Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gloria Poole of Missouri owns / writes this & creates the art in it.

Obviously You know what this image is:

I have had to change several settings this afternoon on different accounts to try to prevent cyber-criminals from slamming 2 of my cell phones, and from stealing blogs of mine. I am adding my signature 'signed' with digital ink as I sign it with paint or pencils sometimes on sketches. However, on paintings in oils, or acrylics on canvas I have always signed only my first name Gloria in script in a corner of painting & usually with the year it was painted. Most of the time, I also include a title of painting that I named it, and more info and usually my full signature on the back of the painting. For sketches on paper, in sketch books, on bristol board [an art heavy weight paper] I sometimes sign my full signature, but always my name signature Gloria in script with upper case G and lower case loria.

I have more than one cell phone, more than one telephone and more than one blog; and I have emails. I quit posting my emails and tel phone numbers to blogs because immoral people used them to try to steal domains and images of art I created and also original photographs I photographed. My landline tel num is listed in the telephone directory in Missouri. I do not have family in Colorado. I do not have business partners in Colorado and never did! { I lived in Colorado 7 yrs and moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009. Before that I lived in NY, VA, NE and was born in the state of Georgia.} I am a white, Christian, prolife, Republican, single woman with the real name of Gloria Poole. And yes I have a middle name but I never write it on anything. I removed the Pappas name from my name by order of Divorce Judge in Arapahoe County Colorado in Oct 2007;[omitting specifics on purpose but those with a need to know them, have certified copies of final decree in 2007]; and resumed my maiden name of Poole at the same time. Almost of all the art I have created has my name including my maiden name of Gloria Poole on it.

In a way, it irks me greatly to have to constantly reiterate that I do not have a husband meaning THEREFORE, there is no man authorized to call up anybody and get my passwords, or account info! How many times do some people [ isps, cell phone carriers, telcos; federal credit unions, banks, businesses, etc] have to be told that? My 2nd exhusband [initials DBP] never lived in this apt in Missouri & will never live in it. He is my worst enemy on earth. I despise him and I will do harm to him [including death if he tries again to kill me] if he ever tries to come through the door of my dwelling or of any place I'm at or in. I was forgiving and tolerant for a long time, but he caused me permanent injuries and he is not going to get another chance to do that. Change of topic...

I am painting on a big canvas and it's progressing well. I might photograph it and add it to my blog when it's finished.

I have other blogs and they are different from this one. They also include some art I created and you might enjoy seeing them:

I am not sure if that is the total list of blogs I have created from accounts I owned for YEARS; and created content for, including original photos, original oil paintings and sketches in watercolors, acrylics, tempera, oil pastels, goauche, powdered pastels, inks with brush & pens. I think of the blogs as mini-galleries: a way of displaying original art I create. I enjoy creating, painting, drawing, sketching. And I enjoy sharing it for people to see. But I do not enjoy it when cybercriminals break into my accounts using info they stole from me. I do not consider it reasonable when unscrupulous, immoral people try to steal what I create, or my identity or my name!

Copyright Notice: all works I create whether original paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs, graphics, or words are copyrighted. I am the only owner of the copyright rights inclusive of virtually every piece of art or word I have written or created unless I have signed a formal document assigning the copyright. I have only done that in Atlanta, GA for the Eskine Caldwell Museum in Newnan, and on St Simons Island, GA for the St Simons Island Museum [for Angel with a guitar; a huge painting of female angel in teal long robe-like dress holding a guitar] .

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri [and only residence since Oct 31, 2009 ] @ 4:02pm on 30-May-2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Tribute, 2013, to my father who died

To begin with, let me tell you it took 3 reboots, about four logins, including a login to my isp acct to be able to login to this today. Cyber-attackers attacked two of my cell phones through-out the nite last nite, and they must have also tried to bombard this blog, because it was a login problem. This is not a shared account, not a shared apt, not a shared isp account,not a shared computer, not a shared mission or effort. My 2nd exhusband [initials DBP] never had his hands on any of the equipment I currently use or that actually works. He never lived in this apt and I never worked for him and he never worked for me either and he has no authority to use my name in any way. IF he and other cyber-criminals break into my computer & / or telephones it still does NOT authorize them on my accounts. Read the words I posted to my blog at : on that topic. Back on task...

Memorial Day Tribute 2013 for my Daddy who died in Dec 2004:

I remember

written by Gloria Poole aka gloriapoole

I remember

my daddy said,

"the Army will make a man outa you"

to my brothers

when they were teens

and fighting each other

on the lawn.

