Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Congratulations Germany on World Championship, from Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia;Update

I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist, of Missouri drew, painted, signed, this sketch today 15 July 2014 and photographed it several times, and uploaded this photo of the original sketch on 14 x 17 paper of the facets of the #Germany win of the #WorldCup2014. I looked at lots of coverage of that event in the news and some on TV and tried to make a composition incorporating some of those elements. The "player" in the sketch is not an exact image of any particular player on the team but sort of a "generic" German looking man. This is my way of commemorating the win by Germany and that matters to me personally because my mother's father was German and or his father was German. I am vague on the precise history but I have a book about it and my genealogy is in another book that is in the public library for my mother's side of my family for generations back to Germany and in Germany. So, yes! I am glad Germany won! {For the record, my father's side of the family is of English descent.] Of course I have this sketch. Also, the black thing in top edge is supposed to be a news agencies' camera with big flash but it doesn't quite look like that.

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For the record: I am a white, single again twice-divorced Southern Baptist Christian, woman and the natural mother of only two grown daughters [but no sons] and my daughters' names are Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, a poet, an author, an illustrator,a photographer, a writer, blogger, a prolife activist, a republican as defined by the U S Constitution and a U S citizen. I was born in the state of Georgia in the U S . Also see abot me page using top tab.

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I wrote about States' rights on my official blog for Tapestry of LIFE yesterday because a radical prodeather in the U S Senate is trying to undo States' rights in order to increase the killing of tiny in the womb U S citizens. I urge you to read the States' rights clauses in the Constitution and Amendments and you can read them here: Also, radical prodeathers and or perverts [as defined by Holy Bible in Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1, KJV] are sending s-p-a-m messages and trying to include my REAL name as part of their promo in the subject line [using my real name of Gloria Poole to attempt to market bad stuff]. I do not ever promote drugs of any sort and I do not ever buy illegal stuff and I do not ever buy anything in reality over the internet nor advocate the purchase of anything from s-p-a-m marketers who flood inboxes of anybody with trick mail. I am always and forever law-abiding. I was taught a healthy respect for the law by my daddy and also by the Holy Bible. Don't be fooled by malicious attempts of evil people to ruin my name. The radical prodeathers in the White House and the U S AG office have tried since 2008 to ruin me on the web for publishing the scriptures, for opposing the baby-killing-establishment run by the democrats and for opposing homosexuality. I reason that THE GOD I serve is more powerful than they are, and I am continuing my mission to end abortion and to restore righteousness to the U S and impeach Obama and make the U S a safe place for children to be born alive and whole and thrive. For all those radical prodeathers who make money on the blood and tissues of the tiny preborn humans,or vote for that in Congress I am telling you that JESUS issued a warning to you in Revelations 2:20-23, KJV.

Also, remember I am not an employee of anyone, have no boss, nor 'supervisor" have no employees, have for profit status, write under auspices of First Amendment, am U S citizen born in the state of Georgia.

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Update by me Gloria on 17 July 2014 at 5:29pm to add that I updated these blogs of mine today with art I created and words I wrote:

Also, to add reminder that I am a WHITE, single again, twice divorced woman [not hispanic, not black, not Mexican, not Arabic] and that I am a Southern Baptist Christian believer in THE LIVING LORD JESUS , and that I am a mother of two and only two daughters who are Jennifer, and Leigh and they are grown and married; and I am a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, a poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist at times, photographer at times; citizen journo, prolife activist, personhood promoter, republican and U S citizen born in the state of Georgia.

Gloria Poole, RN, artist / Gloria / gloriapoole and other variations of my name as previously written in this post; at my own private apt in Missouri, 17 July 2014 at 5:29pm.