Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chincoteague's wild horses sketch I tweeted about

Here is the sketch I [Gloria Poole] tweeted about that I drew over two day's time and named "Chincoteague's wild horses". Chincoteague, VA is not the only coastal place that allows wild horses. Cumberland Island, GA does, and I think Nag's Head and Kill Devil Hills NC also does. I am not totally satisfied with this sketch and probably will make efforts to improve it. It's the most number of horses I tried to draw in one sketch. I have drawn, painted horses about 10 times now I think. I plan to put all those sketches and paintings together in one place soon so viewers can see them all at once. Most likely on my newest blog named "gloria's blog" with url: to put art I created that is a series of set of paintings or sketches. The second two images are photos only that I photographed on walkabout. It's been a good while since I put my photos of genre scenes on this or any blog so thought it was time to do that. The tree caught my eye yesterday as I walked about it because of it's lacy infrastructure. It's sort of a work of art unto itself; but then everything GOD does in nature is. I merely photographed it.

Lace-like infrastructure of tree photo by Gloria Poole [photo-by-gloriapoole]:

The third image is a photo I photographed on walkabout years ago that may be familiar to some people as it is on my blog [or was, that blog might be down--haven't looked lately]. It is a purple iris flower in full bloom. Some unknown process is distorting the size of that purple iris and enlarging makes it worse. I will have to find my orginal in my archives to get the correct photo That one was tampered with by cyber-criminals at remote somewhere along the way from upload to this blog.

The fourth image is my photo of the swimming pool here. It's sort of a reminder that summer is coming and pool will be reward for having endured a terrible winter that was the worst of my life [because of government tampering with the climate using technology, sound waves, and aircraft].

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