I remember

my daddy said,

"don't you ever

criticize the Military--

they are

what makes this country great".

I remember

my daddy said,

"I went to Bakersfield

on the way to Europe

to fight

the Germans

but the war ended."

I remember,

my daddy said,

"when I die,

I want the U S flag

on my coffin"

& a Military funeral."

I remember,

my daddy said

when I asked

if he knew The Lord?

That "he took care

of that so long ago.

I remember,

my daddy said,

"you kids needed

a mama

so I couldn't divorce her.

I remember,

my daddy said,

"When I saw you walk

that Georgia graduation

it was one

of the happiest

days of my life".

I remember,

my daddy said,

when I knelt beside his bed

& pleaded with him,

"get up, daddy

you are too young

to die

that he "would do it

just for me.

I remember,

my daddy said,

" I always loved your mama",

"but she never loved me.

And I cried.

I remember,

my daddy said

one night about 2am

that if he didn't go

& give blood

the woman down the street

. would die.

From some disease

she'd had

for many years.

I remember,

my daddy said,

to the neighbor who drove about 90 mph; "if you run over

one of my kids

I'll kill you.

I remember,

my daddy said,

"I've got to go

crank up the big tractor

and pull that idiot

who missed the curve

out of the ditch.

I remember,

my daddy said,

he was "hard-line Baptist"

and his granddaddy was a

Minister back home.

I remember,

my daddy said,

as he held my first-born

. child

a daughter named Jennifer

that she pleased him so much.

I remember,

my daddy said,

as he held my second

. child

a daughter,named Leigh

that "she looks sorta yellow"

but she'll be fine.

And she pleased him too.

I remember,

my daddy said,

when I was about 4

and neighbors were visting

and I was chattering

"if you will be quiet

for just 5 minutes

I'll give you a quarter."

I remember,

my daddy said

one nite

during spend-the-nite

giggle -fest. and go to sleep

"I'm gonna whip the both

of you.

There are so memories of my daddy. He was the rock of Gibraltar for me--a steady, unwavering influence that endured for all his life. He knew right from wrong, didn't waffle, and his no meant no, and don't ask again. He drove us to Pensacola to the NAS there and the aviation museum. And to NAS Jacksonville to see the Navy fleet come in, once when my brother had just come back with the fleet. { I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, fyi.} He loved this country and the Military. He loved babies! And he held everyone of us on his knee in a peculiar way sort of suspended there but with his huge hand supporting our backs and heads, as he would "bump" the chair to sort of rock to soothe us. He never came into my bedroom; not even when he was mad and planned to punish us. He'd said 'it's not right", so he would knock on door, say "you girls come here! with a bellow that we knew meant business!" My daddy liked my first husband [now obviously the first exhusband I had] and my then-husband liked him too.

My daddy died in Dec 2004 and I cried myself sick. I was living in Denver at the time,and in a second horrible marriage [that ended in divorce 3 yrs later]; and my daddy called me and wanted me to come home. But he said he was doing ok, and he talked to my then-husband who said we both go visit later. But my daddy died suddenly and it broke my heart.

My daddy was a WWII veteran and he considered it his highest achievement. He went to the Military parades and kept in touch with his Army-AF buddies. He visited them in nursing homes to sit and talk for hours, to cheer them up. He was born in Georgia and lived there his whole life. I miss him so much still.

Oh, before I forget, my daughter Leigh was jaundiced some because she was a few days premature, and she was under bilirubin lights for a few days. I worried much, but my mama and daddy had faith she would be all right.And she was/is.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 25-May-2013 ; 1:53pm.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I photographed roses on walkabout

These photos are of the same rose obviously. This is an experiment for me mostly to see if there is a huge difference in two of the cameras I use the most. See if you can tell any difference in them.

Also, I have many comments about event of this past week that are in the news but I will add them to a different blog so as not to appear to be "rewarding" it with flowers!

Also, I have not done much sketching or painting this past week. I sort of paint/sketch/draw in spurts sort of like a pulse. I wait til I have an idea or inspiration before beginning usually, and then paint/sketch/draw for several days, then take time-out.

The weather in Missouri is spring finally. Emerald green grass on the lawn, blue sky with white clouds, lovely view from my balcony at the moment since the pool is right in front of me when I'm on my balcony.

