Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mini-Gallery today of art by Gloria Poole

This is a painting I painted in oils on archival mat and named it mother and infant.

This is a better photo of the painting I added yesterday , that I painted and named "giant blue woodpecker


This is one of the smallest paintings I ever painted. It is oil on canvas board. I named it the Cross and it was on many of my Christian content websites that were destroyed by those who hate GOD [perverts, atheists, heathens] but I have the painting and all photos of it backed up several times.

This is my painting in oils that I painted and named "Goldfish". it is oils on archival mat.

This painting below does NOT look as I painted it. The three fractured lines were put into it by whoever broke into my cell phone overnite from remote place via carrier's cloud or thru my carrier acct online, with their intention to destroy and steal. I am adding it as legal documentation for as proof of cybercriminals breaking into my phone. It is obvious that the criminals who broke into my cell phone were trying to obliterate my signature . I will re-add it as it looks later. It is also on my cell phone that was broken into as my "wallpaper" and with my signature showing. This photo is Proof of cybercrime for law enforcement to find cyber-criminals/criminals who break into my computers & phones.

This below is my painting I painted in oils . I didn't have a particular person in mind when I painted it ; but my granddaughter Lydia age 12 says it looks like her. Surprise to me as I thought it looked much older than 12.

This is my oil painting I painted and named 'The Walkover bridge made of red stones". It is oils, mixed media on canvas.

This sketch I painted and named "Chinese lady in red". It is acrylics on paper.:

This sketch in watercolors on paper I painted and named "joy":

This sketch is acrylics and I painted it and named it "White paint mare":

This below is an oil painting I painted yrs ago, and named "the farm" after a description of the farm my daughter Leigh saw while she was in Peace Corps in Africa. {She has been back in States since 2006].

This is the oil painting I painted and named "thoroughbred" it is on my wall. [Several of these are]:

I hope you like these paintings. I have more for later or might put them on a different site. I also added new paintings and sketches to and also Each site is different.

Also, I photographed all of these with the same cell phone with camera that belongs to me.

The eye painting I painted and named "watching" I saved as my wallpaper on my T-Mobile cell phone that criminals break into regularly and that I complain about them breaking into it often also. I will re-add it later to show you what it looks like. I guess the criminal stalker thought it if he distorted that particular painting the world and internet wouldn't be able to match my cell phone [well,one of mine; I have several] with my blogs.

Also, fyi, I NEVER worked for my 2nd exhusband who is a masseuse. I am a Registered Nurse--we don't do sexual massages on patients; and I would not ever have worked for that pervert in any capacity. Read my history on blogs. He is probably the criminal [a known violent dangerous man that I have testified against in several courts] that broke into my cell phones from remote (900 miles away) to stalk me and to steal bank card info.

Copyright Notice as on three previous sites and also on,, and; and on and on most of the sites that have art I created and words I wrote on them. I Gloria Poole own all rights to the art I create; and also the words , medical lessons I write [as Registered Nurse].

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 28-Feb-2013; 1:12pm

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four New Original Paintings & Sketches

This is my painting in oils I painted and named "thoroughbred".

This is my painting in oils I painted and named "Spirit world" .

This is my painting I painted in oils on canvas and named "Giant blue woodpecker"; but didn't mean not to show his whole head! OOPS! Might re-add better photo later.

This is my cartoon I drew/painted at Christmas for my two yr old grandbaby. I guess if I were to name it, I'd call it "Welcome to the forest Christmas".

I am adding more of my sketches and paintings to this blog and to others because I am encouraged when I share them. But please do not copy them or download them.

See Copyright Notice on this blog previous post and other blogs of mine Also. I Gloria Poole, retain all rights to the art I create, whatever form, method,year,place, surface, tool, art medium.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 27-Feb-2013 @ 7:37pm.

