Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Voodoo Krewe from DC blocking my email now

I am writing to tell you don't ever sign up for Century Telephone services. They are the world's worst email service; and worst than that a whole lot of their employees seem to not only sell illegal drugs but also break into the email accounts of their customers. I reported that to the Dept of Justice not long ago, then got a "secure" site for my email finally after complaining to them for nearly 2 yrs about emails like a sieve on their 'service'. But today after complaining yesterday of PS 3 accessing my computer illegally; -and me blocking about 20 wifi connections trying to access my cell phone and my computer including public school 3 for breaking into my computer via wifi, the Dept of Education-Voodoo is trying to block my access to my somewhat expensive isp that is paid up, and because I complained about the public school breaking the federal laws about cybercrime! Go figure. It's an example of the sort of lack-of-justice-of-the-Harvard-voodoo-controlled-establishment-of-Obama-and-Holder. It's that "kill-the-bearer-of-bad-news"-method that the socialists have used for centuries; only in this case, they try to black out from the internet those who tell on them.It's called censorship.

Also, I have updated some of my websites. I am sure those who defrauded me and broke into my accounts are having a hissy fit as the South would say, but it can't be helped. The cover-of-anonymity has to be thrown back and they have to be exposed as the criminals they are, and they have to be caught and prosecuted for fraud,identity theft, and cybercrime, and one of them has to be prosecuted for breaking my bones and threatening to kill me.

You could read the websuites they are trying desperately to censor at;;;;
and also;;;
And visit the links pages on each site. Each site is unique and owned by me but criminals hack into them often; and I post a notice when they do. Also, follow me on twitter @gloriapoole.
Gloria Poole:@my apt in Missouri; 3-August-2011;11:57am
I logged back in few minutes later [12:13pm] same day because I forgot to add this relevant piece help for those who do I.T. security: the method for today that the cybercriminals are using is AOL on Yahoo 's link to Microsoft's operating systems that are about like spaghetti strainers as far as "security" goes, is killing Yahoo.