighs and legs

develop and the stalk that separates the baby from the

yolk sac lengthens. By day 35 the primitive germ cells

have arrived in large numbers near the ridge that

develops into the kidney. And the olfactory part of the

brain that regulates small is present in the brain. By

the fifth week the tiny human is 8 millimeters or one-

third of an inch long from crown to rump and weighs

about 1/1000 of an ounce. The jaws are forming and the

face is beginning to look like a human face. The

umbilical cord is present and is the only part connected

to the placenta. The pituitary gland is forming in the

middle of the brain. The pharynx branches into the two

parts that will go to each lung. The membranes

[peritoneum] that separate the intestines form the chest

have formed and separate the lungs,heart and trachea

from the stomach and intestine. By day 36 the arm and

legs buds appear, and the 'tail' starts to shrink and

the baby may start moving about.
By day 37 the intestines have grown enough that they are

beginning to curve into their adult shape. The brain

stem that controls respiration is recognizable. By day

38 the jaws of upper and lower begin to look symmetrical

and with an mouth between them and the eye muscles have

begun to form in the orbits. Hands that look more like

paddles form and then when the fingers elongate they

look more like hands. The insides of the baby have grown

so fast that they sort of bulge and could be seen easily

through the almost transparent skin of the baby. By day

39 the nerve fibers are present to connect the sense of

smell of the olfactory nerves. By day 40 the pigment

[color] of the eyes could be seen through the

transparent skin also. The jaws are well formed and the

teeth, and facial muscles are forming also. The gill

arches disappear and the diaphragm appears that moves up

and down in respirations though the baby does not

breathe in the womb but later sort of practices that

effort. The liver starts producing red blood cells and

takes over from the yolk sac. By day 42 the reflexes

being and fingers and toes are more visible and the

beginnings of gonads are visible. By the sixth week the

fetus is 13 millimeters or half an inch long from crown

to rump. Cartilage that will become bone appears. The

head seems huge in relation to the rest of the body and

bends forward onto the chest since baby is still sort of

a C shape. Fingers appear. And the mammary glands begin.

The stomach and intestines rotate into position, muscles

lengthen and both cartilage and bone are visible in the

forming skeleton. The kidney has begun with the

pronephros the first but non-functioning kidneys. By day

44 the retinas of the eyes form, and also the palate of

the mouth and and the canals of the ear. By day 46 the

gonads are formed either ovaries or testicles so the sex

of the baby. Viola by day 48 after fertilization the

tiny human looks like a human! And is definitely a

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. with reference from medical

textbook "From Conception to Birth' by Roberts Rugh and

Landrum B Shettles MDs.

Years ago I wrote the medical facts of how humans develop on another website of mine at: .

And the sketches I drew of some of the stages of human development and wanted to add to this website but they vanished from uploader AGAIN; so I added them to this website of mine:

and look at the entry of yesterday 6-June-2009. They are a series of about 7 or 8 sketches in pencil and watercolor showing stages of development of human beings in the womb. Scroll and look at all of them and read the info I wrote on each sketch. I should have done those sketches in ink but I didn't and therefore you have to look close to study the details of them, and read the words on them. I was laying down, resting when I did those on my portable drawing board and dip pens and ink is not possible then. I hope you are able to see see the sketches and read the words on them.

Also the Scriptures about human life are on this website of mine:

And the reasons you should vote prolife are at this website of mine:

Also there are prolife sketches and prolife photos to encourage humans to reproduce themselves with children on these websites of mine: with my poem " A Tune and A Tear";
The prolife subdomain of is a repository site and that means that when you open it you will see an Index sort of like you would see a Table of Contents in a book or a shelf of books in a library. Each photo of my paintings /sketches/drawings/ or of my genre photography has either a name if I renamed file to help people know if interested in it, or it has the words 'photo-by-gloriapoole' in the description and usually my zip code of 80203, and usually the date in the format of 2009707 which means yr 2009, or what year goes there, and the date and then the month but there are some uploaders that seem to reverse the date code but you could figure it out still. Anyway, click the name or the description of the photo [digital photos on the web] and it should open to about a 5 x 7 size on your computer screen. My prolife subdomain there has a poem, a couple of quotes and a photo of a newborn baby, that is so sweet, and my sketch of the human being in the amniotic sac of waters,that is a watercolor sketch.
7:08 AM 6/11/2009 is date first added to some websites; repeating often to teach these facts.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203/80206 8:17 AM 6/12/2009
Today's date is: 8:00 AM 24/Aug-2009

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My Oil Painting I painted named The Schloss, w photo of Me

This photo above is me standing in front of the painting you see below. I am actually tall but not as tall as this painting, which is six feet tall. I am adding these here today because I am still having problems adding my own name to my own websites in some cases, and in trying to prevent others from using my websites [logging into them to steal the photos] and/or my paintings and avoiding confusion about them.