Monday, February 25, 2013

"Camping in the woods" sketch

This is a sketch I painted in acrylics and named "camping in the woods". It's on bristol board. It is sort of a rough sketch as it required a foreground, middle ground and background; and I admit that I have much to learn about atmospheric changes in light the further you go into the distance. I saw a photo in a magazine; and this does not look much like it on purpose but I was reminded that when I was little girl my daddy would take us kids [six of us] camping as he and my uncle went fox hunting in te woods on Poole land. It was sooooooo exciting and a bit scary, I admit. I always sort of thought the fox would run toward the light and land right on me ! [As he was out-running the hounds]. July hounds my daddy called the pack of dogs he kept 24/7 in a pen in the back yard. And when they barked, he'd go on the back porch and yell at them, 'if you don't shut up, I'll shoot every one of you"; and amazingly they'd get quiet. Well. I spent as many hours as possible "fox-hunting' with my daddy and Uncle. Actually, I stayed at the camp with my siblings, and my daddy and Uncle ran the fox. Some times they caught him; but usually not. So, I sort of grew up thinking the chase was the point of fox-hunting ;and of course camping out under the stars, in the deep woods.

Hope you like this. If/ when I repaint it in oils on canvas it will be better. I learned a good bit on this sketch.

Also, as reminder I am NOT on Facebook. Google sent me a notice that there is a maybe person [could be a fake ] with "bdnpoole" on Facebook, claiming to be Gloria Poole. I did not look to see who that was. But it is not me. I have never had a Facebook acct or created a Facebook page; or consented to any Facebook cookies. I have blocked Facebook every way possible; and deleted their emails they sent me and their cookies; and labeled them as spam. So. don't be fooled. This Gloria Poole, born in the state of Georgia who is a white, christian, heterosexual woman, who is divorced twice, and currently unmarried, and whose photo appears on this page & also the about me page three times; and who creates the art on this blog and other blogs, and also the words of my blogs is NOT on Facebook; and NEVER WAS! I suppose they got my email addresses by putting cookies on my computer when I complained to them about copyright infringement of my name that I was born with of Gloria Poole; usually written as gloriapoole , or gloria0817, or gpoole817, or gloria.poole; or gloria_poole; or gloriapoole-paintings; or artist-gloriapoole or gloriapooleRN at yahoo [where the upper case RN means Registered Nurse] ; or gloriapoole.RN, or gloria-poole [for yrs 2002-2011]; and G-L-O-R-I-A for years. I do not trust Facebook. I think they are cyber-hackers, and I would not join their info-harvesting network if they paid me. So, don't be deceived.

Copyright Notice: Always , the art I create is copyrighted and all rights belong to me gloriapoole/Gloria Poole . Missouri.

Copyright notice: all art that I add to any blog of mine [including my blogs of;;, --any blog I own, registered to me that I write] with my real name of Gloria Poole and my address, info, , written in any way including, gloria0817, gpoole817, G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at yahoo,gloriapoole.RN, gloria.poole, gloria_poole; gloria-poole [for yrs 2002-20101 til a batch of domains were stolen from me]; or to my twitter acct of @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole; ; and three with pseudonyms of @ProlifeNurse; @Tartan_Bliss; @personhood1 is art that I created in any method, form, with any method or tool [brushes or digital ink, pencils, pens/ink, calligraphy brushes, cameras, computer graphics] and then photographed with any cell phone camera of mine [beginning in yr 2007 when I lived in zip code 80203, and continuing after I divorced 2nd time & moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009]; or with one of several digital cameras I own; is created by me and the copyright , all rights of it belong exclusively to me Gloria Poole. I am the white, christian, divorced x 2, heterosexual, woman named Gloria Poole and I am a US citizen by birth. Also, my photos of me, are also copyrighted images and I own all rights to my image/photo/likeness.

Gloria Poole; RN & artist; licensed in Missouri; @ my apt in Missouri where I live; and no other person lives here or is authorized to use either my physical address or my telephone numbers but me [legal notice to banks and law enforcement, copyright].

