Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day for Veterans & Preborn Humans killed

This is what I wrote for Memorial day 2005 a few months after my daddy had died, to remember him and the veterans he loved as a class so much. Adding it here since Memorial Day soon:

My Tribute to Veterans

by Gloria Poole

Millions of men died wounded,

and free again;

the song comes to me

by inspiration at 5 am,

with a tune,

and a tear;

Remembering my own daddy,

who died,

proud to have been a Veteran

of the U.S.A.,

his flag-wrapped casket,

visible in my mind's eye,

grieves my heart still,

after 3 years.

Millions of men died wounded,

now free again,

from suffering and sorrow,

pain and tears,

received in duty

to a cause;

Stained with their own blood,

sorrow for those

left behind,

heavy on their hearts,

wounded in soul, and body, and mind.

When that final release comes,

are free again,

for their spirits to soar,

upward to heaven,

and to laugh, dance, sing

there with the Angels.


Note: my daddy did not die in battle but he did die, and had a military funeral because he was a Veteran.He loved the Veterans and thought they deserved a better appreciation from the countries that they serve. This applies to all nations where men and women serve their nations with great personal sacrifice.
And this is my poem about the millions of tiny humans slaughtered in the womb for the sins of their mothers and fathers, and for greed, and worship of false gods of feminism and wealth for abortionists and some in Congress:

A Tune and A Tear
by Gloria Poole, R.N.
Simmering Rage
catching up to me,
fueled by,
Heads stuck in sand,
pretending not to see,
ba-bies in pieces,
How could people
be so blind?
so as not to see
the agony
of shredded flesh?
A Tune and a Tear,
consumes my thoughts,
until in-fin-i-ty;
A tear is not
enough for me,
the tune reverberates;
People move around,
along the Mall,
and talking,
They seem to be
alive and free,
but yet they are in
They call it 'choice'
when what they mean,
is horror,
grim and vile.
A Tune and a Tear,
rises up in me;
a sadness,
They shop
and buy,
and eat,
and laugh,
while blood flows,
down the drain.
Their hearts are hard,
their souls are dead,
their eyes just
cannot see.
The tiny parts
the tiny feet,
hands a half
inch big.
chopped with cleavers,
smeared on slides.
The tears flow
down my face,
the agony of grief,
for unnamed
children of the world.
The nation's dead,
the future's gone,
poured down the
as 'choice'.
The 'leaders' stall,
and prance about,
making foolish speeches,
with blinders on.
They talk about
or is only $8?
their utter
vacancy of minds!
While babies die,
day in and out,
Like Puppets
with strings,
 and mime.
Phony people!
plastic hearts,
no love,
for anyone.
They shop
and buy,
and eat and laugh,
and say,
 don't talk to me,
Don't tell me
'bout the blood
or the pain
of the ba-by.
Call it 'choice'
then pretend,
the life
wasn't meant to be.
My tears flow down,
all over me,
til hysteria,
seems near.
doesn't work
for me;
tsunami grief
Millions of innocents
were killed,
and never
even named.
Their blood poured
their flesh ripped up,
on altars of
false gods.
How could this be,
considered 'right",
when it is so
very wrong?
A tune and tear,
began this song,
to spread
the agony;
til hearts break,
and vows are made,
to overcome;
the stone-walled hearts,
and open blinded eyes.
There cannot be
such a 'choice'
you see;
evil must
not win.
Rout the devil;
save the lives,
of tiny human ones;
lock away
bad people please,
outside the
city gates,
end the scourge,
stop the plagues,
human life.
Have tears of joy,
and tunes of love,
and celebrate
human life.
Feel the joy
of babies' toothless grins;
see them learn
to crawl,
and walk,
and hear them
say your name.

