Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More original sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri

I am adding a sketch in watercolors that I drew, painted last year. It is sitting on one of my chairs. I edited it three times but the world knows by now, that Apple computers was hacked in past few days. But I supposedly patched the java as recommended and got confirmation of that, so do not know why the editing function of Apple preview computer always fails to edit or save the edit. So you get an idea what it looks like. It's merely a watercolor sketch on paper. It's bigger on my cell phone that what you see here so I know there's s skunk in the woodpile somewhere still -the criminal who was NEVER authorized on my account may be also logged in 900 miles away to steal and loot, and destroy. Pray he goes to prison soon! I photographed this on one of my cell phones but if it is going to be a constant problem with editing; then I will revert to my better methods. I had the telco repairman to my apt yesterday who assured me my telephone line was secure.

Here is another sketch I drew, painted in year 2012 also; which also did not save the edit. The streaks of paint to the right of the sketch is my drawing board sitting on my drawing table, that catches paint often. Ignore the paint streaks; or better yet remember them when you are thinking about buying an expensive Apple desktop computer, and remember the built in photo preview of Apple is worthless. . If expensive hardware ever worked as it is advertised to do, it would be a miracle from GOD. :

I logged in after patching the java to the recommended patch of the 30 holes in security; so hopefully I will be able to log in again next time.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 5:05pm; 20-Feb-2013; Copyright; gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at Yahoo; gloria.poole.