Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bullying laws raising fraidy cats; School Spying Update

I read some news articles today as I always do, and there are some that presented together are a portrayal of what is happening in the US. The article about bullying laws in NJ instantly made me remember what my daddy said to me when I was a child probably of age to be in what was then called jr. high school. He said if a bad man got hold of me, fight him like a tiger and make him turn loose, let him know he had a tiger by the tail and there was teeth on the other end. My daddy did not raise me to fear anybody but him and GOD. I heard him say to a trespassor on Poole land once, 'get off my land before I shoot you". But the US current administration in it's efforts to shift all responsibility and all income, and all wealth and all privilege to the federal government is increasingly teaching boys and girls who should grow up to be adults, to seek protection from some law enforcement person instead of defending their own family & households. A nation of fraidy cats is the only possible outcome of the 'bullying " laws. And more on that topic: there is a trend in the US ' news [Press] and politicians to speak of words as assault weapons. A word is only a word, an idea--it is not an assault weapon. When they write that so and so politician 'assaulted' a rival they belittle the real meaning of a physical assault, unless of course he or she was using fists, or force. My mother always said to remember this rhyme when people said unkind things and that people are often unkind, even children, unwittingly innocently; or maliciously, but to remind myself of this: "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me". In other words in a physical assault fight back with everything in you especially when your life depends on it; and when words are hurled at you that hurt you ask yourself if there is any truth in them, and if not "consider the source". My grandmother always said that "consider the source". She would also say things like 'what do you care what they think--they are poor white trash." Or "that person is as ignorant as any person could be--why does his [or her] opinion matter to you?" In other words, when someone who is not someone you respect naturally hurls hateful words at you [ a common event if you truly live by the words of Jesus] then let them roll off you like water a duck's back [a duck's back has oil on it from within to protect if from water-logging]. And of course JESUS say to pray for your enemies.
Now, to change topics, here's some news every person who has an internet connections should be aware of:
More fraudulent certificates of secure websites on DigiNotar a Dutch company:
with quote:
"It's happened again. This time, Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar has issued a fraudulent certificate for and all subdomains. As before, Gmail appears to be the target. The perpetrator also appears to be Iranian, with reports that the certificate has been used in the wild for man-in-the-middle attacks in that country. The certificate was issued on July 10th, and so could have been in use for several weeks prior to its discovery."
+ this one:
"The ECPA statute prohibits intercepting or disclosing the contents of someone’s wire or other electronic communications without their knowledge."
Read article about public schools spying your bed: with quote:
:The plaintiffs allege that the police violated their Fourth Amendment rights, and that Absolute violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Stored Communications Act and intentionally invaded their privacy."
This case is about a school issued laptop that was stolen from the school, and sold to an unsuspecting person and then the school activated its remote spyware to intercept ALL communications on it including email and including the bedroom.
I am opposed to the entire concept of "Big Brother" government and I am opposed to those who murder innocents in the womb [abortionist-assassins] and their legal protections from the feds the way the SS troops guarded the murdering gas ovens in the reign of terror in Germany in the 1940's as history records. And I am opposed to those who intend to pervert the nation's children by teaching false doctrine in public schools of sin/ vice/ destruction of one's self with an assortment of methods as a so-called 'right'.
Gloria Poole, RN; @my apt in Missouri; 7:39am;31-Aug-2011;
Update to remind the public not to do business with earthlink:
I have had an earthlink acct since 2002 or 2003, though it moved several times with me. The email most US press agencies would recognize in that acct is gloria-poole at> though there are others in that acct that belong to me also. Earthlink billed me double every month for 23 months for it,[ since I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009], and has it seems finally admitted in a roundabout way that they have been scamming me. I have been paying the bill since 2003 because I have Christian content on my websites. Also the domain of and the website AND all content of it belongs to me. I am the gloriapoole that the whois information has documented. Earthlink has been providing secret services to persons unknown to me [or possibly my second exhusband who is a violent cocaine-addict-felon-evil-man]. I changed my passwords to try to lock out the unknown to me person [earthlink does not tell me who else is using my service but I know what email was stolen from my acct and that is that had a website of Bible scriptures from the book of John in the Bible with it] that the cybercriminals used as a 'backdoor' into my other accounts. Then the criminal-hacker was furious, & notified earthlink using info from the US mail sent to me that they stole via/ because the US post office in Denver Colorado forwarded my mail while I was injured by then-husband to his place to help him steal from me] to access my acct, and demand that earthlink give access to the criminal who hurt me [and tried several times to kill me] and who broke into my earthlink and other accts. Earthlink locked my paid up acct for the past 28 days to prevent me from accessing my email in Missouri and apparently because I won't allow the criminal in Colorado to access my acct. So , the moral of the story is that earthlink has no loyalty to their paying customers but only to the catholic church. My second exhusband is a fake catholic, [or fake christian, or fake jew,but probably a real muslim] whatever serves his purpose that day] and earthlink is outsourced to the Phillippines and they were scamming me big time. I am not calling up earthlink to tell them my passwords so their catholic brotherhood could get them to my exhusband so he could stalk me online. So I am not sure what will happen but I know I do not want anyone in Colorado accessing my earthlink or any other acct;
and I do not want my second exhusband stalking me online or in person; and
I am not willing to provide internet services and emails to violent cocaine-addicts-dealers-felons; and
I am not willing to provide internet services to anyone who does not live in my apt { I am divorced and live alone]; and
I am not willing to pay double for an internet service simply because I oppose idolatry , abortion, and sodomy [the main reason the perverts destined for hell are trying to prevent me from having internet service or websites.]
So If you have any of my earthlink emails in your records, you may contact me via gloriapoole at gmail; or gloriapoole at or at my isp email in Missouri as listed in certain places. Criminals are not going to control my future. And I realize I cannot make earthlink do what is right. I probably could by suing them but their service is not worth the aggravation of that most likely. [not worth fighting for, in other words]. But I can control what I pay for.
FYI/ Gloria Poole, owner of words that WORK when it began in state of Georgia in 1992 or 1993, and moved to Colorado for 7 yrs as LLP, and moved with me to Missouri. And yes, I know 10 people on Facebook stole content of mine including trying to steal my very name of Gloria Poole; and Facebook is part of the identity crisis problem in the US.
Update 1-Sept-2011 with more on the govt spying via ALL phone carriers, and all telecommunications & all emails:
Article entitled : "Feds, EFF Clash in Appeals Court Hearing on NSA Spying" located on web at: w quote:
"The lawsuit alleges the carriers’ alleged complicity in the electronic spying had breached federal wiretapping laws and even their own terms of service agreements with customers. Another round of litigation, brought by the EFF and others, targets the government, accusing federal officials of violating the Fourth Amendment rights of anybody who so-much as sent an e-mail in the years following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks."
And I have these comments to make. I have been spied on for opposing the democrats since at least 2005 when the HP company was spying via HP computers to gather and give info to the democrats; and during the past 2 federal elections, my computers I owned then were destroyed by malware generated by the democrats in office who were trying to control what was written about them, and by that ungodly woman I call a jezebel [using the book of Revelations as my authority] who is named Hillary Clinton, who has sold out the US at every turn, and helped depopulate it to ruin it. The current spies-for-government are telephone providers, Apple computers, Microsoft computers, skype, school-issued-laptops at virtually every big school system and University in the US, the search-your-body-parts-illegally-at-airports-TSA, and did I forget any organized arm of the communist-party-octupus-of-spy-networks-of-ordinary-citizens-routinely?
IF the Congress does not stop the Obama regime, this nation's citizens will become subjects instead of citizens.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri, 9:10am;1-Sept-2011