And know a mother's love,
as your tiny one,
grasps your finger,
and recognizes
your face.
Accept the love,
a baby brings,
into your desperate life,
accept the gift that
GOD gives to you,
when sperm meets egg,
in you;
Don't turn away,
from greatest challenge,
you will ever know,
to raise a thriving
there is no greater love,
than this;
no greater gift
at all,
than human
embodiment of life.
Spirit in the flesh,
the ultimate gift,
of life;
that flows with
sperm into the egg,
a man,
and woman's love;
sealed in flesh.
Connecting the past,
and future for you,
for commun-i-ty
and country too.
Your greatest gift,
you have to give,
is reproducing you.
Seeing your future,
teaching your progeny,
to love THE LORD,
and enjoy life;
Embrace life;
tear down the wall,
be the shining light.
Say NO to 'choice'
and yes to life;
and NO to misery.
Shed your tears at
and live,
and love.
Embrace in married love.
Choose Life,
give birth to life.
Reject 'choice';
don't kill.
4:11 PM 2/7/2009
Also published on google docs at at /
10:17 PM 3/14/2009
Both written by me Gloria Poole of and in Missouri; 26-May-2011;12:04pm;
Update 28-May-2011:
I am notifying the public that I do not have a Facebook account and never did, but someone else used my email to set up one. Facebook knows that 10 people are using my name on Facebook. The goals of Facebook are to make Zuckerberg rich. Nothing more and nothing less. He is a typical Harvard person--thinks the nation is a bunch of losers ripe for the picking, and selling their confidential information to every marketing company in the world; {how he makes his money.] And while I am on this topic, if you want to make an impression on somebody that matters get a real website that you create --not a one size fits all version of Facebook . Gloria Poole, artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels. inks. gouche,tempera; and Registered Nurse, and poet; and PROLIFER and Republican--something not found on Facebook PAC for the dems]; and most importantly of all Christian.
Update on Memorial Day 30-May-2011:
You could see my profile on the Wall St Journal at:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taking Over IMF is why Strauss-Kahn is Prosecuted

I read several articles in the news today about the differences in the US' handling of the alleged event of Strauss-Kahn and the hotel maid, and the way the French would have handled it. Let me preface my remarks with these facts so you know what the liberals would call my 'bias' upfront,head-on,straightaway: I am a woman, an educated woman with a college degree, a professional status and a long career history that was virtually destroyed by a violent man on cocaine, whom the state of Colorado knew without a doubt was on cocaine [if they did the mandatory drug testing ordered by Judges there] and who knew his 25 yr history of law-breaking and violence much better than I did since they concealed his records . I know beyond a shadow of doubt that neither the federal government or the state governments normally prosecute men who seriously hurt white women because I told , in person and in writing in about 5 Courts of law, that those events happened, to a total of 5 different Judges and Judges and their responses were : 1) divorce court is not the place to deal with domestic violence; and 2) if you want to be taken seriously,hire a lawyer, and 3) why didn't he kill you ? [not spoken but it came through loud and clear with one Judge]. My then-husband's entire punishment was 2 days in jail, a mandatory attendance at a class to talk about himself, and a fine to the system. Because he is democratic-socialist and hates Christians, and prolifers and so he became the tool with the permission of the several governments to harass, ruin me for being prolife and opposing the mega industry of killing tiny humans in the womb, with words, writing, and paintings.
Now here is the way I see the events of the Strauss-Kahn prosecution in NY:
It was a chance for Obama and Eric Holder both black men to seize control of the IMF. Obama is a King for Africa not a President for the US. When Obama's grandmother in Kenya was threatened US security forces started protecting her in Kenya. Is that a function of US taxpayers? NO.
And when Juanita Broderick accused Bill Clinton of rape it was totally swept under the rug. And when Monica Lewsinsky was in an position equal to 'chambermaid' of the White House, and forced to commit s-e-xual gratification for Bill Clinton as a condition of employment, was Bill Clinton prosecuted and handcuffed; and ruined? NO.
Is there a double standard--one for African emigrants who might be kin to Obama and a different tier of "protection" for white women who are not from Africa, not Democrat,not muslim? YES.
I am sure the entire even would not happened at all if Strauss-Kahn's name had not sounded Jewish, and if he had not been white, and if he had not been head of an international agency that controls money around the world. Whether or not he did what he is accused of, I do not know. I am also sure that what passes-off as 'news' in the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the so-called mainstream presses is only campaign-pumping-up of the 'champagne socialists' {Obama-H Clinton] as one of those articles called them.
The so-called Justice Dept in America does not prosecute real terrorists--they assassinate them in their beds. And they do not abide by/adhere to/follow the real written Constitution but try to suspend it Amendment by Amendment. That event would not have made the news in any other situation if the maid had been white, if Strauss-Kahn had been an ordinary American without deep pockets, or if not an agency head of a powerful world agency handling money [Obama's god is money], or if the maid had been a professional career woman, or and not a black emigrant [is she legal?] The articles are a pump up to Obama's reelection campaign and a chance for him to ge control of the IMF. I am sure he is laughing his head off. But there is a Judgment Day coming to America; and I believe as I believe the Bible to be true that Obama will face an angry GOD for his support of sodomy sin and legalization of it, and for his promotion of so-called ' gay' s-e-x but whichGOD calls abomination in Leviticus 18:22 [horrible perversions against natural use of human bodies leading to disease and death]; and his grievous deeds against the unborn/preborn tiny humans to slaughter them in mass numbers as genocide of an entire class -the unborn generations of America.
Gloria Poole, @my apt in Missouri; 6:47am;21-May-2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Muslims Did Take-Over America After All

