Saturday, December 29, 2012

Was that another fake obituary put by the wicked?

Google, GOD them, notified me of an obituary with my name on it. I think that was probably a fake obituary --the second of its kind--placed by the propaganda machinery of the killing-for-pay-hedonistic-atheistics-who-work-for-Planned_Parenthood. The reason I saw "probably a fake' is because I know I am alive, and I know there were 10 imposters using my name on Facebook and other places also. But the middle name on that obituary did not match my middle name, so who knows? But I did at one time have a NC RN license and lived in NC for 5 yrs --yrs ago. The pro-death industry is always trying to find some way to ruin me, or silence me, or negate my words or my effectiveness as R.N. Plus my second exhusband [DBP initials] is always trying to find some way to get out of court ordered payments of restitution that he owes me forever.

Well. I am alive and actually getting better bit by bit. I have had a tough past year, and because of trauma to me in July 2011 when someone nearly ran over me as I walked about.

I have not moved and have no plans to move. I am still sketching, painting, drawing, blogging, tweeting, praying. Most of all. I am still trying to make a difference on the prolife cause. And that is why the enemies of GOD hate me so much. JESUS said that those who hate HIM, would also hate His followers, so believers know that comes with the territory of being Christian.

I am Christian since age 7. I am also a US citizen with First Amendment liberties; but the killers of the unborn have tried to undo the First Amendment of prolifers. I am prolife absolutely, no apologies.

I console myself that the prodeathers will die off the earth in about another generation--they will have no offspring to replace them, and they won't likely get to heaven unless they repent. So they can't do much harm to those on the earth, from/ in hell.

This post doesn't have to be too long. I am alive, forevermore because my name is written in JESUS's book of life. Read the New Testament if you don;t have a clue what I am talking about.

Gloria Poole; gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapoole0817; gloria_poole; gloriapooleRN; gloriapoole.RN; Gloria Poole,RN. @ my apt in Missouri. Also, I am the WHITE woman born in state of Georgia.29-Dec-2012 @6:21am

PS I NEVER worked for or with DBP. He was never my business partner, never my boss. He is my 2nd exhusband since Oct 2007. Any woman that wants him, can have him with my blessing--he's the husband from hell.

Also, here is one of my paintings from 2004 that is in acrylic and is pretty well known. It was an icon on some of my websites for years. It is on my wall now. I have cousins in Savannah Georgia, and I saw an old rusted out trolley when I visited them years ago. I painted it the way I wanted too.Copyright all of my paintings, sketches, drawings, words, lessons as RN. I own all rights to my art I create. Gloria Poole/ gloriapoole/gpoole817/gloria0817/gloriapoole1749; gloria_poole;Gloria Poole.RN.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day alone again, naturally

I had my Christmas two days ago, with my daughter Leigh and her husband Matt and their two little kids [ages 2 weeks & 2 yrs].We ate and opened presents. It was great fun. I think I am very blessed when I see my lovely grandchildren that range in ages from 2weeks to 14 yrs. They are all really beautiful, blonde, adorable children.

Now, today, I talked on phone with my grandchildren in Nebraska [ages 4-14yrs] and their mommy [my oldest daughter & only other "child"] too. I ate fudge for breakfast as my Christmas treat. Yes. I did! I don't have a man in my life at the moment, so I can eat what I want, paint when I want. Looking on the bright side of being single is hard at times, but I reason GOD knows what HE is doing--a time for healing for me according to Ecclesiastes.

And I tweeted during nite last nite because criminals have tampered with my isp acct I had only for my 2 tablets, again, for the 3rd consecutive month. Verizon knows they were hacked--they're just trying to hide it from their customers. I have other isp accounts, thank goodness!

And I am probably going to draw sketches today. I do not have canvases at present--at least canvases not painted yet. So sketching & drawing will most likely be my day's activities.

I shipped my presents to Nebraska and they like them. I just couldn't face that trip up there because there was a blizzard in past week. I figure that fighting a blizzard is not how I want to spend my Christmas.

I think the best part of Christmas is finding the perfect gifts to make everyone in my immediate family, happy. And I got a very practical present for me--a hand crank generator of current since my apt has sort of sketchy electricity at times. I think the fed gov't tampers with the current since the City replaced the transformer twice already in 3 yrs' time, my thermostat works erratically. I think whoever broke into my desktop last yr, installed to their remote whatever an app to control, tamper with my electricity in my apt. There is such a thing--I don't trust it at all; and that is why. Criminals far away put it on their computers to try to either freeze me or roast me but I live here and turn OFF the furnace when it seems to be trying to fry me. I don't like that app. I am not certain that is what happened but reasonably sure because I saw that app flash momentarily on my desktop last year, then it vanished! Poof! Into thin air--grabbed by cybercriminals lurking at remote places.

