Friday, September 2, 2011

Explain it to me, please...

I have a serious question for someone in the manners and culture society. How in the world did a woman like Kim Kardashian who according to the news made a s-e-x-p-o-r-n videotape so men everywhere could watch it, get a 4 hr special on a TV program in the US, and how did the news that hyped it so much make peace with her wearing a white wedding gown ? White is supposed to represent purity, and in the US it is usually not worn by second brides and certainly not by p-o-r-n-people. So explain it to me. What happened in the US to the TV stations standards? And I want to state that the Christian cross seemed somewhat out of place in that scenario, [of "blessing" that mockery of Christianity in view of the facts on the web] though I know JESUS had favorable words to say about Mary Magdalene, I don't think the situations are similar.
I am sure some people will think this is mean of me, and it can't be helped BECAUSE children /minors read the news and see the videos and they have to wonder if she represents a chaste, pure woman? She is certainly entitled to wear any color or style she wants and to have her wedding wherever she wants. But I thought from the news story that she is catholic that she could not marry in the church probably for several reasons, but it all seemed a bit risque for standing in front of a christian cross; and on TV for minors to watch. Also, I have to wonder what sort of man wants his wife to display s-e-x-acts with another man for sale on the web?
OK, I know I am old-fashioned, but some events should be sacred, and standing in front of a Christian cross sort of puts the duty of those there to be humble, chaste, pure; I think.
I saw some of the video footage, and the photos, and being Christian, I want the world to know that p-o-r-n-people are not generally rewarded by the Christian faith with oohs and aahs and TV specials.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 4:41pm;2-Sept-2011.
Update and on the topic of Christianity. at 5:37 pm same day and place,same writer :
I just read a very mocking-of-Christianity op-ed piece written by James Moore for CNN about candidates Perry & Romney, and since CNN thinks that is such fun, I want to make public my op-ed piece about atheists in general similar to James Moore.
Atheists seem to believe, listed :
1) humans came from monkeys and probably atheists did;
2) that 2 identical body parts fit together sort of like 2 electrical plugs but no recepticle [why they are having their love affair in the news with perverted people];
3) that atheists never lived in the womb of a woman; and they could be right--maybe they hatched in the "outhouse";
4) that they can endure the eternal torment of hell described as the pit of burning flames forever by the book of Revelation in Bible;
5) that sticking their male member into the poop-contaminated backside of another male somehow equals the heterosexual sex of normal people;
6) that ridiculing about Christians will make them go away;
7) that believing in a power greater than themselves is absurd because they believe they are their own god; and think that whatever they think regardless of how ignorant they are, must be true because some pervert somewhere told them so.
8) that the U S is not worth fighting for ;
9) that medical facts that sodomy is a deadly lifestyle is not believable because they like doing perverted things;
10) that Christians have no civil liberties;
11) that perverts and atheists, a small minority in the US, make the rules;
12) that Christians would not dare sue atheists for religious discrimination because the perverts have Barney Frank on their team;
13) and that perverts [named as abomination, and reprobate by GOD in Leviticus 18:22 and Romans ch 1, KJV] are more fun than Christians because they have all male parties or all female parties and ruin each others' health and lives and live dangerously with specter of AIDS always around them.
Summing up atheists, I see clearly why they are a minority in the US.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 5:53pm;2-Sept-2011