I read the headlines this morning about the U S Supreme Court's decision to allow law enforcement to break into a home if they hear noises and or suspect evidence is being destroyed. That is more proof of the lawlessness of the Obama regime. Obama broke ALL US law concerning justice for those accused of a crime when he sent armed [according to his statement,not witnessed by any news agency or journalist] men to kill an unarmed man in his bed. And when that man had not ever been formally charged with a crime y any US Court, or tried in any court in US or elsewhere, or allowed to present a defense, or allowed to question his accusers, or allowed to present evidence supporting his defense, or give testimony. Osama was treated the same way by the US President [a muslim] that the Americans at the World Trade Center were treated by the Saudi citizens of that plane attack. Summed up it was a declaration of an enemy by a lawless man, the training of paid assassins, the sneak attack that also killed others, and the jubilant celebration for political gain, the exact same way the muslims around the world celebrated as they saw the twin towers fall, and burn and people running for their lives.
The fact that most people in the US according to the news celebrated the lawless approach of Obama as a 'victory" emboldened the U S Supreme Court to try to dispense with the 4th Amendment too, since Obama tried to dispense with the Amendments about how an accused person is supposed to be handled in the U. S. [Several amendments cover this,read them!].
Of course, you know that I believe in a written law that the citizens know and could rely upon [The Constitution]; and of course you probably also know that I believe Obama to have the goals of a tyrannical murderous "leader" since he has tried to, by a stroke of a pen, force thousands of communist sort of power grabs onto the people ; such as:
1) labeling those who don't buy insurance they have no faith in, as criminals to be hauled into court and assessed huge fines to pay rich lawyers like Obama; and
2) has laid a plan to murder millions of innocents in the womb at taxpayer expense [his "reform' of health care to prenatal killing, and withholding of antibiotics from the sick of a certain age, and the withholding of diagnostic tests for political enemies, etc]; and
3) sent a team to kill a man not charged with a crime [ a political assassination to boost his political ratings amongst the lawless]; and
4) has encouraged the Supreme Court to suspend the 4th Amendment .The ruling of yesterday I think stated they could break in and seize whatever. If law enforcement hears noises in a dwelling that sounds like evidence being destroyed but does not define that. Is that paper tearing? because primary school children rip papers out of their notebooks or off drawings all the time. And so do artists who sketch . And designers of clothing, costumes, theatre sets, writers, journalists. Or is that flushing the toilet since those who are not drug addicts also flush the toilet. Deleting files off a computer is virtually silent . So what noises give the law enforcement the right to kick in your door ? What are the American people going to do about this far-reaching usurpation of Constitutional authority by the Supreme Court? Impeach them I hope?
The reason I selected that title is to call attention to the fact that the death of Obama at the hands of a lawless President who is more akin to the Saudi muslims than to the Americans since he was born in Kenya and raised in muslim Indonesia, has accomplished what the deeds of Osama didn't. Osama's death gave the wicked in America a taste of blood and it emboldened Obama to dispense with U S Constitution. The events of the past 10 days have suspended all protections of the Amendments including the right to life, the right to the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair and speedy trial if accused of a crime,the right to self-defense, the right to own property [the health care "reform' takes away your property [money] without representation, and the right to protections if innocent [defined in US law as not being guilty of a crime charged with, but is defined differently in GOD's law of The Holy Bible as being innocent of sins before GOD].
I never 'liked' Obama because his politics are evil. He has tried to capture through weasel ways or laws the entire computer industry, and the internet the better to control the news,and to change votes electronically so they favor him; and to spin his version of truth. Come on , did you really think that if the man the nation had been pursuing in the longest war in the history of America were assassinated the press would not take a photo of that ?
Obama is a liar, and a murderer, the same as Osama was accused of. Obama declared Osama the enemy of America all by himself without involving the Congress, who has the only authority to declare war, or Court system or Judges. Obama assassinated Osama if indeed that happened since there ws no body as proof. Political assassinations are not the American way of justice but Obama and H Clinton have made it their modus operandi since there were several political assassinations in the US: Judge Rollo in Arizona, that PR woman in California, that democratic party person gunned down at his office, and one before that also gunned down for knowing too much about Hillary.
America, wake up before the iron curtain is put up over America, A baby was searched at an airport recently. When is enough violations of US law by the President and Congress enough?
Gloria Poole;@ my apt in Missouri; 17-May-2011;6:50 am

