Friday, March 14, 2014

Gulf Coast chilling sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

I was busy this morning drawing sketches and painting them. This is one of them. I will probably add the other one to a different blog. I have cousins all along the coasts of several states; and also a brother in Florida. My mother's mother had sisters and also her own sister who lived in Pensacola, Florida; and so we as a family visited there some. And I have cousins and a brother in Alabama, Mississippi, and second cousins in Texas coast. So , in other words, I am familiar with the Gulf coast . This sketch is about chilling on the beach. Lots of time, if the water is too cool to swim in early spring or fall, the visitors just sit on beach and watch the ocean. I did that a lot when I lived on St Simons Island Georgia. There is a fascination with the ocean that nothing else replaces. The rhythmic sounds of the water lapping at the shore and the roaring sound that comes from the ocean, are very peaceful, tranquilizing sounds. I miss the ocean. Missouri is nice enough but it has no ocean. I am not moving from here but sometimes I think about the ocean a lot. Anyway, enjoy the sketch.

Copyright notice: all previous copyright info on this blog and all information about me Gloria is still the same. See previous entries and about me page for more about me and copyright. Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri, which is my only residence; 14-March-2014 at 2:36pm.