Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember WHO has real power

In the elections when everyone across nation is subjected to ads about candidates instead of personal efforts to reach voters, it is important to remember that any human is no match for GOD. ONLY GOD has power to change the world. Remember in Obama's first campaign as his campaign staff portrayed him as the "saviour" of America? And now Romney's campaign is calling him the 'economic "Saviour". Remember there is only 1 Saviour and HIS NAME is JESUS, according to Scripture. JESUS said "I and my FATHER are ONE [GOD]. " John 10:30, King James Holy Bible. Neither Obama nor Romney are co-Saviours. neither is Mary the mother of Jesus, nor the apostles. There is ONLY 1 GOD per scripture who has three forms: GOD The Father in heaven; GOD in the flesh who came to earth to bear the sins of the human race on the cross to make a way to heaven, and God the Spirit/ life-force/breath of GOD that remains available to the earth for believers. I really think that the reason the U S is in a death spiral of depopulation, economic ruin, unconscionable debt that will affect generations to come, abortuaries on many corners, gas oven crematoriums in some cities is because America collectively decided to eliminate the words/commandments/ statutes of GOD from the public square & from the public schools, and from the public consciousness. Psalms 7: 8a is written "The Lord shall judge the people;". And another scripture: "The Lord is known by the judgement which HE executeth; the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands...the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God." Psalms9:16- 17,KJV.And my plea is from scripture: "Arise, O Lord; let not man prevail; let the heathen be judged in Thy sight." Psalms 9: 19.KJV. This entry is provoked by news that a British Red Cross medical doctor was beheaded in Pakistan; and there were 2 events against Christians in Africa during this past night. One in Kano Nigeria, and one in Nairobi. Kenya, and deaths were multiple. The heathen must not win. I am asking all believers to pray for GOD to arise & scatter HIS enemies, and defeat them totally. So that the liberty to worship The Living GOD is everywhere, in all nations, tribes, tongues, cultures. Gloria Poole, @my apt in Missouri; 29-April-2012; 1:01pm; Update @ 1:46PM: I am alive. I read the headlines of an obituary with my name on it and then another w/ a reference to a cousin of mine who is also very much alive. There are criminals posting fake obituaries on web I think & my best guess as to why is to ruin them and or steal accounts belonging to them. It's a form of identity theft.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

U S Marshalls & FDA have u lost ur minds????

