Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mini-Gallery today of art by Gloria Poole

This is a painting I painted in oils on archival mat and named it mother and infant.

This is a better photo of the painting I added yesterday , that I painted and named "giant blue woodpecker


This is one of the smallest paintings I ever painted. It is oil on canvas board. I named it the Cross and it was on many of my Christian content websites that were destroyed by those who hate GOD [perverts, atheists, heathens] but I have the painting and all photos of it backed up several times.

This is my painting in oils that I painted and named "Goldfish". it is oils on archival mat.

This painting below does NOT look as I painted it. The three fractured lines were put into it by whoever broke into my cell phone overnite from remote place via carrier's cloud or thru my carrier acct online, with their intention to destroy and steal. I am adding it as legal documentation for as proof of cybercriminals breaking into my phone. It is obvious that the criminals who broke into my cell phone were trying to obliterate my signature . I will re-add it as it looks later. It is also on my cell phone that was broken into as my "wallpaper" and with my signature showing. This photo is Proof of cybercrime for law enforcement to find cyber-criminals/criminals who break into my computers & phones.

This below is my painting I painted in oils . I didn't have a particular person in mind when I painted it ; but my granddaughter Lydia age 12 says it looks like her. Surprise to me as I thought it looked much older than 12.

This is my oil painting I painted and named 'The Walkover bridge made of red stones". It is oils, mixed media on canvas.

This sketch I painted and named "Chinese lady in red". It is acrylics on paper.:

This sketch in watercolors on paper I painted and named "joy":

This sketch is acrylics and I painted it and named it "White paint mare":

This below is an oil painting I painted yrs ago, and named "the farm" after a description of the farm my daughter Leigh saw while she was in Peace Corps in Africa. {She has been back in States since 2006].

This is the oil painting I painted and named "thoroughbred" it is on my wall. [Several of these are]:

I hope you like these paintings. I have more for later or might put them on a different site. I also added new paintings and sketches to and also Each site is different.

Also, I photographed all of these with the same cell phone with camera that belongs to me.

The eye painting I painted and named "watching" I saved as my wallpaper on my T-Mobile cell phone that criminals break into regularly and that I complain about them breaking into it often also. I will re-add it later to show you what it looks like. I guess the criminal stalker thought it if he distorted that particular painting the world and internet wouldn't be able to match my cell phone [well,one of mine; I have several] with my blogs.

Also, fyi, I NEVER worked for my 2nd exhusband who is a masseuse. I am a Registered Nurse--we don't do sexual massages on patients; and I would not ever have worked for that pervert in any capacity. Read my history on blogs. He is probably the criminal [a known violent dangerous man that I have testified against in several courts] that broke into my cell phones from remote (900 miles away) to stalk me and to steal bank card info.

Copyright Notice as on three previous sites and also on,, and; and on and on most of the sites that have art I created and words I wrote on them. I Gloria Poole own all rights to the art I create; and also the words , medical lessons I write [as Registered Nurse].

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 28-Feb-2013; 1:12pm