This is my photo of my huge oil painting that I painted in 2008 and named The Schloss which is German but in English means the Castle. It is also on a couple of other websites of mine. It is 48 X 60 inches in size and is signed in the lower right corner.

I also have other photos of me that are on other websites and you could see some of those at : And of course, that is me in the photo at the bottom of this website.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N.. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203; 16-Aug=2009 @ 4:39 PM

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VOTE NO SOTOMAYER:Protesting Gov't Killing Plan called 'reform" of health care

This above of my sketch in watercolors that I drew and painted to represent a seven week old human being in the womb. By seven weeks in utero, human shape is formed and distinguishable. These are the humans the wicked Obama and his voodoo krewe want to kill with their so-called 'health care reform' wicked schemes. And also:
I read in the Yahoo News a few minutes ago an article stating plainly that one of the goals and I would say it is probably the primary goal of the so-called reform of health care is to force American taxpayers to pay for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb. I am opposed to that. Absolutely. Forever. And don't be deceived by the lies of those who kill for pay such as that abomination named NARAL. They are from hell. Most insurance companies do not pay for abortion now as I understand that from having worked in health care as a Registered Nurse and in the operating rooms of major hospitals and in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Maybe the bad policies do but the good ones don't. Abortion is NOT health care. It is premeditated killing of an innocent human being. The trick of Obama to force the nation to accept killing as a so-called right is unveiled by that article in the Yahoo news beginning with the words 'Gov't Insurance"... I have a great idea--let the U S amend the Constitution and make the premeditated killing of Congress people a right and let us pay those who do that with taxpayers ' money and let us debate the how and where it is allowed stupidity that runs amok in Congress as they debate the where and how and when killing of innocents in the womb .
The 'problem' with America is that we as a nation have too many educated fools in power, too many educated into stupidity by so-called 'ivy league schools" of nonsense and evil', too many who think that killing is a 'right', too many who think that the citizenship does not know what is good for them, too many educated idiots like Obama, and the ungodly Clintons, and the ungodly Pelosi and Kennedy there. Let us a nation declare a 'right' to kill Senators and Congress-people as they have tried to declare a right to kill babies.
What say ye?
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 11:23 AM 5-Aug-2009
Update at 11:36AM:
I forgot to ask you to read my entry in my blog that is in my former married name [now divorced but kept blog] at: about the Constitution and how that affects the debates about anything but especially the not-citizen-name-Sotomayer and the illegal and treasonous 'treaty' made by citizen Clinton.
Update on 6-Aug-2009 to oppose Sotomayer since she is not prolife. And because it would be unconstitutional to put a Puerto Rican on the High Court . See this info:
Update at 9:40 AM after researching more about Sotomayer and Puerto Rico. Quoting from a government document : "In arriving at the present condition, it might be helpful to remember that originally Puerto Rico became a part of the United States, as a territory under the Treaty of Paris of December 10, 1898. On April 12, 1900 the Foraker Law, the first organic law in Puerto Rico was approved by congress. This law allows a civil government and maintains the island as a territory of the United States. On March 2, 1917 the Jones Act was approved. Under this act, citizenship was granted to people born in Puerto Rico, a bill of rights was established, and many aspects of territorial nature continued including economic and fiscal controls. On July 3, 1950 congress approved law 600 (P.L. 81-600) which authorizes the Puerto Rican people to draw our own constitution. This act left unchanged all the articles under the Jones Act that regulated the relationships between Puerto Rico and the United States. These articles became part of the Federal Relations Act. On July 25, 1952 Puerto Rico inaugurated its own constitution under our existing commonwealth status." and also: "There is an irreconcilable constitutional conflict that prevents the establishment of a permanent, fixed commonwealth status for Puerto Rico. Only States have a permanent, constitutionally guaranteed status under the federal system, and without constitutional amendment, nothing done by this Congress can bind future Congresses in the treatment of Puerto Rico". The preceding statement is part of a letter to Hon. Don Young from Richard Thornburgh, former Attorney General of the United States, dated February 9, 1998." And also: This unilateral exercise of Territory Clause authority to define the citizenship status of persons born in Puerto Rico is consistent with Article IX of the Treaty of Paris. Clearly, the U.S. nationality and citizenship is not within the internal sovereignty exercised by the people of Puerto Rico under the Commonwealth structure of local self-government." That quote is from this article: Now ask yourself how Puerto Rico can be both independent of the US [their own constitution]and a territory of the US at the same time? ? Connect the dots on this one. 9:45 AM 8/6/2009
The article about Puerto Rico was pulled from Google by the Obamites who hack computers but it was there at the time I posted it to another blog of mine at: that also has more info about the Billary treason against the U S. See that blog for today also.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let the Buyer beware of corrupt hosting

I am writing this because my account has been hacked into AGAIN for who knows how many times. They have a very loose if any standard of care for their customers and do not really care who steals your account and makes no effort whatsoever to protect you as a customer or your account. I paid for premium emails beginning about 2-3 years ago and renewed them [and paid for them] about 3 months ago and they promptly deleted all of my emails. That is the sort of service gives. Crooks, liars and reprobates work for them. I have also paid them for domains for years too and to "reward" loyalty they tried to ruin me.