Gloria Poole, RN & artist; at my apt in Missouri; 5:43pm; 25-Feb-2013;

I logged in today 26-Feb-2013 to add a better photo of the sketch I completed yesterday. Something from remote is squishing the photos though--haven't figured out how or where that is happening. This photo should be in a large size. since that is the format set on my camera. I know for certain one of my apple devices was hacked recently, so perhaps that is the problem. Anyone, this is a better sketch, and more true to color.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seven original sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Here are some more of my sketches with a different cell phone camera of mine. I am comparing the images. They are crisp on the phone 's gallery, so if they appear hazy as I upload them I will know it is the software on my iMac that was corrupted, by criminal-criminal-hackers this past Monday.

This sketch I named "hang on to the cross of JESUS".

These are all original sketches that I drew & painted on sketch paper. The sketch with the blue jar and the rodeo, and the sketch I named "hang on to the Cross" are acrylics. The others are watercolors.

Copyright notice: all art that I add to any blog of mine [including my blogs of;;, --any blog I own, registered to me that I write] with my real name of Gloria Poole and my address, info, , written in any way including, gloria0817, gpoole817, G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at yahoo,gloriapoole.RN, gloria.poole, gloria_poole; gloria-poole [for yrs 2002-20101 til a batch of domains were stolen from me]; or to my twitter acct of @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole; ; and three with pseudonyms of @ProlifeNurse; @Tartan_Bliss; @personhood1 is art that I created in any method, form, with any method or tool [brushes or digital ink, pencils, pens/ink, calligraphy brushes, cameras, computer graphics] and then photographed with any cell phone camera of mine [beginning in yr 2007 when I lived in zip code 80203, and continuing after I divorced 2nd time & moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009]; or with one of several digital cameras I own; is created by me and the copyright , all rights of it belong exclusively to me Gloria Poole. I am the white, christian, divorced x 2, heterosexual, woman named Gloria Poole and I am a US citizen by birth. Also, my photos of me, are also copyrighted images and I own all rights to my image/photo/likeness.

Gloria Poole; RN & artist; licensed in Missouri; @ my apt in Missouri where I live; and no other person lives here or is authorized to use either my physical address or my telephone numbers but me [legal notice to banks and law enforcement, copyright].

Footnote: my twitter account that I registered with one of my cell phones, and added content too, and tweeted occasionally to [when criminals were not trying to suppress it] that was @gloria08171 was HIJACKED FROM ME by criminals who broke into my twitter account. I logged in with password, made changes; but none of the changes appeared. That is how I knew somebody had broken into it. So I told twitter to deactivate it and to securely delete all content of twitter acct @gloria08171 including my photo of my painting [Kentucky bluegrass sketch and including my cell phone number they have on file for it, that those same cybercriminals/criminals were using to try to break into other accounts of mine]; so that criminals can't use my intellectual property or my name. I wrote the webmaster of that a few minutes ago. So that twitter account @gloria08171 should vanish . Also, the other clue was that whoever broke into it, put a link to Libya on it [those with dot ly ending] and I would NEVER do that. I would sooner link my accounts to Mars than Libya--a violent Muslim country in Africa-no way, no how!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More original sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I am adding a sketch in watercolors that I drew, painted last year. It is sitting on one of my chairs. I edited it three times but the world knows by now, that Apple computers was hacked in past few days. But I supposedly patched the java as recommended and got confirmation of that, so do not know why the editing function of Apple preview computer always fails to edit or save the edit. So you get an idea what it looks like. It's merely a watercolor sketch on paper. It's bigger on my cell phone that what you see here so I know there's s skunk in the woodpile somewhere still -the criminal who was NEVER authorized on my account may be also logged in 900 miles away to steal and loot, and destroy. Pray he goes to prison soon! I photographed this on one of my cell phones but if it is going to be a constant problem with editing; then I will revert to my better methods. I had the telco repairman to my apt yesterday who assured me my telephone line was secure.

