Saturday, December 14, 2013

Five sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I am adding five more of the sketches I drew and painted to this blog, precisely because it is my blog that I have had for YEARS; and I am keeping it! And no one is going to tell me when or how I will use the art I create but me. I Gloria Poole own the copyright AND the art itself that I have created in the past 20-25 years. I am REPUBLICAN and prolife. The black caucus [liberal, killers of human babies] that broke into my account will go to prison hopefully.

The first sketch is for my ethnic series and is a Japanese walking across stepping stones; and is acrylic on paper:

The second sketch is of a peacock in mixed media:

The third sketch is a pea hen [the female] and is ink on paper in my sketch book.

The fourth sketch is one I named "Imitating Rembrandt" and is acrylic on paper:

The fifth sketch is of Prince Charles from the news, with his umbrella. I think that was the fourth time I drew and painted an image of Prince Charles from the news. If you saw the earlier ones, you'd see how much progress I made in portraiture practicing from the news.

I paint, draw free hand and sketch in a variety of artist's mediums; and have for years. I had formal training in mechanical drawing before I went to nursing school years ago. I graduated from nursing school [in GA], and am a Registered Nurse for many years; but I have also created art for as long or longer than I have been a RN. I am white, Christian, single, woman, and the natural mother of two grown daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh who were born to me during my first marriage. I am divorced twice and each time I resumed my maiden surname of Poole. I was born in GA, but live in Missouri since Oct 31, 2009.

Copyright: I Gloria Poole also known as Gloria signed by me on art I created/ create and also on web as : gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; gloriapoole1749; Gloria Poole,RN; gloriapoole.RN and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole with or without my professional status as R.N. own all rights to the art I created or do create. And if it becomes difficult to maintain control of it on the web, I will quit putting it on the web.

I also put art I create on other blogs of mine including:

Reminder to world: I do not have a boss or an employer. I work from my own apartment with my own equipment creating art for myself, and my purposes. There is no one else authorized to display my art or use my name or signature but me. Imposters who steal I.D. off web and from U S mail do not make themselves me! Do not be fooled by criminals in Colorado [or any where]. Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 14-Dec-2013 at 8:34am.