Gloria Poole {R.N. & artist] at my apt in Missouri; 5:30pm; 17-May-2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers from me a mother

First, Happy Mother's Day celebration to all mothers who decided to produce living babies in obedience to the Commandment of GOD to "be fruitful and multiply" in Genesis 1: 27-28. I am also a mother of two [now grown] daughters; and having babies was the smartest thing I ever did. I had a Mother's Day celebration yesterday with my youngest daughter Leigh and her tiny [2 yrs & 6 months old] children, and it was much fun.

Also, I am adding here a photo of the painting I painted with no particular person in mind but which my granddaughter Lydia said resembled her. She's 12 so I think the painting looks older than that, but so what? I am adding it here, because I had added it to another blog of mine previously, and it caused some confusion. I was painting on a salveged piece of board so couldn't adjust the size. Yes, my granddaughter has both legs and both feet. But I was also designing a dress in that painting--making it up as I was painting on the spot--so wanted all of it to show. It is on my front wall. To the right of it, are the Dutch wooden shoes from Holland aka Netherlands that belonged to my mother. I am not sure how or when my mother acquired them. But I suspect from her ancestors, some of whom lived in upper part of Schlewsig-Holstein Germany near the Baltic across from Netherlands. When my mother [in Georgia] died in Jan 2010, I inherited among other things and money and land, those shoes. My tiny grandchildren like to put them on. The older grandchildren [12 & 14] outgrew their fascination with them. Also, to the right is a painting I was painting of the ocean. You only see a portion of it. It is not the last painting of the ocean I will paint. Some day I am going to paint a huge mural size painting of the ocean and put it in my front room.

Here below is the painting I guess I will name "Lydia" since she sort of claimed it as looking like her. It does a bit. My granddaughter is quite accomplished--made Honor society and is in ballet learning to be ballerina. My grandson Samuel is also quite accomplished, and plays instrument in the orchestra of his school, sails with a team, and does so many things well. All of my grandchildren are smart and beautiful. I think living to the age [young or old; varies] when one's children have children is one of life's greatest rewards. My photo on this page above this is my photo of me this year, so I am not ancient yet. In fact, my oldest daughter had about 3 children before people thought I looked old enough to be a grandmother. Now I have seven grandchildren from both my daughters with their husbands; and I adore my grandchildren.

I don't know why this photo is cloudy. Except that the very same device I photographed it with was nearly hijacked away from me last nite in an effort by cyber-criminals to control what I do, write, post, tweet. I photograph whatever with one of several cameras, then upload it so several things involved in getting it to blog. I think it is brighter color on the other blog without that sort of white film that Apple computers put on photos.

Enjoy life! Thank GOD every day and pray for wisdom.

Gloria Poole @ my apt in Missouri; 11-May-2013; 10:03am

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More sketches I created

These are some of the sketches I created in the past week. I added one in rough draft form to another blog a few days ago, but you can see the finished sketch here [the third sketch entitled, 'maybe those table manners could use some work?" in which the little girl is drinking from her bowl. I named the first two sketches in acrylics, "sitting on the dock". One is a close up of the figures in the sketch and one is a full view of it. It took a total of five times to add these sketches today. The first 2 sets were fractured by cybercriminals breaking into my phone. The 3rd was stolen as I sent it. These were attempted to be hijacked from me. The "people" in these sketches are not real people. They are imaginary. However I do have two grown daughters [who are married , with children including girls and boys] and no doubt I am influenced by how they look at different times. And I myself have spent much time of my life at the lake when I was married the first time and had a ski boat, and so the scenes of lakes & oceans [I am from state of Georgia] are very familiar to me. So here they are:

Gloria Poole; RN & artist , at my apt in Missouri; 2:26pm; 1-May-2013.

Regardless of what criminals who are not related to me or authorized on any account of mine tell you, I am not moving from my apt nor from Missouri. {At least not any time soon. I can't say never-- I wonder often if anybody will stay in US because of all the radical socialism schemes of that wicked Obama; or if all will emigrate to liberty to not be harassed by thugs and bad law enforcement in Colorado?} I am at liberty as much as anyone is. But every time I use my cell phone I bought, paid in full for, pay the plan on to send photos of art I create to my own blog, criminals try to intercept it. It makes me furious! I have many phones with many different plans but I never had a Verizon phone but Verizon "ecrminals" try to break into my phones and have for about a year.] I despise Verizon now. I cancelled my mifi with them five months ago because they supplied the password to my violent exhusband who said he would kill me. I don't do ever willingly, knowingly do business with criminals! ].