And if you are unfortunate to have bought domains from them [I did not in the beginning--my domains were hijacked in about 2004 and I have spent from 2004 to the present trying to get control of them again since they have MY real NAME in them, and my real original writings and my real original photos of my real paintings I painted. Here is what you have to remember if you were decieved to buy a domain from them: you have to baby-sit your acct constantly. IF you turn your back on it for a month, they will resell your domains to the first crook that comes along. And if you are a woman as I am, PRAY. Because it seems that they absolutely hate women and they will do all in their power to destroy your name, reputation and EVERY thing you have done in your life by running ads to promote p-o-r-n, sale of s-e-x and every ungodly thing you could think of, using your name. And they will ASS-ume that if you are a woman, you could not possibly be capable of doing anything and they will allow criminals to call in on your account and they will help them hijack [steal ] your account, your email addresses, emails sent to you [they have a secret mobile email that you don't know about until your life is ruined]. They will allow a man, any man it seems, totally unrelated to you in any way to steal your account and they will give him your bank account into and your password and your call in PIN and anything else they could while they are bending over back ward to help con-men and crooks.

They seem to have no concept whatsoever of integrity or contract law. They are without apology when they cheat and swindle you. They send canned and stupid 'customer' service replies as a general rule. Do not ever ever ever put an email addess that you bought or set up on on anything as they will allow criminals to also use those to steal your accounts.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N.,and artist, and owner of this domain and this blog @ Denver Colorado 80203;
landline phone 3038371261#2707.

My websites of
are MY websites and my sketches and paintings on them. I also own other domains on as well. This entry is written specifically about my emails that I have set-up over and over again on since about 2004 and every time I sign back in to read them they are deleted or 'pending set-up' or not working, and they were hijacked by cybercriminals and criminals apparently years ago but I did not know that for a long time, thinking that since MY name and my billing info and MY address have been corrected probably a hundred times they should have it right by now.But they hire either people who cannot read English or are prejudiced against women and/or English speaking women. Not sure why they tried to ruin me. But they did. But these domains and also are mine and also several others.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Federal Take-over, Insur Comp swindle but not healh care!

Quote from article in the U S News & World Report today: "Federal penalties. The commissioner of health choices would perform random and targeted audits of health plans across the country and fine or shut down any that flunk federal requirements. And American citizens found lacking in federally acceptable insurance would be fined 2.5 percent of their income for that period, up to the cost of the national average premium."
Read entire article by Dr Healy at:

about the many unwelcome changes to the nation in a
1000+ page bill that has thousands of topics instead of one as required. It is a massive shift of money from the insurers to the US Government and from the people to the insurance companies. Insurance companies are bankrupt because of act's of GOD in the past few years and they are trying to force everyone in the nation to HAVE to buy insurance or be taxed a fine of 2.5% of your INCOME for the year.
I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that the Obama plan has nothing whatsoever to do with health care delivery to the sick!
Thanks to Google for calling this to everyone's attention by an article in their news today:
12:17 PM 8/3/2009

There are a lot of phrases you could attach to the latest trick by Obama to socialize America and take control of all industries and wealth and some of them are:
federal take-over
socializing of America
insurance company recapitalizing
mandatory redistribution of wealth in accordance with communist manifesto
insurance company swindling America with puppet Obama
but you certainly could not call it a 'reform' of health care delivery.
The only people who will get any health care IF the Obama take-over occurs will be the 'fat' if the news could be trusted, or the healthy to 'prevent disease" that is Obama's slogan for not dispensing any life-giving help to the sick.
I am posting this here because it is my site and the reform of health care matters to all people in the U S, and the 1000+ pages to trick, deceive and intimidate are not accidental.The U S was founded with a document that is less than 20 pages long, a lot less than twenty pages, and yet one segment of the U S economy requires 1000+ pages to "reform' it ? What does that tell you? It tells me that they are trying to obfuscate [cloud the issues,create confusion] and then use the used-car salesman tactics to ramrod it on America.
Congress vote NO ! And vote NO to Sotomayer also for some of the same reasons.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203/80206 @ 12:26PM, 3-Aug-2009
FYI.For your info I started learning a graphics program on the computer that was a freebie to me when someone moved to Australia from my building. It is a pretty good program but it was confusing to me at first and I have problems with some of the features still. But I did succeed in creating what I call clip art on it,and I made a new subdomain and you could see the new clip-art at Also I have not abandoned painting with real oils and real acrylics or watercolors or powdered pastels. The graphics is a new way to be creative.