Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I am prolife always and forever

This is a reminder to the public that I Gloria Poole, RN artist, in Missouri but born in state of Georgia, am always and forever PROLIFE!. I have separate blogs I write the prolife news on, but lest you forget I am the same woman who owns those blogs and creates them. Read the links below the photos I am adding here of the Bible page with the commandment of GOD on it [Exodus chapter 20: verse 13; and my photo of the medical sketch that I drew years ago to show how a human baby looks seven weeks after conception/fertilization:

Also, reminder to the public and Facebook, that I do NOT have a Facebook account and do not want one; and also that the cyber-criminal named "Antwon" that Facebook continues to use my inbox to attempt to contact is a criminal [who apparently put my gmail address as his contact] is unknown to me. I have no idea who "Antwon" is --he does not live in this apartment, and he is a person I never heard of before seeing him addressed by Facebook in the subject line of an email sent to me! I am not happy. That is one of the reasons I hate Facebook--they allow impersonation and are inherently dishonest. Do not send "Antwon"'s mail to me! He won't get it--I delete it without opening it.

Also to John Jalesevec, I saw the Facebook notice in my inbox about you trying to contact me: read above paragraph. I do not do Facebook and wouldn't join them if they paid me. You can direct message me on twitter if you like or email me or telephone me. I think you know an email address of mine that I have had since 1996. My twitter accounts that I publicize are: @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole. I also have some twit accounts with pseudonyms to try to circumvent some of the censorship aimed at prolifers.

My prolife blogs I created and write/ post too are:









I am not sure if that is all of them but it's a good start. Each of those is unique with different content. I add content to them based upon topic, theme, and purpose that day.

Probably the world knows I also create a ton of art, and I add some of it to my blogs for those purposes. Some of those are, besides this blog,:










and maybe others also. They are also unique, with different content, and I add art that I create to them intermittently and also sometimes to my prolife blogs.

Reminder : I am not anyone's employee. I do not have a boss. I work from my own apartment and have an "office" and studio set up in my apartment. I create art mostly as a hobby at present but am marketing it some, so if any are interesed in seeing art in person, contact me by telephone, email, U S mail to Missouri or email. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009. I am white, single [divorced twice] Christian, woman and the biological mother of two daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh.

Copyright: I Gloria Poole own all rights to art I ever created or create in the future unless I sign a bill of sale before a notary public and receive the agreed upon sale price.

Gloria Poole, 19-Nov-2013 at 8:15am, at my apt in Missouri.