Here is another sketch I drew, painted in year 2012 also; which also did not save the edit. The streaks of paint to the right of the sketch is my drawing board sitting on my drawing table, that catches paint often. Ignore the paint streaks; or better yet remember them when you are thinking about buying an expensive Apple desktop computer, and remember the built in photo preview of Apple is worthless. . If expensive hardware ever worked as it is advertised to do, it would be a miracle from GOD. :

I logged in after patching the java to the recommended patch of the 30 holes in security; so hopefully I will be able to log in again next time.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 5:05pm; 20-Feb-2013; Copyright; gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at Yahoo; gloria.poole.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Criminals at remote tried to hijack my isp acct today

I am posting because criminals at remote locations tried to hijack my isp account today. I got it back by acting quickly to call telephone company. I tweeted to notify the FBI of the telephone number of the cybercriminal who broke into my account to get their help. I do not have a boss and have not had a boss since 2003. No one else is authorized to log into any account of mine but me.

To change to a more pleasant topic, here is an oil painting I painted recently and titled it "look at me, Mommy" . I hope you like it. It is not quite what I wanted to achieve [too 2 dimensional] but I will probably do more sketches, try again later. I have a two yr old grandson, [and several more grandchildren, sort of young still] but this pose of trying to get his mama's attention was one my real grandbaby did when he was about a yr old. Oh, the white streak is there as documentation that the phone I photgraphed this with was broken into by criminals. who put a black bar across the top to try to ruin the photo. I deleted the hateful black mark of the cybercriminals and it left a white blank streak. I suspect it was those who hate tiny humans who broke into it to ruin it. I tweeted about that to the FBI, also.

Also, here's a photo I hope you like, of an orchid in bloom. I photograph flowers every time I see them. I started photographing flowers to learn how to paint them. They are the hardest subject for me to paint, because they are so thin and delicate. Then, I learned I like photography a lot and continue to photograph. I have photographed probably ten thousand or more photos since about 2008; using an assortment of cameras I own including cell phone cameras also. . And have I put some some of them in Picasa albums I created long ago. Before I moved from Colorado in Oct 2009, I had uploaded 2 GB of photos to what was then mozy and all of them were stolen from me. But I have the originals backed up in about 3 places. I am the same white christian woman who owned the domain of, until my computer was broken into in yr 2011 by cyber-thugs and after someone tried to run over me with a vehicle.

I paint and I photograph and I blog and I write prose. I am adding in a prose I wrote on another place for you to read here:

This is what I wrote this morning, few minutes ago to mark the occasion of Memorial Day in the U S for the U S Military:

The Fighting Men

by Gloria Poole

The fighting men

who fought;

some died.

Others left body parts

on foreign soil.

With weapon in hand;

and courage in heart,

they face the enemy,

sometimes eye to eye;

sometimes not.

At times, a rustling noise,

or the whizzzzz of a grenade

flying through the air with pin pulled

are the first clues

of enemy approach.

They put their lives on the line.

At their duty stations,

they are sitting ducks.

and on their walkabout patrols.

The enemy watches too.

Watches for a lapse

in faithfulness, or

a split second in time

when the path is clear

to lob a grenade;

or put the X sight on the heart or head

of the watchman.

What does fear taste like?

A metallic dry mouth, so I am told.

What does fear smell like?

The smells of the battle:

of blood,smoke,fire,dirt,dust;

sometimes rain.

The fighting men;

who volunteer

for the life changing event

of U S Military,

are men.

Not wimps.

Not sissies.

Not cry babies.

Not mama's boys.

but men.


who know that somebody's life

might depend on them.

That maybe a whole lot of nobodys' lives

depend on them.


Men who learn

a super diligence

to watch every movement;

assess the land quickly,

with an eye for an escape,

and a back up plan,

if the first plan fails.

Men, who know they

must have backbones

like a steel beam.

Men who learn that when confronted

with enemy combatant, they must not blink.

They know they may have only one

chance to save their own lives.

Men, who know they cannot risk

the idle mind, or the wayward thoughts;

or the distractions of

sound making devices;

or chatter.

Men, who know that every day

could be their last on earth;

that their next breath

could produce blood;

that they could slip into eternity

via assassin's bullet.

The fighting men,

who with their lives

secure the freedoms;

and underwrite the cause

of the land of the free

and the home of the brave.

We, the people,

of the United States,

owe them a debt

that cannot be paid,

with mere money or perqs;

but requires the heart

of the nation,

covering them with prayer.

