Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Overturn all ObamaCare as unconstitutional

I tweeted for the past 3 days on my name twitter account , [@gloriapoole] opposing "ObamaCare". I gave my specific reasons and you could read all of them at I am opposed to all efforts to make the U S into a socialism form of government, and or even worse: a communist form of government. There are 2700 pages of that ObamaCare fake reform. I call it fake because it is about domination & control--not health care. It regulates everything private insurers do, private hospitals, and medical doctors do. It adds a whole lot of non-medical "services' that no reasonable, fiscally responsible nation would ever consider subsidizing or providing for the citizens including massages, spas, dance instructors, tanning beds, to the list of "providers". Well. c'mon use reason. A candy bar seller is a "provider" and so are drug dealers but neither of them qualify as "health care" [or much benefit in any way--and I am referring to legal drugs for me. I never used any illegal substances but I endured a marriage to a man who did & believe me, the results were catastrophic].]. And neither does tanning beds, massage, dance classes.
It also shifts the financial burden of those in the Military for ages 18-26 to their parent's policy. For some that would be Medicaid. The U S Military on Medicaid??? Get real. That is not going to be acceptable to the active military and would affect reenlistment rates. It seems to me that Obama's mind is always on his next jaunt abroad to vacation while pretending to work--a plan that would be illegal by IRS standards for most small business owners. I think historically in time Obama would be remembered about as Hitler or Stalin is now. As the man who ruined a nation by taking away liberties, creating martial law, imposing arrest without indictment by Grand Jury, spying massively on thousands of citizens, suppression of First Amendment, and killing citizens by assassination; and attempting to take over all industry, and means of production and wealth. Those tactics didn't endure over time in what was then the USSR, or eastern Europe & they won't in the U S either.
The good news today is that the U S Supreme Court is asking the right questions and seems to be leaning toward ruling the mandate of buy insurance or pay the government a penalty up to 2.5% of annual income, as unconstitutional. And more good news is that a federal judge ruled that the charges against a private militia should be dropped. The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed, per Second Amendment. I'm all for that 2nd amendment & I think I like that 'stand your ground' statute in 25 states also. Citizens are wising up, that protecting themselves, their children & property may be up to them.
Also, in a notice to anyone who calls my landline: the always surprise* notice on my voice mail [that Century Link employees tamper with] often says if you want to leave a message for Gloria press 1; if you want to leave a message for someone else press 2. I have no idea who else gets my messages since I am divorced and live alone and have since I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. That "trick' as I call it,courtesy of Century Tel, I THINK has to do with the fact that I have both a published and a non-published number; so I think all messages on voice mail come to me. But who knows? Century Telephone is not particularly reliable and definitely not secure. But please if you ever call my number and someone OTHER THAN ME answers either in person or via recording please email me or call me and let me know that. I am trying to track down what unauthorized person is using my voice mail from remote.
* Surprise because what I record gets tampered with at remote location during the nite, and rolled back to old message, or shortened, or altered to omit my last name , etc,etc,etc. The fraud dept of Century Tel is supposedly investigating that.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;28 March-2012; 1:16pm.
Oh yea, almost forgot. I am not renewing most of my domains because of problems similar to the one I just described with my voice mail I pay for. It seems impossible to get rid of unauthorized persons on my hosting accounts and I am not willing to provide criminals either an email, or hosting acct, or domain and most certainly NOT willing to provide them with my bank info. Since there is no such thing as truth in advertising for hosted domains, I reason it's best not to have those.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Turmoil is everywhere it seems

I read tons of news including technology newsletters etc. The political landscape is such that the U S taxpayer is paying for Obama's campaign reelection speeches across 4 states as he pretends to support now the same pipeline he blocked a few weeks ago. His best talent might be lying in front of TV cameras. Smooth talking con-men is what Harvard generates for its big time links to the Middle East--smooth talkers who will do the bidding of the Kings of the Middle East & Africa, not the U S.
O.K. that's part of my protest today. The news said he raised $45 MILLION dollars for his reelection in January this yr-- in that one month. Remember his big talk in his first campaign --how he was going to do away with 'special interests"?? Well. those "special interests" gave him $45 MILLION in one month's time to keep representing them. I didn't see the break-down of where the money came from but if I were to guess I would say probably 60 % of it from China, 15% from banks, 15% from Middle East Kings,10% from labor unions. Remember when the Chinese President was visiting the White House? You think they're that cozy?? I don't--he was hand delivering that check with his demands for what he wants accomplished by his puppet Obama.
It's no secret I HATE Obama for his lack of principle and his baby-killing agenda, and his big promo of perversion & his making the U S Military a haven for perverted people. I love purple amethyst but if Obama was the color of purple amethyst I would still hate him because he is destroying the U S. and massacreing tiny innocent humans by the millions. May GOD have mercy on Obama's evil soul when he leaves the realm of life ; but God's mercy will not save Obama unless he repents before GOD of all the evil he has done in his 3 yrs of office. Hell was created by GOD for sinners like him. There is a lot of false doctrine about who GOD is and HIS character, but the Bible says unrepentant sinners do not go to heaven [in Revelations and through-out Bible].
Another topic: i think the Rutgers guy [from India] who videotaped his homosexual roommate and was convicted on some counts, should change lawyers and get some that believe in the Constitution and the first Amendment liberty of freedom of religion.And file an appeal ASAP based on discrimination by legal system, violation of his civil liberties by forcing upon him a roommate not compatible with Indian religious beliefs, hate crimes by homosexual roommate's family for prosecuting him for doing what probably countless numbers of heterosexuals roommates have done--i.e. video or photograph their roommates in the sack.
Also, one more thing: remember the tiny innocent humans in the womb this election. The mainstream news media has made the question about where a candidate stands on the issue of abortion as if the words were bombs; but do some research to see how candidates voted on that issue and all the surrounding issues of it like embryonic stem cell [bad] research which produces tumours not anything good; and the personhood amendment issues in the states. The prolife cause has many facets and each must be considered as either attributing to human life or destroying it. So THINK before you vote.
This much we know: Obama is the WORST most catastrophic President yet as far as the preborn humans are concerned. NEVER vote for him again--not even for dog-catcher or trash collector.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 22-March-2012; 3:45pm

