Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More sketches I Gloria created

I am putting four more of the sketches I created here. The first one is: girl with a camera.

The second sketch is from the news that I saw and I tried to reproduce the image of Zara Phillips equestrian [and also the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II] who is well-known equestrian. The notes on it are my handwriting as I was sitting at my computer that day when I saw the photo of Zara Phllips, and I took notes as to the colors of her outfit and the horse. I was drawing with dip pen as I remember and had some trouble with the nib. I plan to repaint this pose into oils on canvas but probably will change the image of Zara Phillips to an imaginary person when I redo it. I save photos from the news intermittently to refer to as I sketch from looking at them IF I am trying to draw a real, living person. Most of the time, the people I paint [such as in ethnic series ] are NOT real people .

The third sketch is one I drew in red ink to see if I could imitate Degas's dancers in tutus.

The fourth sketch is one I drew from an old fashioned gasoline "hurricane lantern" that was sitting by the window and you see the tree branch through the window .

Copyright: I Gloria Poole also known as Gloria on art I create, and on web as gloriapoole; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; gloriapoole.RN; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; and other variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole. I also have emails that I do not publish because of attempts in the past by cybercriminals to hijack them. Also, I am a woman, single, white, Christian [have to repeat that often because I draw/ paint/ sketch all nationalities and sometimes people assume that I am what I sketch or paint. I have to this day never sketched nor painted myself! ].

Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 11:17 am ; 6-Nov-2013

Update on 10-Nov-2013 at 4:08 pm: I finally created a twitter profile and page for my one of my twitter accts of @Tartan_Bliss and added a background, an image for icon [but not my photo] and added three tweets to it. In one of the tweets I added today, I included the photo I took again of the oil painting that I painted for the ethnic series I am painting and that I named "The Scotsman" and that has been on blogs and websites of mine intermittently since I painted it in year 2007. I could not tweet on #Tartan_Bliss but 1-2 times in months because criminals broke into the T-Mobile server to try to strangle that phone of mine so I could not send text messages or tweets. It has been an on-going battle for that twit acct { I have possession of the phone and others of mine also} because of the prolife words on it and because I tweeted the @BBC and a Museum in London to see if they would display the art I create. Criminals who have no authority in my life or over any thing of mine and who live at remote locations are trying to prevent me from having control of the art I create and another set of criminals is trying to squelch my prolife words and testimony as Reg Nurse. But I think what I created today at will help me get control of that twitter acct that I began and tweeted on for a year before criminals tried to hijack it. I also have other twitter accts including @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole; @ProlifeNurse. I selected the twit handle @Tartan_Bliss because my paternal grandmother had the surname of one of the most famous clans in Scotland who were and are known for their tartan plaid; and I selected the Bliss name because it is my mother's ancestral name. It rightfully is all right for me to use it/ have it.

I Gloria Poole am white, Christian, single, straight woman who was born in state of Georgia, and who has two grown daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh. signed: [Ms] Gloria Poole, RN artist @ my apt in Missouri, 10-Nov-2013 at 4:19pm