Making intercession to THE ALMIGHTY,

pleading for the innocent

before GOD,

the maker of all,

on bended knees.

The Memorial day

when wreaths are laid;

and speeches are given;

and fly-pasts occur;

to set aside a time

to remember, to thank,

to adulate;

the fighting men.

This is my tribute of praise

to the fighting men

around the world;

who daily recommit

to the nation;

to the First Amendment;

to civil liberties to live,


that which is immoral;

and injustice.

I salute you,

fighting men of the U S A.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 18-Feb-2013; 9:18 pm

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Photos of Spaceship???? AGAIN

Here are some photos I photographed yesterday on a walkabout. I think you will be as fascinated with them as I was when I saw them on one of my cameras.

And here is another one at the same spot few seconds later:

Also, FYI, I have updated several of my blogs in the past 2 weeks, trying to catch up some. I have also tweeted from six different twitter accounts of mine that I set up and registered either to my computers or my cell phones. . So, I am not "disappeared" by the communist party of Obama yet.

Some of the blogs I updated that were always mine for years [and are still mine] are:

That is not a comprehensive list of the blogs I create and write and add genre photos & also my art photos [ I photograph of original paintings, sketches & drawings that I draw, paint, sketch] that I create too . I am not linking those sites above because I think most of them are already linked to the right of this, and because I am stating for legal purposes of copyright in plain English that I own those blogs & this one; and the ones linked; and also some are linked on my about me page on this blog;and on other profiles of mine including my profiles on Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Google. I am not anybody's employee. I do NOT have a boss or supervisor or husband. Do not deceived by cyber-criminals who broke into my accounts to plunder & steal and to try to ruin me because of being Christian & prolife.

I add some of my photos I photograph and some of the art I create intermittently to my blogs. Each blog is unique with different content. You should read them all and scroll through archives if you want to see most of the art I have currently on the web and read my philosophy of life.


Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole.RN; gloria_poole; gloria.poole; words-that-work-llp; publishing-life; tapestry-of-life-llp; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; gloriapoole at gmail; gloriapoole10 ; gloriapoole1749; onlineeducatorglo; @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole; @tweetie0817, @Tartan_Bliss; @ProlifeNurse; @personhood1. Copyright of all content I create [ including original art, original photographs, original words , original poems, original medical "lessons" belongs to me Gloria Poole, RN licensed in Missouri & also artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, powdered pastels, goauche, tempera, "digital ink" , graphics. Whatever form, form factor of computer, place, time, date, year, method I have created original content, I Gloria Poole OWN THE COPYRIGHT and always have. I have NEVER assigned the copyright of any thing I have created ever to anyone. I have posted my original art at times on my blogs including for words that WORK and also for Life Media & Publishing; but the copyright belongs to me Gloria Poole, presently residing in Missouri, but originally from the State of Georgia. I have lived in several places.

Read the about me page on this site and also my profiles on the web. Some of my profiles are in the links on this blog I think. At this point in time I do not have a literary agent nor an art agent, nor a P.R. firm representing me. I am considering that; but it has to be a good match with my beliefs, faith, life, before I agree to representation by others. This is necessary because just a few minutes ago, someone tried to intercept/ block me signing into my OWN ACCOUNT. Or my isp was trying to prevent intrusion into it. I had to reboot, start again. And because identity theft continues to be an on-going problem with me, I have to clearly state which blogs belong to me and which have my content on them. A hosting company sold my domains out from under me in yrs 2008,2009,2010, 2011 til I quit trying to own domains because contract law is not recognized on the web. Some of those domains stolen from me via fraud using information stolen from me that had my very name on them and art I created, was sold to thugs, felons, criminals, and bad proabort femi-nazis who were trying to ruin me. I did not research what happened to them after they were ripped out of my admin-owner control panels; while they were paid up by me. I would never sell my content to abortionists or to their legal malware-generating cyber-hacker teams. But if they break into your computer, steal your emails, steal your passwords, steal your Paypal accts {several in the past; none now} and or your iTunes/ google isp accounts they can do much harm with that info. Hopefully, I have cleared all malware from my computers, changed passwords, cancelled godaddy , cancelled Verizon, trying to stop the theft of my born with name and my intellectual properties I create. And have fraud alerts on my bank accounts and passwords. So, this is intended to assert who I am and who I am not. I am the WHITE heterosexual single woman born in Georgia; educated in Georgia; and I am Christian, republican; prolifer; blogger; citizen journalist; artist, R.N. licensed in Missouri. I divorced the second time after a disastrous 4 yr, 10 month marriage, in the State of Colorado and removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore in Oct 2007; and resumed my maiden name of Poole also in Oct 2007. I was born with the name of Gloria Poole [with a middle name that is not commonly known]. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009.

