Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another mini-gallery art I created

This is the same painting but different photo I took of it, that I painted and have on my wall at my apt, but also on some phones of mine. I have many photos of my art I create and of my daughters [two] and their children on my phones as a general rule; but I also have two digital cameras. I photograph with an assortment of cameras testing which gives best results. I wanted you to see the painting in oils as it is, not as it was fractured in previous post, [ by unknown persons breaking into my cell phone from remote to try to ruin that particular painting I painted]. I think I will name this "Watching eye".


This second painting I painted in oils from a scene I photographed that was so totally sweet. I don't think I did justice to it, as artist. I am just beginning to paint [or try too] groups of people instead of just one. I like it anyway. Hope the world does also.

I named it "Look at me Mommy" as the toddler tries to turn his mommy's head in his direction.

This third painting I painted after a pose I saw in magazine and liked; but I changed the people in every way to imaginary people. I named this "Hug". It is oils on canvas.

This sketch in watercolors pencils that I drew few yrs ago, is on another blog of mine I think. It is named "Eagle."

This sketch below is in acrylics, and I painted it from a similar photo I saw that in news. If you compared them, you would see the photo had much more detail. I sort of used artistic license, removed from the scene to focus on race horse & rider. I was not striving for a jockey look, but an owner of horse look. Hope you like it.

This painting I painted below this, is in oils and is one of the "ethnic series' of paintings I began in year 2007. There are about 20 paintings in that series and probably 30-40 sketches also. I named it "The Scotsman" after the kilts; and the Scotsmen I saw in the Military Tattoo of pipes & drums I saw when I traveled to Scotland as new century began (yr 1999 --there for New Year's]. It is or was on many of my websites and I have the originals of all of these. This actual painting is 16 x 20 inches in size . I have the series in a secure place.

This sketch below is one of the very few times I tried to sketch a real, living person . It is supposed to resemble Prince Charles in about yr 2008. I often draw from the news as I see it on my computer or tablet, to see if I can do it [skilled enough?] and or to gain skills for portraiture. I named it "Prince Charles" and it is what I call powdered pastels [not the stick pastels, which I never use]. I do not know why two of these appear much smaller or why the exact same camera with the exact same paintings appears in large form on some blogs but I can't enlarge on this one. See, and to compare sizes of photos. All of these photos should enlarge I think if you double click on them--or they did. Much has happened to my equipment since Nov last yr-- AGAIN. Being hacked into from remote places is becoming almost a daily event regrettably and making me rethink if it is worth adding any of my original art to such an unreliable method as the web. It may be that the smaller sizes [the actual paintings and or sketches are much larger] are necessary because I have added so many of my photos to this post today?

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Also, fyi. I am not an employee to anyone. There is no "supervisor" in my life or my apt. There is no boss of my work. I never worked as an artist for anyone but myself. There is no agent to represent me or my art, or my words [yet]. I have had public exhibits of the art I created, several times in my home state of Georgia. IF you are interested in my art, you must contact me directly. There is NO ONE AUTHORIZED to use my name or show my art I created or make reproductions of it, but ME! I am divorced, white, Christian woman. I do not have any family in Colorado, nor do I have any business partners. You may not download it or reprint it, or print it in any fashion. Gloria Poole, RN & artist in all artist's mediums; at my apt in Missouri; 3-march-2013; @ 12:15pm.