Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two new ethnic sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia;Clarification2

I, Gloria Poole, drew , painted, signed,last evening then photographed, uploaded these 2 ethnic sketches just now. Copyrighted. See labels & copyright below sketches.

The first sketch is acrylics on 8 x 11 paper and I named it "British Columbia trapper" as one of the ethnic series I began in yr 2006 when I lived in Aurora, Colorado. I moved from there to zip code 80203 for 2 1/2 yrs then I moved to Missouri with all art I had, on Oct 31, 2009 with the cell phones I had there; and I added more phones when I got to Missouri. British Columbia is the Northwest corner of Canada and is a rugged sort of life. This sketch is of a pretend person, not a real person.

The second sketch is acrylics on 8 x 11 paper and I named it "Swedish Lu-chi-a" in which Lucia is a name and I hyphenated it to make it sound correct]. I drew Swedes before or tried too several times, and I posted some of those to another blog of mine. I think this is the best sketch of the bunch of Swedes but I had a bit of trouble with the hat in this sketch. This sketch is a pretend person, not a real person. All of the ethnic series sketches and oil paintings that I created and named as ethnic series are not real people. I have sketched real people including the Queen of UK, Prince Charles, Prince William,Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper, Japanese Emperor and Empress, King of Thailand, King of Saudi Arabia, UK's then PM Tony Blair, Australia's PM Julia ?________[forgot her name!] ; and Archbishop of Canterbury, Queen Maxima of Netherlands, King and Queen of Netherlands, King and Queen, Queen Sofia, and others but when I draw and or paint, sketch real, living people I say so plainly. I generally only draw, sketch, paint people who are in the public domain as either heads of state or national, elected leaders because private citizens are in a different category altogether. So, when I began the ethnic series of paintings in year 2006 when I lived in Aurora Colorado as then wife of DBP, [divorced, moved twice since then] I decided I would "create" the subjects for the ethic series so they were not real, actual people who could be identified and therefore no offense to anyone. I logged back in today 25 July 2014 to clarify this. One good thing about sketches is that they are merely rough drafts of a finished product. A sketch is to a finished oil painting as a rough draft is to a finished manuscript. In the prolife news a Swedish midwife is suing in Sweden for discrimination against prolife nurses, and I think that is a good thing. I'm praying she wins that battle or the sake of the preborn humans and also prolife nurses.

For the record: I, Gloria Poole, am a white, Southern Baptist Christian woman and the biological mother of two and only 2 children who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, an artist in all mediums, a poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist, photographer, citizen journo, republican as defined by U S Constitution, U S citizen born in the state of Georgia, and a prolife activist, blogger, personhood amendment promoter. I am twice divorced and now single again and I live alone. There is no one else authorized to login to any account of mine but me. For more information about me see the about me page at top tab and also my blog in my former married name of

I didn't sleep much last night because there was a cyber-attack on my T-mobile phones by criminals who are trying to censor my prolife words on web. The blogs the cybercriminal-prodeathers are trying to get removed from the web for including @prolife words are owned by me, registered to me, written by me and illustrated by me and each is different and are located at :


And possibly others but these are the ones I post too the most.

I also have other blogs that I primarily use to display art I create and those are:

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Some of my live albums are posted in previous entries to this blog but I don't remember the urls right at moment.