I just realized the photo I wanted to add, I didn't upload yet. So might log off, log back in and add it. Then again, might not. I took many photos 2 days ago and have to get them from my camera to my harddrive then on some permanent archive method. Lots to do--I am a good photographer--not so good a computer geek, but I try, learn fast, read voraciously how to on tech newsletters and computer books. Plus I studied I.T. some at University of Georgia, while getting a business degree there, after having become R.N. first.

I wish you all a happy Christmas Day and a blessed new year. Keep in mind the blessings of GOD are not always material. Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 25-Dec-2012 @ 10:52am;

Oh yea, to I am not doing business with you. You can quit emailing me. You sold my domains out from under me, committed fraud and tried to plunder my bank account. You're done as far as I am concerned.

I logged back in to add one of my paintings in oil I just finished. I think I will name it "Baby"; not sure yet--might rename it after I think on it some. It's in oils, on 20x 24 inch cnvas, I thnk--didn't go measure it. The cloudy film on it is the result of cybercriminals breaking into my isp dsl acct. My painting is not cloudy. I have discovered there is nothing the wicked won't do to try to stop the righteous.

I think this is a better photo of my painting I painted. This afternoon after I had written this post, criminals at remote locations who have access to the electrical grid for my city in Missouri amped up my current so high it blew out the 20th & 21st lightbulbs of this year, when I switched on the light in my home office/studio. Gloria Poole /gloriapoole. Copyright; I painted this painting in Missouri; it's oils and it is copyrighted.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reminders of Trees & S Georgia at Christmas [A painting]

You should see above a painting I painted recently and named "forest". I grew up in south Georgia, and my grandaddy & daddy both owned land. Some of it was in wooded [timber producing] forests. I like the quiet, eery peace of a forest. I painted this on a whim, one day, when I was thinking about what growing up in south Georgia meant, where land was abundant, farmers were honest, people worked hard, and went to Church. Life was so simple then. Nothing was urban. I learned to drive at age 10 when my daddy said, to me, "take the truck keys and move that big truck to the back yard." I froze in my tracks--I didn't know how to drive! I thought for a few moments only because my daddy was strict disciplinarian. I thought if I say I can't, he will say don't talk back. And if I say I don't know how to drive--what will his response be? Didn't know, but decided instantly that the safest thing to do was take the keys he was handing me to a HUGE farm truck that he used to unload peanuts onto, and teach myself how to drive. So I did, and said 'yes, sir". I went and pulled myself up into the truck cab by the bar on the side of the truck and slid behind the wheel. Oh! My feet didn't touch the floor. Now what? I thought? I slid down--scrunched down in seat til my feet touched the pedals but then I couldn't see over steering wheel. I turned the key, the truck lurched forward, stopped. I saw three pedals: brake, accelerator, and clutch [though I don't think I knew the names of them then]. I sat there for a long time trying to remember, visualize how my daddy used those pedals. I put my feet on 2 of them, turned key. Engine started , cut off, truck didn;t move. Decided those 2 were not the right ones to begin with. Tried again, got the clutch and accelerator, turned key--truck almost leaped out from under me, it felt like. Scared me. The huge pecan tree that was the marker to the back yard was pretty close--didn't want to lurch into it. I knew I'd be in serious trouble if I wrecked that truck. So. I sat back on seat, think some more. I tried to remember "how does daddy do these pedals?" I remembered there was one that stopped the truck and I had tried that one. So I reasoned the other 2 made it go, but how? It only lurched forward tiny bit, stopped. There must be something else I had to do. The gears! Suddenly, I remembered the drive lever. I looked. It was marked with letters, not too hard to figure out. I pulled the lever to the 'd' letter for drive. Put my feet on the acclerator, and the clutch, turned the key. It lurched forward about a foot that time, started moving to left away from tree. Good! I took breath, rested on seat. Pushed myself back toward floorboard to reach pedals, tried again to make it go smoothly; was trying to steer while literally stretched out lengthwise to touch the pedals [it was not the pick-up; but the big farm truck similar to moving truck]. I inched that truck along past the tree all the way to the back yard where my daddy usually parked it. Lurch-rest-lurch-rest for probably the length of football field.I got out, took the keys, went back inside, held them toward my daddy. He said, 'did you move that truck?" I said "yes, Sir". When I told my daughter Jennifer { I have 2 daughters; Jennifer & Leigh, no sons} about it when she was in high school, she said 'mama I remember that truck. Granddaddy must have totally trusted you to give you the keys to a truck that cost probably 200,000$". Well. honestly, I had never thought about it that way. I just remembered how afraid I was to tell my daddy I couldn't do it. He was not one of those failure is an option parents whatsoever. He expected all six of us siblings to leap tall buildings with a single bound, make A+'s, read books, think for ourselves, obey all laws,look him in the eyes when we talked to him, tell the truth, and work like no body else in the community. It was good training for life. So I guess this painting is for my daddy, who died in Dec 2004. I miss him so much still. He was the rock of Gibraltar to me. He took me fox-hunting, taught me not to fear horses, taught me to love tea; many many other characteristics now as much a part of me as they were to him. Merry Christmas to all. Remember what Christmas is all about--celebrating The Savior who died for the sins of humans and rose again on 3rd day to heaven where He is alive forevermore. Also,FYI, I have other Twitter accounts besides the 2 with my name in them. I have 3 pseudonym Twitter accounts, FYI. And I have other blogs besides this one, and other computers/devices besides this one [necessary because isps track where I log in]. Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist; @ my apt in Missouri but originally from Georgia; 1:24pm;16-Dec-2012

