Thursday, December 5, 2013

More ethnic sketches by Gloria Poole; more

I am putting some of the ethnic series of sketches I have drawn in pencil, then painted. Sometimes [often ] I draw in ink. The first one is watercolors and it is intended to resemble the "Terena tribe [Indians] from Brazil" that I saw in the news.

The second sketch I drew and painted and named "hoodie' . It's not great. I was very upset by all that happened this morning and just quickly finished it. It is not a real person.

The third sketch is similar to a man I saw in the news who was from surrey England. And since I had not drawn a "Surrey, English" person before I decided he was good for the ethnic series. It is inks, and watercolors.

The fourth sketch is a cartoon that I drew/ painted for my grandson Elijah who was 2 yrs old to make him laugh. But thought it might help viewers "connect the dots" that I am the same Gloria who created the cartoons on my blog at :

The fifth sketch is also for the ethnic series and was similar to a man on horseback I saw in the news identified as "Algerian" and since I have never been to Algeria, I thought "aha, an Algerian for my ethnic series'. And it is on horseback so it can go in that series also [of horses I drew/ painted]. I did find the other sketch but will have to add it later. It is also not a real person but similar to one I saw in the news.

I Gloria Poole also known as Gloria signed by me on art I create, and other variations of my real, born with name, own all rights to the art I create in any form, fashion, method, place, for any purpose, unless I sign a bill of sale before a notary public or a particular piece of art I created. FYI.

Also, for the record, I am white, Christian, woman, single, and the biological mother of two grown daughters but no sons. I was born in the state of Georgia, but moved to Missouri on Oct, 2009.

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 5-Dec-2013; @ 3:06pm; Update on 6-Dec-2013 at 1:26pm by me Gloria:

I have added a page to the story of the Lady Bug Picnic and a new cartoon to it also. Follow the story online [designed to appeal to toddlers, so read it to your young children and show them the cartoons] at:

Also, I added more art I created too:; and to:; and too:

This sketch below I added on the 6th is titled "imitating Renoir" and it is not nearly as good as Renoir but I tried it to see if I could draw as Renoir did.

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 6-Dec-2013 at 1:31pm.