Saturday, May 14, 2011

100% Sure Paypal is Corrupt

I am 100% sure that Paypal is corrupt. I have had a five yr long question mark about them, but today I am certain they are corrupt. This is how I know that:
1) they have a 'click-through" in their url address; and
2) they put cookies of " on my computer to duplicate a payment w/ plan to steal one of the payments but my anti-fraud protection caught it; and
3) they put cookies '" on my computer; [ a cms is a content management system that is full of holes into security and worthless as software];
4) their support people from inside unset my security protections;
and 5) changed my email address backwards to the email I had changed to try to get control of my acct while logged into my acct;
6) they allow unauthorized persons access to my acct; and those persons are known felons in the state of Colorado [and I live in Missouri];
7) they told me payment denied but bank said it was authorized and gave me the auth code;
8) they are controlled politically by liars,thieves and reprobates;
9) they do not respond appropriately when questioned about these problems;
10) and they disabled the security token required to login to make it easy for criminals to login from remote without authority.
IF you have a bank card,credit card or checking acct on Paypal you better login in and remove it ASAP.
11) And they do these things, then screen pops up and wants you to add your bank acct to them . HA!!!! AS IF!!!!!
NO WAY NO HOW. I do not do business with criminals,fraudsters and crooks.And never did. At least not willingly or intentionally. Sadly I was married a second time to a fraudster,felon,cocaine addict but honestly I did not know him well and was sort of coerced into it ; but divorced from him now [since Oct 2007] and thank GOD for that. So, women learn from my mistake--get a background check on anyone you intend to marry--don't be fooled by slick talking con-men.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 14-May-2011;3:12pm

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 3:09pm;14-May-2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

USDoJ: have you redefined word 'justice' to mean ?????

Well.the world has heard y now how Obama says he had Osama killed but there was no witness of that by any of 'embedded" press there, nor is there any body [a very important element in criminal investigations of establishing where's the body] and nor any there any photos of that. Now, I am asking you Americans to apply some common sense to this sitatuon. Do you honestly think that a man who was on the nation's 'most wanted list' for a decade when he was killed or captured it would not be news FROM the Press about it; other than an Obama says sort of PR statement? And do you honestly think Navy Seals killed Osama--is there an ocean in Afghanistan? I don't think so. The NAVY is trained to the ocean. Obama is telling another enormous lie to boost his campaign ratings with naive people.
Also, ask yourself if the entire Muslim faith has changed to not regard the body of one of their own as deserving of honor and a muslim burial? That would be so out-of-character for them that is not believable. Obama is lying .
Also ask yourself this: if he was telling the truth and he ordered a man who had not been formally charged with a crime,not tried in any court, not found guilty [he was not in those airplanes that hit the Twin Towers, nor was any Afghani citizen [if I remember news correctly fro that time]; not allowed 'due process' not allowed to defend himself, and not armed. Doesn't sending a team to destroy the 'enemy of America' amount to the same heinous event in the Arab world as when the saudis sent a team to destroy 'enemy America" @ World Trade Center with a planned plane-attack? I am not proud of those tactics if Obama really did them,but I don't think he did but that he lied. He lied and has no photos because i did not happen. It was a cooked-up scheme to let a fellow muslim [Osama bin Ladin] off the hook while duping America and boosting his own political ratings-- to boost his political traction for reelection since he has lost all believability when he ordered the state of Missouri to be flooded by dynamiting the Mississippi River, and by now ordering the so-called Justice Dept to take on the fake crime of private bowl sponsorships of privately owned sports teams.
Kenyan-King-Obama is showing his true colors. If he killed Osama unarmed then he is no better than Osama was; and if he duping America with his Pied Piper lies then he is scum.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 10:28am;5-May-2011