Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apple Computers is ruined for Christians

I have read this morning an article in Ars Technica about the sexuality of the new CEO Tim Cook [homosexual, per reports] and it makes a HUGE difference to me. And here's why: in Leviticus 18:22 it is written "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination." We, humans, know GOD was addressing that to men because in Genesis chapter one verse 27-28 it is written, "So God created man in His own image; in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. And God blessed them and said unto them,' be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it..:" Two men cannot reproduce humans and it is abomination to God. And in book of Romans chapter one is the explanation of the cause of it [idolatry of oneself and of Lucifer] and the end result of it [death], and calls those who do such things "reprobate".The word abomination is defined in dictionary as "morally offensive". And the word "reprobate"is defined as " to forsake beyond all redemption [from hell] by God; to foreordain to eternal damnation'; 'wholly given over to sin". Now then, how are born again believers supposed to respond to that? Not by enriching the sinner by buying his products or attending his seminars or listening to anything he has to say. Do not ever knowingly take advice from someone God has called 'reprobate' because that person will lead you to the pit of hell literally. So Apple's exiting to Chairman of the Board Steve Jobs' has sort of thrown down a gauntlet to true Christians to either forsake the words of GOD, or forsake buying Apple products in order not to promote/enrich/glorify a grievous sinner [Tim Cook].
If you think I am making statements from the air so to speak, you would be wrong. In the news also this morning is an article that Tim Cook has already been given more than $300 million of Apple stock [Yahoo article says that equals 1 million shares]. So when you as consumer buy Apple products you enrich a reprobate man directly because as the stocks go up, so does his income and wealth. So it is a 'choose ye this day whom ye will serve" sort of deliberate in-the-face-of-Christians-decision by Steve Jobs to create a spiritual dilemma.
Also, I have to ask: is Tim Cook the person behind the pedophile-predator app on ITunes to help him find unsuspecting,innocent boys to sodomize? He and all perverts [reprobates, abominations] disgust me. I had wanted to buy an iPad but I won't now. So world, computer manufacturers can you, would you create a unix based tablet better than iPad and at reasonable cost & that has married heterosexual in charge of the company so Christians could buy it?
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 10:18am;28-Aug-2011;
I logged back in to add that these scriptures also affect Jews, and Muslims. Jews' Torah is the Old Testament that Christians also have in their Bible. Muslims honor the patriarch Abraham and the Abrahamic law which includes Leviticus, so Jews and Muslims should also forsake buying Apple or iTunes products or services in order to stay right with THE ONE GOD. Christians also believe there is ONE GOD because JESUS said so in John 10:10]. All scripture from King James Holy Bible.
Update2: if you need a practical reason for not buying Apple or iTunes, read the cnn article today in tech section that says that apple hired a man known to be a criminal-as-defined-by-federal-law for breaking into iphones, as an intern. They have flaunted federal law about cybercrime by doing that. Article at