Friday, August 19, 2011

Earthlink: I am not giving criminals in Colorado my pw

Earthlink knows my acct is my acct because I sent with the payment a copy of my paper bill they mail to me. But they have locked me out of my acct and out of my admin acct for my domain because they are :

!) stupid;
2) evil;
3) have no clue about the laws of the U S concerning fraud, and theft of money and names;
4) trying to prevent me from using my acct so criminals can use it.
5) trying to sell my domain out from under me via their fraud,theft my online info, and locking me out of my paid up acct so I cannot use my emails . Bad hosting companies have perfected that scam.
Take your pick as to the reason or it could be all of the above.
I am sure my second exhusband [Dana Ben Pappas who is a cocaine addict-felon, violent, dangerous man according to the Arapahoe County District Attorney's office in May 2006] is having a hissy fit to get my passwords. [ I changed them and he does not know them now], so he called up earthlink , pretending to be married to me, and asked them to lock them until I call them up and tell them the new passwords, so they can tell them to him; because he does not know my current bank acct info [and NEVER will if I can help it]; so he cannot use my accounts. But if he gets my passwords then he can log in and get my online acct bank info which is what he is after. But it's not going to work that way this time. I finally have realized how earthlink does that trick thing of scamming me, and I am not playing along this time.
Oh well. I am reasonably sure from the 4 yrs and 10 months I was married to that creep, that he will never pay them a cent because he never did. He's a con-man on the scale of Bernie Madoff always making off with other folks' money. In fact, the only expertise he has is scamming and hurting people.
It won't work earthlink. You know my landline number --it's on my acct in Missouri. You know the payments since Oct 2009 came from me in Missouri [since I moved to Missouri that month]; and from bank in Missouri. You know the truth. Your scheme to defraud me won't work this time. If earthlink is crooked I don't want to do business with them anyway and it will save me a small fortune,and earthlink will lose a customer they have since 2002 [me].
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri ; 11:20am;19-Aug-2011