I am furious at the political trick used by the evil Planned Parenthood and their millionaire lawyers to turn the FDA AND the U S Marshalls service into the lap dogs of the baby-killing-machinery-and-propaganda-forces! Where is the integrity of the Food & Drug Administration and the U S Marshalls?
In case you don't know what I am referring too, there is an article in in the health tab [section] entitled "U S Marshalls seize Ultrasound Gel...". Well. if you don't know that is similar to K-Y jelly and is used on the outside of the pregnant woman's belly to perform an ultrasound [bouncing sound waves into uterus to detect the human body, the chambers of heart, the blood flow etc of the human in womb], then you should know. HOW DOES THAT CONCERN THE FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY OF THE U S MARSHALL SERVICE??? It doesn't. It was a SHOW OF FORCE INTENDED TO INTIMIDATE PROLIFE CLINICS AND ALL CLINICS INTO FEARING THE USE OF IT for doing prenatal ultrasounds to hopefully prevent abortions FOR FEAR OF FEDERAL AGENTS STORMING INTO THEIR EXAMINING ROOMS. It is a shameful. despicable act of that ungodly Obama and his administration from hell. And what about those whining ungodly women who for decades screamed that they didn't want government in their bedrooms? How about in their examining rooms when they are naked?? IS that supposed to be an improvement?
I read their flimsy excuse of the gel being contaminated with bacteria. So what? The federal LAW ENFORCEMENT office has NEVER once in my long history as RN cared one whit about any other contaminated drug in a hospital. IF THOSE EVIL ABORTION CLINICS HIRED REAL AS IN LICENSED PROFESSIONALS THEY WOULD KNOW HOW TO CHECK FOR THAT AND THEY WOULD HAVE RETURNED IT TO THE MANUFACTURER FOR A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. They don't hire real pro's because they won't work in abortion clinics so they hire off-the-street high school grads & give them a few days orientation pretending to be nurses and doctors and turn 'em loose on unsuspecting women. Abortion clinics are the LOWEST standard of so-called health care that exists anywhere except in third world countries.
And that SUBSTANDARD care & facilities are problems which for any other surgery would result in the inspection on site SHUTTING down the entire clinic and revoking their licenses. I KNOW what I am talking about--I reviewed medical facilities as a job for the state before and they do not mess around with substandard care. But they also do not call the federal law enforcement to confiscate their contaminated medicines either. HOWEVER, maybe the U S Marshalls marching in their w/ warrants scared the hell out of the bad guys [ abortionists and their poorly or untrained accomplices] and they left town for exile !! Let all the righteous pray that GOD always uses the government to accomplish HIS purposes.
But the FDA should apologize to public & Congress for their manipulation by political entities of Planned Parenthood, and Center for Reproductive [killing] "rights" [in quotes as their word. My word is killing wrongs.] They were USED by evil people. That Center for Reproductive "rights" is a bunch of fat cat RICH Femi-Nazi women lawyers determined to rule the world by killing their offspring and emasculating all men by reducing their sperm to something controlled by women.
WHEN? Is America going to wise up? When will the staggering numbers of dead human babies be enough? When will the Congress make illegal once and for all the premeditated murders in the womb of the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb? When will the FDA do what it is supposed to do and stop the killing drugs like RU486? When will the FDA protect the people from murdering s.o.b. abortionists? When will the federal U S marshalls handcuff those mass murderers? And lock them away forever or hang them?? When will righteousness prevail in the US? When will the only export from the U S not be forms/methods of killing innocents??
I am furious. The U S Marshalls have a job to do and it is not playing soldier for the FDA, nor being the lap dogs of that man from hell Obama! And believe me that the state of Colorado alone has more than enough cocaine dealers, addicts, murderers, thugs, felons, terrorists to keep the entire Marshalls service busy for a year. I lived in that state for nearly 7 yrs, and I know the concept of justice to them is as a foreign language. U S Marshalls be ashamed. I know the abortionists are evil and you do too, so the next time the FDA calls you, take HANDCUFFS and warrants and arrest every person in the abortion clinic, and haul them before Judges who are honest and not on the payroll of Planned Parenthood and charge the with crimes against humanity [genocide].
Gloria Poole, {RN; licensed in Missouri] 19- April-2012; 10:01am; @my apt in Missouri

Friday, April 13, 2012

A real life in the flesh Hero & born Again

This is a first for me. I do not think I have ever praised a democrat before in my life, because of their radical anti-life policies. But in the news today, seems to be an exception. Newark New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker had to fight his own security staff to rush into a neighbor"s burning house to rescue her. And he did rescue her; and he sustained some 2nd degree burns. What especially interested me in his heroic act was his quote that it was indeed a near "come to JESUS moment" for him, meaning he thought he also would perish and would be called home to heaven with JESUS. That means he is born again in believer's baptism.
I had recollections of what that felt like. I have in the past put my life on the line for my own grandson Samuel who was about 4 yrs old at the time and rode his bicycle off the curb into the path of an oncoming truck. I had an instant mindset to stop that truck from hitting him. I knew Samuel & his bicycle were too little for the driver to even see them, so I rushed into the street between the truck and Samuel [this was 11 yrs ago]. I was waving my arms, shouting STOP at top of my lungs and little Samuel totally unaware of danger was trying to get back on his bicycle in the street. I stood there all 5' 9" of me as that truck was headed at me going too fast in a neighborhood. I knew it was a risk as there was not much stopping distance between truck and Samuel.The driver saw me, slammed on brakes, and skidded to stop less than an inch from me. I took a deep breath and nearly collapsed from the fear that the adrenaline had hidden. I know that "come to JESUS moment " very very well. There have been a couple of events since then that invoked that same thought in me, that were not of my doing.
OK, I wrote all of that to get to this: Mayor Corey Booker is an admirable, honorable man. I do not know what his politics are. But I know when his neighbor's life was in danger, he did not hesitate. It seems to me that his actions are decidely PRO-LIFE. I am praying that he somehow rights the left-leaning democrats away from the murders of innocents and to the position that JESUS spoke when HE said "even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish". Matthew 18:14, King James Holy Bible.
I pray GOD's blessings on all who take risks to save human lives from destruction, especially those tiniest humans of all, those in the womb, and toddlers, and neonates.
Gloria Poole [RN] and artist, photographer; @my apt in Missouri; 13-April-2012; 11:39am. P.S. just to be sure you know I do not post my grandchildren's photos on line, and do not appreciate it if others steal them from my computer. Also, the paintings behind me in the photo of me you see here are NOT real people--none of them are from real people. They are merely paintings from my head so to speak of what I call "composite people" --made up images from my imagination; but no doubt influenced by people I have seen somewhere along the way in my life or in magazines, missions etc. In other words, none of those represent Samuel or anyone in my family.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Sunday --JESUS is Alive!

