Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beating Obama ought to be EASY! He's an Idiot.

I am still in favor of Texas Gov Rick Perry for the next US President. And I think it ought to be very easy to beat Obama. Obama adds math as 1 + 1= 14 TRILLION, meaning 1 socialized medicine plan to pay abortion-assassins [his fake reform of health care that was a radical rewrite of U S Constitution], and 1 added war for Libya to a bulging at seams federal budget= 14 trillion and adding up by the second.
Also I am Republican ever since I studied the U S Constitution in a Poli-Sci course at Univ of Georgia for a degree. I had a great Professor who explained the real world effects of each component of it, and it stuck like glue with me. But if the Republicans ever forsake the prolife cause they will lose millions of their base including me. I am 100% prolife meaning it is never a right to kill an innocent in the womb. But always a wrong since GOD HIMSELF wrote in stone the commandment "thou shalt not kill".[Exodus 20:13,KJV]
Also, FYI, my earthlink acct is still my account but whether it should be is a huge question in my mind. They have an ungodly alliance with a company known to be proabort and known to donate MILLIONS to the cause of killing innocents in the womb {Sprint cell phone carrier who is big buddy of Planned Parenthood killing org]. I am not happy with much they do and I have tried to make that clear to them. There is a pushback from them at me for writing that no one should buy hosting [because they scammed me big time]; and earthlink trying to be neutral. I guess. But here's what I want to remind earthlink: your HQ is in the deep south of Atlanta Georgia, where MOST people are prolife. I want to publicly say you should seriously rethink your business partners or your goals and or your location. I am not quitting my earthlink account for time being, but I might sue them if they scam me! Public Notice of that for all the world to read.
Gloria Poole,[Reg Nurse licensed in Missouri, and artist in oils, writer on prolife cause] @my apt in Missouri; 11:09am;10-Aug-2011