/s/ Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 9:13 am; 16-Feb-2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A sketch from Gardens; words that WORK

This is one of my sketches I painted in watercolors, from previous year. I noticed after uploading it, it was not as sharp an image as I would like. Maybe I was standing when I photographed it. I am sort of wobbly and usually balance camera on something, sit, or use tripod, or use image stabilizer [anti-motion features when using big camera]. But it will do for now. I am sort of low on energy today. I updated a couple of my blogs yesterday and I am exhausted. I am calling this "Garden chair" for the time being.I think the blooming trees behind that are called Japanese Maple in some parts of country; but they might be cherry blossoms--not sure. I think the bright pink blooms are azaleas, very common to The South.I just liked it when I saw it, tried to sketch it. Hope you like it. I think it is a good sketch for the spring that it is on its way. The winter wind is howling at this moment, like a blizzard blowing in--AAAAAAAAAGH! I am not doing much walkabouts in snow & ice, believe me when I tell you.

Also, the blogs of mine that I updated yesterday are:; which was a total redo- almost except I kept the posts as they were [in archives, etc]

The blog platform suits me so well; and I tweet on several accounts, while resting, "time-out" from everything usually-- I usually unplug and turn off phones at those times; and just be. The frenzied pace of most people in US is overwhelming to me now.

Look at the words that WORK blog. I think everyone who saw it in past year will be pleasantly surprised. words that WORK, written that way to emphasize action intent is a phrase I made up in about yr 1991 in State of Georgia, and though it is not grammatically correct, it worked for the intended purpose. It means as always "words that WORK [achieve results, accomplish what was intended] for the glory of GOD". I added some art I created to it from time to time, as a way of reclaiming it after cyber-criminals tried to steal it. But the main focus of it, is not art, but words that define, encourage, teach, illuminate, point others to the gospel and the blessings of GOD as promised in Deuteronomy chapter 28 [where the curses of GOD are also recorded]. There are several of my photographs of the paintings and sketches I created in the archives.

I have drawn with pencils since I was in high school and took a year long mechanical drawing course. I was the only girl Mr Jack Abbott had ever taught to draw [at that time] and he was very patient with me. I have never forgotten when he said to me he "didn't know how to teach a GIRL" as if I were some alien being from another planet. Then he explained that he normally taught boys to draw farm equipment or carburators, or the sort of things teen-age boys would recognize, but a teen-age girl wouldn't. I really liked him and that class. It has served me so well my whole life from then to now. My oldest sister who was a teacher then a Vice Principal for many years,said he asked her at my mother's funeral { I think or my daddy's} if [as he pointed to me]... if I was the Gloria Poole he taught to draw ? And when she said yes, he was pleased. I was pleased when she told me that later. What ad is it that says some things in life are priceless?