Today is the traditional day that Christians everywhere celebrate the resurrection from the dead and the ascension of JESUS to heaven. And I did also. I went to the Baptist Church and then to eat lunch with friends from Church. But the most important part of the day is realizing that I serve a LIVING LORD--not a wooden idol, nor any man-made idol. If you read the book of Revelations, you will read of a mystery--a coded sort of language describing heaven and who goes there; and who lives there [GOD] .
In Sunday School, we talked about how the followers of JESUS, the ones who lived when HE was on the earth--must have felt watching that horrible crucifixation. But then how jubilant they must have felt when JESUS met them alive after rising from the tomb, on the road to Emmaus.
The most wonderful message of Easter is that each person has the offer from JESUS for a resurrection into heaven after death. Many refuse JESUS and they are doomed to hell according to scripture. But many accept JESUS and I do also. If you don't know JESUS personally I ask you to make it your top priority, to read the scriptures cover to cover until you understand who GOD THE FATHER is; who JESUS is, how to get to heaven; and then pray the sinner's pray--acknowledging our sins and asking for forgiveness.
I prefer the King James Holy Bible because I like the formal language, and the poetic words. There are other translations that are more colloquial if you prefer but be careful. There are some translations that do not contain the words "sin" or "redemption". If you don't understand what sin is you must, because repentance is necessary on some level before you can approach GOD in prayer. A simple "help me, GOD" counts.
Also, remember that there is no correlation between the real meaning of Easter [resurrection of JESUS] and the so-called 'easter bunny", and egg hunts. The easter bunny concept and egg hunts are for children to celebrate the warmer weather of spring and is similar to what other cultures would classify as a "festival" of sorts. Adults can separate in their minds the real JESUS and the fake easter bunny but remember that children can't, so please make sure your children know the true meaning of Easter, for their sakes and the Kingdom of GOD.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri;8-April-2012; 6:40pm

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pray for the children! Intervene for them too.

