Saturday, August 13, 2011

Did Starbucks' con-man start the money-laundering?
tells about money-laundering scheme and that a script to do it was published online.
The article has this quote:
"And here’s the twist: for the last week I (and others) have been using this script to transfer donated money off Jonathan’s card and onto our own Starbucks gift cards. It’s easy: just head to your local starbucks, pop open your computer, run this script, and when the music plays, cash in."

I am writing this as a public warning to unsuspecting people. I try /have to maintain my own computers. I am not particularly good at it, I admit. It's a learn as I go with technical books,online documentation, prayer, and repeated efforts & close observation of every event that happens on my computers. I wrote that to get to this: I KNEW there was a script somewhere that was shall we say "redirecting" the money from bank cards,prepaid and or gift cards to places other than where it was intended; and I knew it had something to do with either music in general or iTunes. What I didn't know was where it began, and that it was published on the internet so any criminal mind could use it to steal funds. I want to remind the public that such a scheme has a name in the law: money-laundering which means passing it through a legitimate source to a crook/criminal who is stealing it. And it is illegal and it has prison time for those caught. I think Starbucks, to keep its reputation intact, will have to prosecute the man who devised the script to steal the money from the charitable card "Jonathans-card" and who openly bragged about it and published it on web to teach others how to steal.

Remember theft of what belongs to others including when the "others' is a charity or not-for-profit, is a crime. And money-laundering is a federal crime that will send you to prison.
This is intended to b e a public notice: NOT to use the script published online to steal money from bank,gift,prepaid cards. Those can be tracked by the issuers and you will be caught and prosecuted.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;13-Aug-2011;7:54am