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Good News; & about Rush Limbaugh's words

There are some good news events to report. First I want to thank the state of Virginia Gov for his support of human life. I was sad that he qualified that some, but nevertheless his support made the difference. The Virginia House of Delegates and their Senate approved a bill requiring ultrasound [sonogram] before an abortion, with a medical description of the tiny human. OF COURSE, this is intended to persuade women not to kill their offspring [babies in womb] by showing them proof that their tiny human is alive, and growing and that their womb is a tiny "house" so to speak for their baby to live in for 9 months.
Also to comment on a quote I read when reading about this news, the group who need to quit pretending to practice medicine is that ungodly Planned Parenthood who KILLS tiny, innocent humans in the womb. Calling Planned Parenthood a medical provider is morally equivalent to saying that the gas ovens of Germany were 'medical providers' of "services" --those generic words that evil clinics use.
Also, Rep Blount of Missouri has taken up the cause of defending religious liberty of the first amendment and thanks to him for that. The debate has been raging among prolife activists since Obama 's first day in office, when he made it clear he is the anti-life President.. Now that Obama is trying to force contraceptives to be handed out in schools, everywhere, at the cost to private insurance companies, in his zeal to depopulate to ruin America, has become front & center stage on national debate, we [prolifers across nation] are glad for the help of Congressman Blount from Missouri, and also from candidate for President Mitt Romney & candidate Santorum.
The U S ' citizens dare not allow Obama a second term. The hammer & sickle &/or iron fist flag of communism flag would be flying over the U S Capitol & White House if he gets a second term. Obama and his team of cyberhackers & perverts have attacked almost every device I have in the past month. He is so absolutely anti-GOD and so absolutely anti-life that it is appalling. How he got elected to office can only be attributed to corruption of Chicago political machinery & the mega money of George Soros who bankrolls several anti-life campaigns.
But I have learned persistence among other skills in speaking/ writing for the cause of human life. I reason learning how to program computers is probably essential to anyone whose message relies heavily upon citizen tools of writing on blogs, twitter, websites. to reeducate the nation.
Gloria Poole, RN; licensed in Missouri; @my apt in Missouri; 11:24am; 1-March-2012;
Updating this to add comment about the "Rush Limbaugh" event in the news. I do not listen too, or watch his program but have seen much blow-back about what he said. But c'mon. Get real all you guys. And I mean men --not using the word generically for the human race. Do NOT even pretend you have not said the same thing he said at some time in your life, like for instance when you walked into a party with your girl friend but your other 'girl friend' was there; and the "girl friend" with you asks you 'who is that who flirted with you?" And what did you say???? And you women giving Rush Limbaugh a verbal beating for honest remarks: don't even tell me you would be beaming with maternal love if your unmarried daughter went to Congress and revealed that she was s-ex-ually active and promiscuous so much so that she dare not risk a baby because she would not know who the father was; so she wants the government to provide her some way to stop the consequences of her immoral behavior. Because I would call you a liar to your face. NO self respecting woman would ever do any such thing as what that so-called 'law student' did according to the news. And who knows but that she is not on payroll of Planned Parenthood as was Norma whats-her-name who became the paid "poster child" for the big Abortion industry in the Roe v Wade fiasco of ruin, depravity, and evil.
So quit with the persecution of a man who called it the way he saw it/ And you know I think I agree with him--she must be in that category he said to do such a thing. Because a decent girl would not do what she did!
Also, I think back to what different men in different relationships to me told me sort of on this subject some time ago. One man that I knew for 20 yrs, told me this: "a man knows right away when he walks into a room, which single girls there he has to marry to have and which he can just have with no committment." And a medical doctor I worked with as he did his surgery cases & I circulated them years ago, in the role of "RN-Circulator O.R." told me this advice and if I had listened to it in 2002, I would have avoided a lot of heartache:[ he said ] "don't marry the man you can live with--any man will live with you if you give him the chance, but marry the man you cannot live without."
When students or merely immoral women as in not students women sell themselves in an intimate way to a man for no committment and or next to nothing, they are hurt/damaged/defrauded/ wounded; and it cannot be avoided. And you know why? because women fall in love usually with the man who is literally into them. Even if he is the worst S.O.B. on the planet.So I think that woman who is a woman [and not a primary school "student"] if she is law school which requires a first 4 yr degree in another college [pre-law] usually and is in her mid-20's, my guess from photos on web, who goes on national TV and admits she is not married and sleeps around should not act offended when men call her names they would not ever think of calling their wives.

Gloria Poole;RN; 4:10pm;5-March-2012;@my apt in Missouri