I am writing this because everyone knows the U S Supreme Court met this past Friday after hearing hours of arguments against ObamaCare [and some for it but not from me]. I am opposed to ObamaCare for many reasons, and I going to list them here to simplify the issues. I have tweeted about this topic extensively on several twitter accounts of mine. But want to present a comprehensive all in one place list of my reasons why I am praying the U S Supreme Court overrules Obama and rules the ObamaCare as unconstitutional.
1) To begin with my most urgent reason is that it would make null & void the Hatch Amendment that prevented federal government from performing abortions or referring for them; thus opening the door to mass genocide of the American population.
2) It would free up money abortion clinics get from Planned Parenthood that pays for abortions now by directly paying for the premeditated killing of the preborn humans in their mothers' wombs. But in reality Planned Parenthood money would still go to pay for abortion clinics, abortionists, unskilled labor to staff them and lots and lots of bad dude lawyers to fight the righteous who oppose abortion.
3) It would codify the so-called "right to abortion" that does not exist anywhere in actual law as written or voted on by U S citizens. There is no such" right" as the "right to abortion" if you read the amendments to the U S Constitution and the Constitution itself. To amend the Constitution is a process that requires the people themselves voting on the suggested amendment and 2/3 states ratifying it. That never happened. So the Constitution was not ever amended to include any such "right" as the "right to abortion". And since abortion IS NOT HEALTH CARE BUT AN ACT OF MURDER it is always a wrong that U S taxpayers should NEVER for any reason pay for.
4) It is 2700 pages of rules and regulations defining everything that certain professions can and cannot do. It is socialism if not communism.
5) It is an egregious violation of individual liberties to control one's own money. Neither the Congress nor the President have any legitimate authority to compel citizens to buy anything especially something that amounts to gambling.
6) Buying insurance is a gamble. Neither Congress nor President has authority to compel gambling. When I studied business law at Univ of GA for business I took courses in banking, real estate, money & banking, finance, business law, insurance. The Professor said 'insurance is gambling. The insurance company is betting you won't need the "benefit" you purchase so they could make money and you are betting you will." And then he said to remember insurance companies make their profits by not paying claims or paying them on their terms by making other policies pay also; though your premiums are NEVER 'co-ordinated" between primary & secondary companies.
7) It is an egregious violation of States' rights to all authority given to them specifically in the Constitution; and what is not given to them specifically or given to the fed govt in writing in the Constitution specifically, belong to the citizens themselves.
8) it is socialism or worst communism because it is a blatant attempt to take over entirely the budget, modus operandi, the "players', the rules , the facilities, the dispensation of "benefits', the patients' medical records of many industries including but not limited too: medical doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals, dr's offices, medical research, "spas"; optometrists, ambulatory surgery centers, dance instructors, psychologists, psychiatrists, massage "therapy"; etc etc etc. Well, to quote a doctor I worked alongside of in the Operating Room [years ago] : " I think I will quit the profession before I let lawyers tell me how to practice medicine."
9) It will ruin the nation by adding debt to the already massive debt of about 14 TRILLION dollars owed to China, the mid-East Arabic wealthy nations, and Russia. To ensure those additional 33 MILLION that Obama wants to add to Medicaid will costs TRILLIONS .
10) It redefines the legal term "adult" to mean 11 yrs old for purposes of abortion but 26 yrs old for purposes of paying insurance premiums. And 18 yrs old for purposes of serving in U S military; thus creating tiers of "adults' defined not by any rational method but to make more abortions be payable at taxpayer expense, and to shift the burden of the massive insurance premiums to elderly parents whose grown kids stay in college sometimes for 16-17 yrs on student loans, and the commune-like nature of college campuses.
11) It is a power play by Obama to make himself a dictator , as he tries to hijack the auto industry, & the banks,the steel industry, the oil/gasoline industry, the health care industry, the real estate industry, Wall St, the market system of capitalism.
12) It is an abomination in the eyes of GOD because it gives funding to so-called "gay" and lesbian political activists in the name of health. Read Leviticus 18:22, KJV; and also Romans ch 1: [entire chapter] kjv for moral reasons .
13) It violates "thou shalt not kill' [Exodus 20:13, KJV] via hospice rules to kill off the very sick, very injured, handicapped, insane, and politically incorrect to the democratic party.
14) It is a plan to depopulate totally to ruin the U S by aborting as many U S citizens as possible with their own money as taxpayers! Horrible for any govt to do.
15) It is an egregious violation of the First Amendment liberties of doctors & nurses as it attempts to force them to participate in murder w/ deliberate preparation & intent and actions; thus violating the religious beliefs of the GOOD doctors & nurses who are in their profession seeking to serve humanity & not the murderers. GOOD doctors & nrses will be forced out of the profession rather than murder, leaving only the amoral, wicked, in it for money only sort of people. That is always a bad idea. Do you really want someone who thinks he has the "right to kill" dispensing meds to you, or writing prescriptions for you, or operating on you? Really? I don't. Some health care providers are not dispensing health but death--run from them as fast as you can. Hospice is from hell, designed by the devil: I am sure as I observed how they function and their protocols. And so are abortuaries and transplant teams.
Gloria Poole,RN; At my apt in Missouri; 1-April-2012; 12:08pm