Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two of my fav sketches by Gloria Poole

Here are two more of my favorites of all the sketches and paintings I have ever created. The first one is of a little girl and boy at wedding who while entertaining themselves on the church lawn found a bug. The little girl is busy studying it in her hand and the little boy was wanting to hold the bug in his hand and that is the scene:

And the second sketch I named "sisters" of the little bit older sister showing off the smaller sister:

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Also, I logged back in to remind world that I do NOT have a Facebook acct nor a Pinterest account, and never did. I receive emails from Facebook addressed to a wide variety of unknown persons who seem to use Facebook to try to impersonate me some way [since their notifications with their names in subject line come to my inbox [gloriapoole] on a regular basis. I contacted Facebook about impersonation they seem to allow that violates the copyrights I own on the art I create; so this is a public notice to law enforcement, banks, financial accounts that I Gloria Poole RN and artist do not have a Facebook page or a Facebook account, and I do not have a Pinterest page or Pinterest account. If Facebook or Pinterest steal my photos through their elaborate cookie-scheme it does NOT authorize them to use them to impersonate me or to use my real born name of Gloria Poole, born in the state of Georgia. Also, I am white, unmarried [divorced twice], Christian, heterosexual 'straight', mother of two grown daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh [pronounced as if spelled Lee]; and grandmother to minor children whom I adore. The top sketch of "please let me hold that bug" was created by me after I saw my own two grandchildren who were about 6 and 4 I think at that time, on the church lawn doing exactly that. So yes, Teagan and Bismark are two of my own grandchildren. That event happened when my daughter Leigh married Matt. FYI. Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri which is my only residence; 2- Nov-2013 @ 5:28 pm