Also, this paragraph is for law enforcement, @FBI: I received 2 emails today with email address of "" and name "Mrs. Bobbee Verry" and I deleted them. However, it concerns me a bit because I perceive it to be a veiled threat to me, because suffixation could be intended to convey suffocation. My 2nd exhusband DBP when he was still my husband tried to choke me to death by bending his arm around my neck and with his other hand pulling on his arm to tighten the grip on my neck. I realized quickly that he intended to kill me, and wriggled to get my teeth to his arm and bit him til he let go. That was in year 2005 when he and lived in Sheridan [or Englewood, [it seemed to be called two different names by different groups] Colorado. DBP has no morals and uses women's names when it suits his purpose and he wears a wig since he was balding then or maybe completely bald by now. He also pretends to be heterosexual when it suits his purpose of conning people and using women. I address this paragraph to @FBI because FBI would be necessary because I live in Missouri since Oct 31, 2009 and he lives in Highlands subdivision in Denver Colorado as far as I know [his last known address that I saw on court papers in Jan 2009.]. I am always wary of any implied threat to me and super-cautious because I intend to stay alive! DBP made many threats to "track me down like an animal and kill me", "cut my throat", "blow up buildings", "kill that #!@%(@{:# law enforcement" [where characters were expletives using GOD's name in bad way] , and to "kill anyone who tried to send him to prison". I am publicly reporting this because the U S sadly seems to think evil is attractive and they pay money to see it acted in theaters and movies, and they have no sympathy for the victims. But I care very much about my life AND the lives of the innocent including the lives of law enforcers and of my two daughters Jennifer and Leigh and their minor children. I perceive that email address of ..@suffixation dot com as an implied threat /reminder of past event in Sheridan , CO. I did not open that email but set up filter to delete it automatically. But I am telling because of all of this. Also, see my blog in my former married name at for more details . And see court records in Littleton, CO in April or May 2006 when DBP tried to kidnap me in the parking lot of the Arapahoe County Colorado Courthouse in Centennial, after I gave testimony in Court that he said 'made him look bad" [ by telling the truth]. He got arrested for it because a deputy saw him as he grabbed me from behind as I was running from him] and he spent 2 days in jail, made a plea bargain again, got released then continued to make threats to me, and spend nights at the apt that he had moved us too in Aurora, and continued to try to harm me. He did harm me physically many times and I wrote about some of it and submitted it to the Court at Centennial when I filed for divorce in 2006 that I later withdrew when DBP said he would 'start a war" if I didn't, and when he implied he would also harm my daughters. You [FBI] may print this for evidence if need be. My physical address is the same as when I moved here in Oct 31, 2009 and is on file with both Missouri DMV and Missouri State Board of Nursing but I think Missouri calls that the Professional registry or something similar. I am more familiar with Georgia's name for it, but I do have reciprocity here in Missouri from state of Georgia. In other words, I am established here and not secretive. I have a landline telephone company phone [and yes, several cell phones and all of this is the main reason for several phones]. I am cautious on the web but I think it is probably my best chance of staying alive--by being very visible publicly and having help of isps and readers who pray for my safety. I had to log back in to clarify something that I thought I had written but to make certain world and law enforcement understands I am divorced from male DBP since Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado District Court and removed the Pappas name from my name by order of Judge and resumed my maiden name including my born with surname of Poole at the same time as final decree in Oct 2007 after 4 yrs 10 months of marriage to him [from Dec 2002-Oct 2007] . When he made plea bargain in Littleton,Colorado the Magistrate there put a restraining order [mandatory protection for me from DBP to be enforced by all law enforcement] and it infuriated DBP. He continued to sleep at apt in the marital bed about 3-4 nights / week even after restraining order against him. He badgered me to petition the Judge to lift restraining order, but I refused. I didn't want him in apartment nor in me ! He would not let me refuse sex and made it very degrading and humiliating. I was terrified of him. When I planned to go to Georgia for my niece's wedding in Georgia, I told DBP on phone that I was leaving Colorado. He was furious,said "did I plan to return to Colorado" and I said "probably not" and he came to apt in Aurora, tricked me into thinking he bought an airline ticket for me [but airline said he didn't], then said 'get in his van--he had a "plan to kill me and make it look like accident". Well, there was no way I was going to do that so I ran. I had tried to change my flip flops when he walked in door, but he said "no time to do that, he was timing me" and he set up terrifying situation. I crashed down flight of stairs from running in flip flops, he said he timed me screaming for help for seven minutes, then he twisted my foot trying to twist off my broken leg. He knew it was broken because I couldn't stand up, couldn't bear weight on it, told him so, he said he "would make sure that it was broken, that I couldn't ever walk out on him again". And he grabbed my foot and twisted it like twisting the cap off a jar. I had to have surgery to repair the fractures and surgeon in Aurora Ambulatory Center had to look for broken pieces of bone embedded in flesh from twisting movement by DBP. DBP filed for divorce in ? Feb 2007 about eight months after that surgery when I was living in Aurora still and he had moved in with his old man friend in Denver, CO, he called the apt but I didn't answer because I went to the library. He had stalked me twice before : once to Denver public library and once to the Ironstone Bank in Aurora, CO and grabbed me right as I was about to enter the bank's door. Going to the library without asking him infuriated him and he came to apt to find me, and said he filed for divorce because I would not ask Judge to lift restraining order and that "embarrassed him" and that I went to library without him or without asking him it is was all right. I did not contest the divorce, asked Church to pray that it went through, and gave testimony in court. When I tried to detail the events, the Judge told me that divorce court is "not the place to discuss that"and tried to limit what I said but I did show the Judge the xrays of the fractures after they were repaired with the eleven metal screws and metal plate in my leg and included some of medical records to Court and told as much as Judge would allow. When Judge asked me if I agreed to divorce I said yes, that marriage was over. That divorce is recorded on state of Colorado divorce records accessible electronically because I made sure of that before I moved from Colorado. It's in Arapahoe County records at Centennial but there were also hearings in Denver County /city court on divorce and my request for emergency hearing to help me since DBP took money, car, telephone, food and left me with no financial support of any sort , no food, no transportation; but Judge in Denver court said emergency hearings were only for "poor and children" and refused to hold hearing for my request. I learned then that Colorado is rotten to the core in the legal system.

Copyright notice: this blog and all content on it belongs exclusively to me Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia, and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be republished, nor saved to disk, nor printed at remote. This blog is created entirely by me and contains art and original photos that I, Gloria Poole, created and photographed and I own all rights to it. It is covered by U S copyright law.

Also for the record: I have a landline telephone company telephone listed in the state of Missouri telephone directory so good people who want to talk to me can find me. I do not answer suspicious calls, or calls that are phis-hing attempts, or calls seeking my bank account info, or telephone surveys that are often trick malware via phone.

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I put new content on these blogs of mine one at time: today [sketch ride em cowgirl] yesterday [sketch American ball player for ethnic series]; yesterday evening [UK Royals' sketches of Queen Elizabeth I and her husband Duke of Edinburgh Phillip; and also sketches of Prince Charles and Prince William] yesterday early am