Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seven original sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Here are some more of my sketches with a different cell phone camera of mine. I am comparing the images. They are crisp on the phone 's gallery, so if they appear hazy as I upload them I will know it is the software on my iMac that was corrupted, by criminal-criminal-hackers this past Monday.

This sketch I named "hang on to the cross of JESUS".

These are all original sketches that I drew & painted on sketch paper. The sketch with the blue jar and the rodeo, and the sketch I named "hang on to the Cross" are acrylics. The others are watercolors.

Copyright notice: all art that I add to any blog of mine [including my blogs of;;, --any blog I own, registered to me that I write] with my real name of Gloria Poole and my address, info, , written in any way including, gloria0817, gpoole817, G-L-O-R-I-A; gloriapooleRN at yahoo,gloriapoole.RN, gloria.poole, gloria_poole; gloria-poole [for yrs 2002-20101 til a batch of domains were stolen from me]; or to my twitter acct of @gloriapoole; @gloria_poole; ; and three with pseudonyms of @ProlifeNurse; @Tartan_Bliss; @personhood1 is art that I created in any method, form, with any method or tool [brushes or digital ink, pencils, pens/ink, calligraphy brushes, cameras, computer graphics] and then photographed with any cell phone camera of mine [beginning in yr 2007 when I lived in zip code 80203, and continuing after I divorced 2nd time & moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009]; or with one of several digital cameras I own; is created by me and the copyright , all rights of it belong exclusively to me Gloria Poole. I am the white, christian, divorced x 2, heterosexual, woman named Gloria Poole and I am a US citizen by birth. Also, my photos of me, are also copyrighted images and I own all rights to my image/photo/likeness.

Gloria Poole; RN & artist; licensed in Missouri; @ my apt in Missouri where I live; and no other person lives here or is authorized to use either my physical address or my telephone numbers but me [legal notice to banks and law enforcement, copyright].

Footnote: my twitter account that I registered with one of my cell phones, and added content too, and tweeted occasionally to [when criminals were not trying to suppress it] that was @gloria08171 was HIJACKED FROM ME by criminals who broke into my twitter account. I logged in with password, made changes; but none of the changes appeared. That is how I knew somebody had broken into it. So I told twitter to deactivate it and to securely delete all content of twitter acct @gloria08171 including my photo of my painting [Kentucky bluegrass sketch and including my cell phone number they have on file for it, that those same cybercriminals/criminals were using to try to break into other accounts of mine]; so that criminals can't use my intellectual property or my name. I wrote the webmaster of that a few minutes ago. So that twitter account @gloria08171 should vanish . Also, the other clue was that whoever broke into it, put a link to Libya on it [those with dot ly ending] and I would NEVER do that. I would sooner link my accounts to Mars than Libya--a violent Muslim country in Africa-no way, no how!