I logged in this morning [17-Dec-2012 @ 8:35a to add the fact that yesterday I added a blog to an account of mine I've had for some time because of necessity. It was apparent the internet powers-that-be thought it was someone impersonating me, or that it was hacked. I had to clearly identify it as mine since it is similar to other accounts I have had for many years. And of course, because it has my name on it! It's located at: & I named it "Talking, Walking & Painting". Enjoy. I added to it some of what I call 'clip art" that I made on my tablet [not my usual method of creating art--usually I paint with actual brushes , draw with pencils or inks.] I think I had already told that I have a blog also at that has about four of my photos of my original art I created[ drew, painted, sketched, photographed]. I have several blogs and I update them occasionally & sometimes I add whatever I had finished creating that day; or one I had created earlier to make a point. Gloria Poole,RN & artist. @ my apt in Missouri. Logged back in today [22-Dec-2012 @ 8:38 am] to wish everyone a blessed and joyous celebration & a merry

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Merry Christmas to All!

You should see above these words my photo of my sketch I completed yesterday and named "Blue Grass Hobby". I selected that name because of the very well known Kentucky Derby,run annually in what is known as the Blue Grass State [Kentucky]. This is the 5th sketch of a horse and rider I have done [but also I painted 1 painting of a horse with rider and named it "Thoroughbred . It's on the web somewhere if it wasn't stolen off my blog.] I began painting or trying to paint horses in Atlanta, GA in the late 1990's,but had painted a variety of subjects since the 80's. i have also painted some on the coast of Georgia and in Colorado, and now in Missouri, where I live since Oct 2009.

I am adding this here to share it with the world as sort of a Christmas gift to the world from me. I own the copyright to all works of art I create, all words/lessons I write, all poems I write, etc. I have never sold or assigned the copyright nor have I ever appointed any agent to represent me or my art, but me. I hesitate to include any sort of image at Christmas to avoid making idols but I think this could not be confused in any way with the meaning of Christmas. Gift giving, or sharing as I am doing here, is merely a way of celebrating the joy Christians* feel in their hearts when they realize that they have an eternal home in heaven because of JESUS.

Please remember that Christmas is about celebrating JESUS who came to the earth in the human form as all humans do; and was raised up to His unique Ministry of being The Lamb of GOD, to die once for the sins of people, and to replace the sacrificial lamb of Abraham's era on earth. JESUS was crucified and rose from the dead on the 3rd day, and ascended to heaven, where HE is alive forevermore. Read the entire Biblical account of JESUS in The New Testament of the King James Holy Bible; and especially the book of Luke.

Have a blessed celebration of JESUS The Messiah, Redeemer, Saviour. Also read Revelations to see that HE IS ALIVE in heaven.

Gloria Poole; R.N. and artist in all mediums ; @ my apt in Missouri; 12-Dec-2012 ; 3:17pm

*footnote: I am Christian, Southern Baptist since childhood.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some new paintings of Mine

You should see my photo of some of the paintings I painted this year above these words this entry. I am a work in progress, as the saying goes--trying to perfect a skill that I begun learning years ago, but that has suffered serious setbacks twice because of trauma to me. However, I keep on keeping on. I hope you the public like these. These are on the same front wall of mine that you see behind me in my blog photo,this blog but with different photos of mine of other paintings I painted before this year.

Also, you will see on my drawing table the acrylics I use for sketches. I paint on canvas almost always in oils, but I sketch on paper with acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, goauche,tempera, pencils.

I have not added much of my created works to blogs this year precisely because my computer was hacked last year, and I am reluctant too. But I can't fear all the time! So let me know if you enjoy these by writing to me or calling me. Google phone numbers for me or call on my number listed on my blog at; or my landline telephone in Missouri.

Gloria Poole, @ my apt in Missouri; 11:22am;4-Dec- 2012; updated by me Gloria Poole / gloriapoole/ I own the Copyright on all photos, created works of art, words of mine,poems. Updated on 5-Dec -2012 at 7:49pm at my apt in Missouri to add a painting [my photo of] that I painted years ago, that will be familiar to some people. "The Old Savannah Trolley" in acrylics; painted from photo I took of an old abandoned trolley when I visited some of my cousins in Savannah GA;