Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blessings oil painting by Gloria Poole of Missouri :Update2

This is the oil painting I, Gloria Poole, have been painting on for about a week. I tweeted about it a couple of times as a work in progress. I finished it today, put it on my newest giant easel to photograph and used my big camera to photograph it. It is oil on canvas and I think the dimensions are 24 x 20 [or 16 x 20]. I named it 'blessings" because The Bible says children are blessings. The children are similar to my own grandchildren but not identical to them. The "oldest" one in the painting is the one sitting in the not seen chair to the left, holding the newest family member and the sisters are admiring the baby. Of course, you viewers could see that, I hope.

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Gloria Poole, at my apartment in Missouri; 26-January-2014 at 3:01pm Update on 29-January-2014 by me Gloria Poole of Missouri, owner of this blog and all content on it. I have posted a notice on my blog at,and replied privately to tumblr about this, and tweeted about it on my twitter accts of @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole and @Tartan_Bliss; but to cover all bases I am adding a notice to this blog also. I did not consent and do not consent to the transfer of any content I created and signed and added to my blog at or the transfer of my content from any blog or website to anyone. When I logged into to my tumblr account today to add new sketches, I was presented with an agreement that basically was an attempt by tumblr to take control of all art I had created and put on it. I refused to agree to that. I do NOT transfer my copyright of the art I have created and photographed and put on my blog at I retain all rights involved in copyright of publishing, displaying, reproducing the art I create, whether or not I post it to any blog. I have the originals, and the photos and if I need to rephotograph the art I created, I have the originals. I instructed tumblr staff person to securely delete the tumblr blog that I created that they are trying to take possession of, and so that tumblr blog of will be coming down. I retain all rights to the art I create. This is a COPYRIGHT notice. Gloria Poole / Gloria /gloriapoole / gloria0817 / gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; gloriapoole1749; Gloria Poole [which is my real, born with name] ; Gloria Poole,RN; gpoole817; onlineeducatorglo; and other variations of my real born with name; at my apt in Missouri on 29_January-2014; at 4:25pm. Update on 5-Feb-2014 at 6:41am: I am almost finished painting another oil painting and will have it on a blog [probably this one] soon. I have been painting on it for a few days. I drew it first as a sketch in watercolors on paper, then decided I liked the idea/ theme and started painting it into oils on canvas. If I had plenty of canvases, [blank--to paint] I would be happy, happy, happy. I get them as gifts and paint them up quickly, then draw sketches in between times. Of course, drawing sketches helps me refine my idea and hone my skills. Sometimes a sketch starts as a vague idea that has to be drawn, redrawn, several times to get it right. Other times, I draw from the news as I see it on a screen, or from looking at photos of either my own that I photograph or those in news, or magazines. But I do not try to exactly reproduce anybody else's photos, but look at poses and clothing etc, then make up a person to go into the scene. I photograph extensively when cyber-thugs are not breaking into my cameras to try to censor my prolife photos. /s/ Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 5-Feb-2014 at 6:47am