Saturday, November 16, 2013

New ethnic sketches by Gloria Poole

These are two of the ethnic sketches I drew in pencil a few days ago, and I painted today.

The first sketch is in mixed media [watercolors and acrylics] on bristol board 9x 12 inches. I named it Bollywood Indian actress that I saw similar in the BBC news.

The second sketch is also one I drew a few days ago in pencils then painted with watercolors today. It is 9x 12 inches. It is supposed to resemble Brazil's woman Pres Ms Rouseff:

The second sketch is also one of the batch I drew in pencil while reading the news; and then painted in watercolors. I named it Dutch man, and it is supposed to resemble Netherlands Politician Geert :

These are new to everyone because I just completed them about half-hour ago. They are part of the sketches for the ethnic paintings I have been painting on since year 2007, trying to paint an image of every nationality, culture, tribe, or nation.

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Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri; 16-Nov-2013 at 4:12pm.