Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July Independence Celebration America & Google from Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia:Update2

Happy fourth of July Independence Day Celebration to all of the citizens of the United States including me! I drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded this sketch of a person in the news at the World Cup in Brazil, as I saw it in the Mashable news 2-3 days ago as rooting for the U S team in Brazil. I thought it was a great image to draw as a July 4th image of revelers in US who have fireworks, parades, feasting, family visits to celebrate. I am not sure if it was man or woman in the photo because only the head and uplifted arms were visible in the photo but the arms looked masculine. I had a bit of trouble drawing the face because I sketched while looking at the photo on the computer and drew in the lines, stars and stripes more than the facial features. So, when I painted it I was totally unsure how the actual person looked, so sort of made up the features of face [ as I usually do when I am sketching a living, private individual] and altered the hat a bit. I am slightly more familiar with women's hats since I wear women's hats so I feminized the image a bit. So, it's meant to be reminder of the event in Congress of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain after the ragged American patriots and Revolutionaries won the American Revolution and started a new country on the continent of North America.

Also, I loved the @Google google-doodle today of an animated cartoon of a July 4th parade and the music of it, and the moral of the story . Watch and listen to it. You will love it too. I LOVE Google and always have! Thank you very much @Google, #Google for animated cartoon July 4th parade today on web.

REMINDER: I do not have a Facebook account and never did. Facebbok sent me notice that two people are waiting for me to read their posts to my timeline. I do not have a Facebook account nor a timeline on Facebook. Whoever does using MY email is an imposter and identity thief.

For the record: I am a white, single again [divorced twice] woman, Southern Baptist Christian, prolife blogger/ activist; personhood promoter, writer, poet, author, artist in all mediums; Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, natural, biological mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh, [but no sons], and a republican, citizen journo, photographer. I will be celebrating my July 4th holiday here at pool since my daughters have their other family time this week-end [with in-laws etc]. I am also the grand-mother of seven grandchildren ages 1-15 and their names are : Samuel, Lydia, Teagan, Bismark, Galatea, Elijah and Amala but they call me their "Nanny". But I wanted to add some of the sketches I drew yesterday so will be updating several of my blogs with new art I created.

Also, I corrected the name of the bird in the previous sketch and clarified some points I had written for law-enforcement on the previous post also. I also write a public thank you very much to U S @FBI and @FCC for helping me get control of one of my cell phones yesterday that prodeathers tried to hijack to censor my prolife speech. I do have several cell phones and they are my security blanket sort of, because I use different ones at different times to make it not so easy for stalkers who want to harm me to track me. I also have a landline telco phone listed in Missouri and and unlisted numbers. Say what you want. I am keeping all of them. I learned from that 3 month strangling-to-death-or-near-death til I contacted the FBI, that cell phones are sort of fragile with little security and so I have back up phones so I will always have a working phone of one sort or another of one company or another. Also, remember, I am not an employee of anyone and that this apt in my own private apt, and the equipment I own/ use is mine, paid for by me in various methods, and that breaking into private computers is a federal crime.

Copyright notice: this blog and all content of it belongs exclusively to me Gloria Poole of Missouri and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be saved to disk, nor printed at remote, nor downloaded, nor copied, nor photocopied by anyone [but me of course since I created all content on this blog and and own all rights to it.]. The art , photos, words on this blog are almost always in some tangible form before I photograph them or type into keyboard to add to this content. I create art on canvas, paper, masonite board, board, card paper, watercolor paper, sketch pads/paper and I usually write my poems on paper first and then re-write them into blogs. So, I have the art and the words of the poems and book I wrote in hard-copy first as a general 99% of the time, rule. I have created maybe 10-15 sketches with graphic program using digital ink that are included in art I created but that is 10-15 of approximately one thousand "works of art" on paper, canvas, board, masonite that I have created since 1991.

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