Sunday, May 30, 2010

Salute To Vets Airshow & Honored Military Guests

This photo of fighter jet is a photo I took yesterday at the Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Celebration in Missouri to honor the active Military of both the US and Canada who are allies of the US; and to honor those from Missouri who gave their lives in the service of their country in the Military. The signatures are from the honored guests who were present and who served long in the US and Canadian Forces. I also added some of their photos on other blogs of mine yesterday, and you could see more photos of the airshow also at and also and and in the album with the most photos on it on the blog.And I photographed the autographs I collected there yesterday also of the Military men and women who were honored yesterday for their long service to the Military

Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 6:58 AM, 30_May-2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rigging Elections is supposed to invoke RICO act

These quotes from article entitled "The Sestak Affair" written by
Doug Hagmann, in the Canada Press on May,29th,2010, about the effort by Obama to rig the Pennsylvania election:

"This is punishable by prison. This is a felony.” – Rep. Darrell Issa

Due to the recent equivocations from the Obama White House and the
apparent unwillingness by the mainstream media to investigate this
matter, the majority of Americans are unaware of the seriousness
of the Obama administration’s alleged actions involving Joseph Sestak.

If proven, the reported actions of the Obama administration are clear
violations of three federal laws. The impact and fallout from
documented violations, as well as the refusal of the Holder
Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate this
matter, have the potential to eclipse the Watergate scandal of the early 1970’s – it is that serious."

Well, you know if you have read anything I have written in the time since Obama went to the White House that I oppose him on principle. Those are:
1) that he is the worst President in history as far as the preborn children are concerned, since he gave $100 million to exterminate them around the world;
2) he has championed sodomy which GOD calls an abomination in Leviticus 18:22, KJV;
3) he seems to think he is allowed to make up the laws by himself as he goes along;
4) he does not seem to ever have read the actual U S Constitution;
5) his main goal is socialism.
I oppose him for all of these reasons and add to the list the news that he tried to bribe Sestak and rig the election. IF you remember right the news of other countries is usually the ones with the courage to tell the truth. Just as it was foreign reporters that hung Hitler out to dry so it with the Canada Press, telling the U S what happened since the domestic news is trying really hard to cover it up.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:40 PM, 29_May-2010.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Just Finished Painting I painted in oils,

This is my photo of my just finished oil painting and I named it, "Mother admiring newborn". The model for this painting was my oldest daughter whose name is Jennifer Borelli and one of her babies. This is oils on paperboard about 4 ft long and 2 feet tall, rectangular. It is on my large easel still since it is very wet paint.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 3:57 PM,15_May-2010.
Oh yea, that photo you see of me to the left is a previous photo of me from when I was a producer at the TV show for Tapestry of Life TV which was my own show . I am not a producer now, and that show does not exist any more. But since I could not find the photo of me I did want to put there because cybercriminals hacked my computer that day, I readded it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

About Europa and why it matters to me

I am writing to comment on the article by Roger Cohen entitled "Europa, Europa" in the NY Times today. I have blood ties to Europe as I think most people in the original 13 colonies of America, do. And I have emotional, spiritual ties to them as well, wanting them as individual nations to continue. I have never been in favor of the EU, melting pot concept for Europe.

The article by Roger Cohen reminded me of that because it is his argument that Greece has not pulled its weight in the EU. Well, that seems to be obvious to the world and most especially to Germany. But the NY Times is not one to state the obvious in most situations, but instead they often spin the news to the socialist viewpoint, never commenting or quoting prolifers, and never commenting /writing on Baptists as a group except negatively, and never presenting any viewpoint that is not consistent with socialistic goals of the current administration. So it was surprising to me that Roger Cohen, wrote an editorial that I could agree with. You should read it.

I am opposed to the E.U. concept because it mashes all the loveliness of each individual country in Europe into a one-size-fits-all. And of course, Germany and France being the most powerful of the continent are expected to 'bail out' the other non-performing nations. Well, reducing individual sovereign countries to mere states in a compact was exactly the goals of Hitler in his plan to take-over every nation, was it not? And really, is it working well in America?

My maternal grandfather was German and spoke German to the age of eight according to my older sister who has researched family blood lines extensively. And I traveled to Germany to spend time there because I wanted to see for myself what that country looked like and what the people were like there. It was the upper portion near the Baltic Sea, Schlewig-Holstein that his family emigrated from. The characteristics I admire about the Germans as a class are: their preciseness in tools,machinery,and systems that measure. And their staccato-like ways of thinking at times; yes| no;
decisiveness and also abruptness of non-evasiveness. They make great art supplies!
And drafting tools.

I think it is wrong for Germany to bail out Greece, and for many reasons. Encouraging them to look to other nations to solve their problems is the way they have gotten to the point of destitution in the first place. Greece needs to solve its own problems and that would be a first probably since Alexander the Great's era when he tried to annex them,but before that they were thriving as sea-faring nation.

For my visual expression of what I think of the Greeks, visit one of my artist's blogs at:

Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri; 8:47 AM, 11-May-2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Warning to public about emails stolen from me & reported

This entry is to warn the public that there were several emails belonging to me and on my domains that I own that were stolen from me by cybercriminals/criminals breaking into my accounts using stolen passwords, and stolen credentials gotten by stealing US mail. Those emails stolen from me are: [stolen about 2005 when that was my name still but divorced now, but I did not realize it was also being read by criminals at that time.] [also stolen when that was my real name but there is no Pappas in my name since second divorce in Oct 2007.]
gloria on all my emails but I deleted those but there is evidence that they were not really deleted but simply moved to the criminals access acct.
I would suggest you not send emails to these emails as that implicates you in identity theft. But if you do send emails to them, then be aware that you might go to prison for fraud, theft, theft of my name, theft of my intellectual properties and some internet accounts,theft of my websites and theft of my original photography and also photography of my paintings,sketches,and drawings; and theft of my money from FDIC insured banks and credit unions.
Gloria Poole, at home in Missouri; 8:15 AM, 10-May-2010