Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red paint art mini-exhibit #10

I, Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia, reason that everyone is probably getting tired of the color red since I splashed it across eight blogs of mine over the past 8 days and in five posts on this same blog; so scroll back to see all of those also . So, I think after today, I will put art with other colors that are more prominent in it on display for a while. But I am adding this morning the sketches I tweeted about yesterday on @gloriapoole [twitter]. The first two sketches you see here were inspired by the Metropolitan Museum [in NYC] online exhibit of the Edo period of art in Japan. There was two in that exhibit I really loved. I tried to quickly sketch the blue iris design of a kimona in one of the paintings at Met. So the first two are my attempts to replicate a very stylized way of showing an iris [flower]. I love irises and photograph them every time I come across them growing anywhere. I created and signed these sketches: The first sketch showing is actually the second sketch I drew and painted. And I decided to practice calligraphy by writing in the Chinese characters I had seen in a book as the English translation said they were good wishes. So the characters are Chinese . I do not read, speak, or write Chinese as a language. I merely tried to reproduce the calligraphic ink characters as art. The meanings of the characters are: lower left corner= long life; slightly above and to the right means harmony; above that toward edge means happiness; bottom edge toward left means good fortune; the center one means love; to the right of the center one means beauty; the bottom edge far right means prosperity and the top edge to the right means good luck. I think that is a fitting and proper way to change themes on this blog and others after today. [from the mini-exhibit of red paint art].

The second sketch is my first attempt to replicate the blue iris design on a kimona in the Edo period art exhibit. Both of these are very rough sketches, as you see. The green background on this one is for the green leaves of iris flower. I will probably re-do these at some point in time.

The third is a selfie {PHOTO only] of my hand holding a purple iris. I photographed that last year on a walkabout. In this area of the country [midwest] I have only seen light purple irises, but I have photographed a deeper purple iris before and I posted it to web [think it was or is on my blog at gloriapoole.bravediary.com. And of course in my archives of approximately 44,000 photos that I photographed over past 7 years. But I thought maybe Japan has only blue irises? Didn't research, just drew it as it was the color of blue delft in the Met Museum exhibit.

The fourth is my photo I photographed that has much red in the cello. I really love this photo! I love some music and I love to sing but don't often anymore. Sad much of the time.

The fifth you see here is another sketch I created of my use of color red to draw and paint with. It is a Chinese Emperor or my rendition of one that I drew with dip pen and inks in yr 2007.

I put red paint art that I created this past week on eight blogs of mine in all. Each blog is different and I tend to categorize art in certain ways and post it to blogs for a reason. Those blogs with more of the my art I created in general, and the mini-exhibit of red paint art specifically are:








. This is my signature I photographed from my oil painting I painted and signed "Ocean and Pier":

Also, for the record, I am white, a woman, single again [divorced twice from men] ; and the natural mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh; and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri but first in GA; and an an artist in all artists mediums; and a prolife republican Southern Baptist Christian. I was born in the state of Georgia and educated there and am a U S citizen. I am also a University of Georgia alum and a Georgia Baptist Hospital College of Nursing as it is named now when it became part of Mercer University, alum. This is NOT a shared apartment, not a shared blog, not a shared electronic, not a shared life since I live alone. No one should be logging into my accounts but me; and no one should be dialing into my computer/ isp but me. .

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