Monday, February 25, 2013

"Camping in the woods" sketch

This is a sketch I painted in acrylics and named "camping in the woods". It's on bristol board. It is sort of a rough sketch as it required a foreground, middle ground and background; and I admit that I have much to learn about atmospheric changes in light the further you go into the distance. I saw a photo in a magazine; and this does not look much like it on purpose but I was reminded that when I was little girl my daddy would take us kids [six of us] camping as he and my uncle went fox hunting in te woods on Poole land. It was sooooooo exciting and a bit scary, I admit. I always sort of thought the fox would run toward the light and land right on me ! [As he was out-running the hounds]. July hounds my daddy called the pack of dogs he kept 24/7 in a pen in the back yard. And when they barked, he'd go on the back porch and yell at them, 'if you don't shut up, I'll shoot every one of you"; and amazingly they'd get quiet. Well. I spent as many hours as possible "fox-hunting' with my daddy and Uncle. Actually, I stayed at the camp with my siblings, and my daddy and Uncle ran the fox. Some times they caught him; but usually not. So, I sort of grew up thinking the chase was the point of fox-hunting ;and of course camping out under the stars, in the deep woods.

Hope you like this. If/ when I repaint it in oils on canvas it will be better. I learned a good bit on this sketch.

Also, as reminder I am NOT on Facebook. Google sent me a notice that there is a maybe person [could be a fake ] with "bdnpoole" on Facebook, claiming to be Gloria Poole. I did not look to see who that was. But it is not me. I have never had a Facebook acct or created a Facebook page; or consented to any Facebook cookies. I have blocked Facebook every way possible; and deleted their emails they sent me and their cookies; and labeled them as spam. So. don't be fooled. This Gloria Poole, born in the state of Georgia who is a white, christian, heterosexual woman, who is divorced twice, and currently unmarried, and whose photo appears on this page & also the about me page three times; and who creates the art on this blog and other blogs, and also the words of my blogs is NOT on Facebook; and NEVER WAS! I suppose they got my email addresses by putting cookies on my computer when I complained to them about copyright infringement of my name that I was born with of Gloria Poole; usually written as gloriapoole , or gloria0817, or gpoole817, or gloria.poole; or gloria_poole; or gloriapoole-paintings; or artist-gloriapoole or gloriapooleRN at yahoo [where the upper case RN means Registered Nurse] ; or gloriapoole.RN, or gloria-poole [for yrs 2002-2011]; and G-L-O-R-I-A for years. I do not trust Facebook. I think they are cyber-hackers, and I would not join their info-harvesting network if they paid me. So, don't be deceived.

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Gloria Poole, RN & artist; at my apt in Missouri; 5:43pm; 25-Feb-2013;

I logged in today 26-Feb-2013 to add a better photo of the sketch I completed yesterday. Something from remote is squishing the photos though--haven't figured out how or where that is happening. This photo should be in a large size. since that is the format set on my camera. I know for certain one of my apple devices was hacked recently, so perhaps that is the problem. Anyone, this is a better sketch, and more true to color.