And I have painted with oils since my aunt Hermina [my mother's sister] showed me how to mix paints to achieve the colors I wanted and how to use oil mediums like turpentine. If she only knew how that sparked in me a lifetime of learning to paint. When she took the time from her busy schedule to teach me the basics on an afternoon, when I was visiting her with my then-husband [my 1st husband, divorced about 1984], it gave me a hobby that literally saved my career at the time. I was working at the hospital as RN, very distraught with shift changing, work overload, stress, duties, patient load--was thinking about quitting. And I talked to her about it. She told me she liked to paint and that it relieved her stress, and that she would teach me what she knew. It was a turning point in my life, that GOD HIMSELF put there for me. It made my then-job tolerable, and I worked many years in nursing by painting when off work. I have learned one can paint all emotions and that it is a catharsis of the soul, sort of--dispenses with pent-up anger, rage, grief even. So I think I am saying a public thank you to Mr Jack Abbott; high school teacher, probably retired by now; and my aunt Hermina's family [because she is deceased]. My aunt Hermina's husband who remarried lives in W Palm Beach, Florida, but my cousins [their children] live in Virginia still, as far as I know. They own/run a construction business. I am not sure if they will ever see this but this "thank you to my aunt Hermina" , she will hear in heaven. Gloria Poole @ my apt in Missouri; 3:43pm; 10-Feb-2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I photographed space ship twice, I think

Above is a PHOTO only [not a painting or a sketch] that I photographed near where I live one day recently while on walkabout.

Here is another PHOTO I photographed of what appears to be reflection of a spaceship :

I have about seven ways of taking photos and I use all of them, testing to see which I like best. I have my favorites . I hope you enjoy these photos. I am curious to know what that is I photographed? A space ship? A satellite? what? But I have photographed similar in two different states and different times of day, using different cameras; beginning in about 2008.

Also, I tweeted on two twitter accounts of mine earlier today, that a cybercriminal broke into my landline telephone and also one of my cell phones. And that I reported it to the Police, in my town where I live in Missouri. See for that info.

You might ask how I knew that my landline telephone was broken into? Because this morning I had no dial tone, and when I called Century Tel they were surprised, and told me to call repair; so I did and that is how I got the number of the cybercriminal who tried to hijack my account. I made a Police Report about it, and about another event that happened also yesterday as I was walking about doing my errands. That second event yesterday was that someone broke into my apt and stole a small paper notebook I had written much confidential info in too; and that I had written my name in, as stating it belonged to me. That notebook had information about me personally, where I was trying to understand some medical reports but also about my 2 daughters Jennifer & Leigh. So, I am praying for the supernatural protection of GOD for all of us, particularly regarding my identity, signature and health care.

Gloria Poole, RN & artist; @ my apt in Missouri; 3:49pm;5 Feb-2013
I logged back in today [6 Feb 2013 @ 2:39pm} to add some of the prolife news as follows:

Arkansas prolife news: Rep. Andy Mayberry (R-Hensley) said, “If our constituents cannot trust us, their elected representatives, to defend the most basic and essential of human rights, that of life, how can they possibly trust us to have the wisdom and discernment to make appropriate decisions regarding all of the other daily issues that face us?” 1) Under the proposed law, abortions could not be performed on unborn babies capable of experiencing pain—at 20 weeks. & 2)insurers participating in the federal health exchanges established under ObamaCare would be barred from covering abortions, except in the case of rape, incest, and the life of the mother.

Nebraska PROLIFE news:

"The statewide pro-life group in Nebraska is boycotting a Republican dinner because of the dinner’s ties to the Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation, which provides funding to the Planned Parenthood abortion business," according to Julie Schmit-Albin, director of Nebraska Right to Life.

National Prolife News:

“Today’s proposed rule does nothing to protect the religious liberty of millions of Americans," said Kyle Duncan, General Counsel for The Becket Fund, a conservative legal organization that is representing several groups in the lawsuits against the mandate, including Hobby Lobby. "The rights of family businesses like Hobby Lobby are still being violated," said Duncan, adding that lawyers with his group are still studying what effect the rules will have for other [Christian] non-profits.."“Once again, President Obama’s so-called ‘compromise’ is unacceptable – religious and moral freedom is not up for negotiation,” said Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) " ...President Marjorie Dannenfelser. ...“There must be no religious ‘test’ by the government as to who, and what type of entities, are entitled to a conscience.  We demand respect for non-religious entities such as the Susan B. Anthony List that recognize the taking of human life is the antithesis of health care," she said.  According to Dannenfelser, “The only acceptable outcome is the complete repeal of the HHS mandate and the restoration of a thriving marketplace where Americans can choose health care coverage consistent with their beliefs.”

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