Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update "A walking radio station" if you have RFID cards/phones

I received some info into my inbox this am from the All Clear folks who are helping to monitor my online presence and helping clear up the many ID problems of several people using my REAL name as if it was theirs. I think it is informative and that everyone should know it so I am sharing it here for public education of dangers of wifi. Quoting:
" Do RFID credit cards put you at risk for identity theft or fraud? Bo Holland, founder and CEO of AllClear ID, says yes. In a recent television interview, he said having a smart card on you turns you into a walking radio station. Because it's broadcasting frequency or your information all the time, thieves can steal your information. "With 100 dollars worth of equipment and a little bit of knowledge that you can get off of the Internet, you can actually read these cards,” said Holland.

If you’re concerned, there are some easy steps you can take to “lower the frequency” on your RFID cards and keep your data more secure:
• Leave your RFID credit card at home, and use it only for online purchases. Pay for brick-and-mortar purchases with cash or regular credit cards.
• Consider buying a “credit card shield” for more protection. There are a number of companies that make card shields and wallets made out of aluminum or stainless steel to block’ RFID-reading scanners.
• Take notice if someone gets way too close to you on a busy street or in a crowded mall – they might be wielding a scanner.
• Monitor your credit card statements regularly for errors or odd charges." [end quotes All Clear Identity}
Sent to me today to my email: today 17-Aug-2011@7:00am.
Also, I follow the political candidates for two reasons:
1) to know which are PROLIFE and which aren't so I can vote prolife and encourage others too also; and
2) to know by comparing what they speak about/write about if they are believers in GOD [and HIS Name when on earth=JESUS] so I know who to vote for and pray for and who to pray against .
It seems to me that the PROLIFE candidates are also the believers and they are Rick Perry, present Gov of Texas, and Michelle Bachman, presently a Representative in Congress.
I urge you to listen to what each candidate says, and to pray for wisdom, and to vote prolife. It matters.
Gloria Poole. @my apt in Missouri; 7:19am;17-Aug-2011
Update 18-Aug-2011@7:44am to add information for public & I T developers.
Notice to I T Developers: "If you’re in the business, and your mobile app fails to identify and comply with laws regarding privacy and disclosure requirements, your company might find itself defending an investigation by the FTC. Not only does that situation involve heavy cost, but an investigation will put your business and its reputation at risk.
Furthermore, if your app either intentionally targets or is attractive to kids, the FTC is even more likely to scrutinize." Quote about FTC monitoring apps that target children and continue quote about their ruling about "Emily's Apps" because "violates the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) because the personal information of children under age 13 was collected without parental consent".:
Specifically about the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] investigating company W3 Innovations,LLC makers of "Broken thumb apps" aka Emily's apps in the 'Games-kids ' section of Apple app stores, that collect children's info including photos of themselves and allowed minor children to post content on line to "Emily's blog".

Parents, watch what your minor children do online like a hawk. There is so much bad stuff online that I think for the sake of your children's innocence and protection and enjoyment of childhood, they should not be online. Period. Apple iTunes has a predator app that encourages perverts to entice boys, and it has an app that teaches s-e-xu-al positions. {word hyphenated on purpose--I am not trying to elicit the wrong sort of attention.] Minor children do not need to know that,
Gloria Poole [RN]; @my apt in Missouri; 7:49am;18-Aug-2011