Monday, August 22, 2011

Listening Room + other spies invading:Update2

"so it's been great to connect with co-workers and hear" quote about Listening Room,,MuMu Player,, and youtube-fueled listening parties; Media Net [At & T's online service for cell phones] & Sound Exchange that offer service to login , listen, chat in article today @ 9:33am;22-Aug-2011
In today tech section " wired " article entitled "Group Listening Rooms..."
I KNEW that there was a away that people were listening in on my cell phones if play music or radio, and on my ipod touch if play music or radio. I KNEW because I overheard a man's voice listening in on my cell phone one day last week, when he spoke outloud, and I was not on a phone call, but his voice came through my cell phone while it was in idle or whatever you call that when on but not on call. And I KNOW someone else is using my data plan for my AT & T cell phone and also on my T-Mobile cell phone because I can track the usage but cannot actually use the web I pay for on either so-called plan myself [though both belong to me and though I bought both phones and though I pay for the 'plan' minutes on each]. The data plan portion of each is stolen every month by criminals breaking into my cell phones. On AT & T it is stolen from me through that crappy service "media net" that is worthless as far as security goes; and on T-Mobile it is stolen from me through the connection T-Mobile had through Radio Shack corridor to Mexico [though I never had a WILLING part in that it seems my cell phone does because I bought the SIM card from Radio Shack]. I did not know how it was being done but the article today in Wired seems to offer the how explanation as I do play music on all handheld devices I own [several]. I started swapping around my phones [sort of cell phone of the hour] since I realized someone was listening in and I am afraid of being stalked by a violent psychopath man who has hurt me before and whom I believe may have killed 3 people in Colorado. I MOVED from Colorado for several reasons but to put much distance between me and that psychopath-felon-addict-violent-man is the main reason. Yesterday, I realized they could also listen in on my landline phone because I took my phone off-hook to dial, forgot what I needed , left it off hook longer than usual, heard the listener hang up, about a minute before telephone company recording came on.
I want to state the obvious. IF these apps mentioned above allow a person, any person to sign up to "listen in " on employees when they have music playing in background or not, then they could listen in any time to anyone , correct? Does that not constitute a HUGE violation of civil liberties of American citizens to not be spied on without a court order and a cause as determined by a bona-fide Judge of a court of law as written? [4th Amendment]. And is it not illegal???
Think about the enormous implications of this news. Do you ever turn on music in background while working, or doing tasks for your self? Like ordering products over phone and calling out your bank card number? Or verifying info for some order over telephone or mouthing your password as you enter it, or talking about confidential business with peers, investors, business partners, staff? IF persons unknown to you can invade your office or home with these techniques of :listening in, chat, services of "listening rooms" do you have any security at all anywhere?
This is intended to be a public warning that these services exist, that they are multiplying, and free apps in some cases , and that they are likely to be used for wrong purposes by criminals looking for a chance to steal info, exploit, blackmail, steal money and identities.
Thanks to Wired and CNN for publicizing the news to begin with.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 9:59am;22-Aug-2011
Update 9:18am;24-Aug-2011 with more on the tech fiasco of the internet:
Two more observations this am as I was booting up my big Apple computer:
1) it seems to have some secretive connection to criminals somewhere and possibly to Microsoft os on a different computer, even though there is no actual network connections between them [airport turned off; no Peer connection, no usb connection, no firewire connection, no wifi]; and
2) on my small computer that has a Microsoft OS [unfortunately, stupid me for buying it]; and while trying since Feb of this yr to remove the "worm" from Sony & Pioneer and the 'mutex' from the State Dept; & to remove the 20 "remote" connections that were accessing it,& that I wrote the connections of, down on paper]; to get a version [upgrade,patched hundreds of times] that works, and endures longer than 1 day, and to disable the hot keys from hell, that seem to be remote controlled and allowing unauthorized persons logging in from other states or other countries [maybe even the prisons of Colorado] to attempt to control what, when ,how I use my computer. I discovered it is set to not upgrade the java or javascript or the windows version from xp or NT, EVEN THOUGH those were not the os system that came preinstalled on it when I bought it or the sticker on it. And it is also set to delete the user name and to boot into a different os than came installed on it. I am asking tech people who know IT security if this combo is from the 12 monkeys malware from the Pentagon? Or the State Dept that is used to destroy computers on airplanes, other governments, private corporations, private persons who oppose Obama and or H Clinton? That evil duo of Obama -Clinton is intent on destroying America, and they seem to be excellent at it as the nation is in decline,turmoil, destruction from wrath of GOD, depopulation and bankruptcy.
I had to reboot 3 times, add in my password 3 times, block about 10 'new' wifi connections trying to connect to my computer, and reboot again to get to this point today. It is odd to me that the same government that locks people up [some anyway, those with a who cares attorney] also gives them internet access to wreak havoc on the world from prison.
Gloria Poole,@my apt in Missouri;9:33am;24-Aug-2011;
Update 2 @ 6:58pm; 25-Aug-2011:
I am updating this because the malicious attack against me and my iMac computer continues. I think the best way to fight back is to post the experiences on the web to help the GOOD I.T. people resolve the issues. A few minutes ago I tried to login to another paid account of mine [mail plus on Yahoo/ rocketmail] and was blocked from doing so because I would not let it configure my computer. And this is some of the information from the source code for the page that was trying to configure my computer:

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