Monday, July 14, 2014

Cartooning by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri, drew, painted, signed, photographed, uploaded these cartoons to this blog of mine to make a point. Copyrighted. See notice and labels below.

I drew and painted signed photographed uploaded this today 11 July 2014 and it is acrylic on 9 x 12 paper.

This cartoon is one I created when I lived in Georgia in year 1995.

This cartoon is one I thought about adding to the story of the Lady Bug's picnic as the little girl whose daddy was reading to her, wakes him up from napping to read her a bedtime story. I decided not to add it to the story so I am displaying it here. I sometimes give the cartoons I create a caption but not always. Sometimes the cartoon is self-explanatory. I am adding these three cartoons to this blog of mine instead of to my because some powers that control the internet seem to think that I am not the same woman who drew the art on my, because cartooning was not well known about me. I have created simple cartoons since about 1991 but not often. Just for fun usually. I decided to create an online story to entertain small children in the age group of pre-school, so I wrote a story about the Adventures of Lady Bugs [plural] that give picnics and illustrated it on paper and photographed it and posted it in a sequence of a childhood story on that blog of mine: Then because I put it on an account that was unfamiliar to some people but was always mine, it raised some questions about IF it was my art. It is entirely art and words that I created and so is this blog and so is every blog I ever had. By posting these cartoons here, I think it will help solve the problem of other people trying to grab my cartooning blog and story and art on it that belongs to me exclusively.

For the record, I am white, Southern Baptist Christian, raised on farm, woman, and the natural mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh; and a poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist at times, photographer, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, artist in all mediums, prolife blogger, republican.

Copyright Notice: this blog and all blogs I own and create are the exclusive property of me Gloria Poole residing in Missouri but I was born in the state of Georgia. This blog and its content was created by me: drawn, painted, signed, photographed, uploaded and explained or described and labeled by me Gloria Poole. This blog may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor saved to disk in its entirety by anyone, nor printed at remote, nor screen captured, nor copied, nor photo-copied. It is covered in US Copyright law as intellectual property and I, Gloria Poole, own all rights to it. If a person wants a particular blog post for lawful purposes that person may contact me in writing and IF I agree I will sign and notarize a permission authorization for one time use. But I retain all rights to profit from art I create and photos I photograph. And yes, I know pro photographers say they "shoot" images. I abhor that word since it has violent connotations to me [since I was a victim of violence on more than one occasion and lived through many threats to my life including with weapons]. Gloria Poole / gloriapoole / Gloria / Gloria Poole, RN, artist / photo-by-gloriapoole / cartooning-by-gloriapoole / Gloria Poole / gloria-poole / gloria.poole / artist-gloriapoole / gloriapoole-paintings / gloria0817 / gpoole817 / gloriapooleRN at yahoo/ Ms. Gloria Poole / Poole.Gloria / and other variations of my real born with and legal name of Gloria Poole, at my own private apt in Missouri, which is not shared with anyone; 11 July 2014 at 8:45am. Update by me Gloria on 14 July 2014 at 3:50pm to add this: I put new sketches I created, signed, photographed, uploaded on these blogs of mine:

since July 11th. I am trying to create a sketch to make a memory for the #Germany win of #WorldCup2014. I have to think on it some after seeing the photos, reading it, seeing some of it on TV, which part of all those events I want to draw and paint. So, I am letting that gel in my mind some. Also, I am trying to just enjoy the swimming pool on some days though I can't swim as I could once, I still enjoy being in the water. Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole, and all variations my name as listed above, at my apt in Missouri, 14 July 2014 at 3:56pm.